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Salesforce Technology: A Better Way To Develop Amazing Apps

Salesforce Technology

Salesforce was launched in 1999. At that time; it was introduced as the biggest CRM platform. Gradually, it went on to become the best in its field. The CRM tool of Salesforce is used to improve the relationship between a company and its customers. The tool acquires as much data as possible about their customers so that firms could provide the best user experience.

But now Salesforce has expanded its enterprise into other platforms that help coders to quickly develop software and apps. The service is called Salesforce App Cloud.

Salesforce App Cloud has many tools that aid its users in creating their own apps and website and sell it on the Salesforce platform.

So, yes the Salesforce application development is not just a dream, it’s a reality. Through the aid of Salesforce technology, the route from the inception of an app idea to its creation is fairly easy.

Let’s learn about them some more:

The Salesforce development team has come up with a number of tools for creating an app, and they are:


The first public directory of its kind, it was launched in 2005 by Salesforce Technology. The main goal of this tool was to provide free and paid apps that integrate with the Salesforce platform. In simple terms, create an app, and you can sell it here, and earn revenue.

This is the tool that aids in the Salesforce app development. It allows the developers to create new apps and websites with the help of Apex and Visual Force. Apex is the coding language used by them and is somewhat similar to Java while Visual force is an XML syntax which aids in generating HTML.

Heroku Enterprises

Salesforce acquired this company in 2010. It is a PaaS that supports various languages. It aids the Salesforce development team in creating apps in various languages, but on the Salesforce platform.


The Salesforce software development team came up with this framework in 2014 and was launched at DreamForce. For a long time, this has become the default tool to create apps, websites, and features in the Salesforce cloud and on top of them.

The first Salesforce 1 mobile app was created using this backend tool which can be used by any developer.

Lightning components

Components are app portions which are self-contained and reusable. They enable drag and drop development of mobile and desktop apps.  The development of apps through these components is quick and speedy with ease. Built on Aura framework, this component is open to all developers so that they can create apps on the Salesforce platform.

So, these are the tools that make the Salesforce app development possible. Again, since Salesforce technology is pretty affordable, it is becoming more popular amongst developers.

Other than being a CRM service, Salesforce has evolved into a cloud computing firm. Its tools that are bundled in Salesforce App Cloud help Salesforce development team to create apps from anywhere anytime.

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