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What Are The Benefits of Salesforce loT Cloud Platform for Businesses?

What Are The Benefits of Salesforce loT Cloud Platform for Businesses_403881049

With Salesforce development, it has become easier for big and small companies to store data on the cloud. They can use it from anywhere when required. This CRM giant like many other CRM firms help companies to know about their consumers and ultimately serve them better. It lets them know about features that are working for them. If there is anything that should be removed, companies are advised as well.

Salesforce tops the list of CRM companies, providing the best customer management solutions like sales cloud and cloud marketing. And now, it has decided to explore loT and see the potential loT cloud platform has so that they can serve the users through salesforce lot cloud.

What Are The Benefits of Salesforce loT Cloud Platform for Businesses_497762959

How does Salesforce work with cloud loT?

Salesforce, the CRM giant’s main goal is to let the companies organize and store huge data from connected devices and let the users create their own customized apps. But processing such bulk data is not an easy job, so salesforce uses the platform called Salesforce loT cloud, which handles and store the data in the cloud so that anyone can access it.

Cloud loT is powered by Thunder, event-processing engines whose main function is to capture, respond and filter events in real time. Thunder uses open source tools to operate like:

Apache Kafka– It is a messaging system handling the bulk of reading and writing per second.

Apache Storm – It is a processing platform for big data and events that function in real-time.

Apache Spark – It is a data processing framework that process large-scale data for batch and streaming data

Apache Cassandra – the database management system that is distributed.

The below Infographics will make it clear how thunder works to integrate Salesforce and loT cloud platform.

Heroku PaaS owned by Salesforce is the platform that runs the above technology.  All the connected devices are maintained by Amazon web services and the transition of huge data from sensors to salesforce loT cloud and from the cloud loT to an application is done by RESTful API.

Benefits of loT cloud platform integrated with Salesforce:

1. Collecting and storing every type of data

  • Collecting information and data about consumers from connected things is the first step, but if you want the data analysis to yield some valuable information, it is necessary to gather all facts.
  • By this we mean, not just collect data from the connected devices, but also other information like their purchase history, location and so on must be stored for future use.
  • This context helps to process and generate better real-time responses from the data.
  • Once the data is stored, it is then used for deep data analysis and machine learning.
  • The raw data is stored in a data lake while huge filtered and processed data is stored in the big warehouse; this also involves sensor data like location.
  • Thunder features help in sorting relevant data from the huge stream of information.

2. Analyzing the data

  • loT cloud platform stores and processes billions of events/data per day, thus data processing tools are important for the better working of salesforce loT cloud.
  • For better processing of data, Salesforce uses Einstein Analytics which is software built entirely in the cloud for analyzing the business.
  • This helps the user using CRM and loT cloud to look deeply into the bulk data that comes from sensors, ERP records, website logs, and so on.
  • This helps the user predict the outcome, analyze the usefulness of products and services and trace the current trends.
  • Einstein also helps the user to present reports in a visual way which is easy to read and understand.
  • Einstein Analytics can be used on tablets, phones, and even smart watches. Its users are able to create customized analytics apps using prebuilt dashboard components.

3. Integration with applications of the company

  • Salesforce loT cloud is enough to store and process data, but it has the feature of integrating with other salesforce or third-party services that a computer might use.
  • This is helpful when integration is required within various sources and multipurpose companies for ensuring the flow of crucial data.
  • Such data that has some meaning to it, aids the Einstein analytics to provide in-depth and understandable reports for the users.

4. Improves customer experience through the bulk data

  • Customer relationship and management can be enhanced when you gather details about customer behavior.
  • Controlled apps in the Salesforce loT cloud platform sends notification which the sensors get about the data. They then process it and if they find it acceptable, notify the user so that they help the consumers regarding any fault in their products.
  • Consumer data can be regularly updated using the loT system.

5. It lets you Discover pricing and business models

  • When you have such useful data, it can definitely help you to expand your business. You get the gist of how the products and services are being used by a consumer and if they are of any use to them.
  • This gives the company various opportunities to optimize the business and offer new models that are cost-effective for consumers and also increase your profits.


Salesforce loT cloud is useful for gathering data for big companies that they can use to be on top of their business and be successful. This they do by gathering data that helps to keep their consumers happy. The core engine of loT cloud platform is thunder that store data and provide responses in real-time.

Salesforce IoT Cloud is the safest and most trustworthy tool that connects companies with customers and collaborators. It ensures communication between the parties. So, invest in this tool for the better growth of your company.

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