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Role of Artificial Intelligence in Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become a topic of intense discussion among innovators in the science as well as any software development company. It has also become a topic of both explorations as well as expansion in the various industries, especially in the mobile app industry. It is worth noting that AI is beyond usual Google’s Assistant and Siri from Apple. It is growing more with than ever. 2017 is the year when we witness mobile app developers integrating AI into their mobile apps as part of mobile app development. AI is becoming an inherent part of intelligent mobile apps which user look out for.

 Mobile App Development

Before delving deeper into AI trends, let’s look into the term AI. It is the term being introduced and often used in the industry which makes us wonder what AI is actually about.

It is generally a system or technology among computer which solves the problems as well as tasks which are often done by using human intelligence abilities. It is more than sitting and tying the code and commands on the computer and seeing the system doing its job. AI performs the job with the combination of machine vision along with machine learning, knowledge management as well as natural language processing. So, when it comes to mobile apps, it has propelled the developers to build Artificial intelligence app.

It means the system has its own intelligence which doesn’t require repeated programming. It can adapt itself to provide results when it is feed with new data on a consistent basis.

Smartphones and mobile apps are getting their fair share of attention among the users. However, the iOS and Android apps are quite fragmented. However, both the app developers as well as device manufacturers don’t want their users to keep going through millions of apps which are available in the Apple Store and Google PlayStore. Hence, consistent efforts are made for easy navigation and searching system to be put into place. Here AI in the mobile app has made its mark in this scenario. This is due to developers and users using the power of voice to carry on tasks. Besides, Internet of Things or IoT creating a new buzz in the market, the integration of voice interface that is provided by AI is seeing great development. From smartphones to smartwatches, security systems to home appliances, there are different devices connected to each other. These devices are used in regular life with different interfaces which can be quite confusing. AI helps in providing a simple interface for voice which assists in connecting the devices easily. Thus, it makes it quite easy for the users to control the devices around them. AI in apps has created its own niche in the mobile app market. It is changing the way mobile app development process is done.

With so many apps being developed to make the lives of users easier as well as convenient, the users have less time to spend on each app. They don’t have to spend more time on smartphones in order to respond to personalized requirements. For example, Star Bucks has introduced its own app named My Starbucks Barista. A person just has to tell the app what he requires, and the app will place the order as per the preference of the user.

Smartphones now know almost everything about the user. This has made AI technology to be more compatible to be integrated into the mobile apps. The devices can now detect user location and then offer personalized location-based services for each query. The features of a smartphone can now be utilized to study and record the behavioral pattern of the users. This proves the app to be designed as per the user requirement. This fact helps in retention of the users.

In the present time of smartphones, the developers have to provide smart apps to the user. This has made any software development company to focus on developing these smart apps. There is increasing demand for both interactive as well as intuitive apps. It is because the users are searching for the apps along with installing them which is certainly not out of available alternatives. The users have much more than to browse for required apps. These apps are attracting users, but retention of them is still remaining to be a hard task.

This trend is going to assist to remain in sync with subsequent changes in the IoT world and AI. It is important to program the app for the important aspect of providing convenience to the target users. In case your developers are not knowledgeable enough and lack the resources to keep up with the growing trend in app development, then there are other alternatives. It is better to outsource the work to experts working in app development company which can build Artificial Intelligence app.

The users are now more inclined towards the app which provides them inherent benefits of assisting them without handling all the operational aspect. They want the apps to respond intuitively to their demands and requirement. The users look out for apps which are more capable of providing a solution to their daily needs without much efforts of their own. Artificial Intelligence mobile app is now the future of mobile apps. They offer the exact solution that users look for. They provide the features and functionalities which require less user input and more intuitive work.

When it comes to Artificial Intelligence as well as the Internet of Things, the future holds a lot for them. These technologies are going to influence the mobile app development process. So, it is important for the companies to keep exploring and experimenting with these technologies. It is required to provide more innovative apps to the user to capture the growing market of smart apps.


Artificial Intelligence is changing the landscape of mobile apps. The mobile app development process has to evolve around this technology. With the growing demand of smart apps, this technology is going to be an essential part of apps which user look out for. Coupled with the Internet of Things, AI offers much more robust and innovative solution to the user. Hence, the role of Artificial Intelligence is going to make a huge headway in mobile app development. It is going to alter the way users interact with mobile apps as we know it.

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