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How to Build a Restaurant Finder Mobile App like Zomato?

How to Build a Restaurant Finder Mobile App like Zomato

Food is one of the basic needs and people after their works find or talk about the best place to chilling and enjoy with the family & friends along with delicious cuisine. But with the increasing number of restaurants, it has become difficult to roam around in order to find the best restaurant and vacant table in it. With the advent of restaurant apps people now get very closer to the restaurants around them and even easily reserve a table at their favourite restaurants and look photos, customer reviews & ratings, menu, offers and more.

Restaurant Finder & food delivery app like Zomato or Yelp are the most popular apps which use a location-based approach that help people find the right places to eat nearby.

Restaurant Finder Mobile App like Zomato

How to build a restaurant finder mobile app like Zomato? Let’s find out.

As the name indicates, a restaurant finder app is designed to help you locate newly open, and popular restaurants around you. Users can easily find and browse restaurants around them via location name and current location. In addition, restaurant finder mobile app like Zomato also provides detailed information about the restaurant such as opening & closing hours, photos, reviews & ratings, menu, offers, location on a map, address, contact number, etc.

Features that you need to consider while developing a restaurant finder app like Zomato.

  • Sign Up- Users can easily register themselves by providing essential sign-up details and can use your applications.
  • User Profile- There should be a feature of following and follow where the users/community/group of people can connect and interact with each other and shares their experience about the food where they can get good deals around them. Apart from that users can see all the activities in-app that they have made. Users can also manage their profiles such as photos, history and linked account information.
  • Search & Filter Option- With search & filter option users can browse restaurants of their choice.
  • Browse restaurant by name or location – Users can easily find the restaurant by manually entering location name. Also, the app automatically gets the current location of the users and shows the list of restaurants.

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  • List of restaurants- This is the home page of the app where the app shows a list of available restaurants.
  • Restaurant Profile- This the most useful screen is a restaurant profile where the users would be able to see all the important data or information that have been given below at a glance. Since images are quite important to lure the customers. There following features on the restaurant page would surely be appreciated by the users-
    • Wishlist
    • Share
    • View Gallery/Upload Photos
    • Restaurant Type
    • Menus
    • Promos/Offers
    • Food Types
    • Average Cost
    • Recommended Dish
    • Address
    • Open/Close Time
    • Read and Post Reviews/Rating
    • In-app Calling feature
  • Table booking- Table booking feature allows users to visit the restaurant profile and reserve table as per their requirements.
  • Special Offers and Rewards- Use this feature in your app and provide amazing offers/rewards to attract more and more customers.
  • Payment Option- Provide ideal payment options to make payment secure and hassle-free. Implementing the option for various payment methods is a good app success.
  • Social Sharing- This is the best feature that allows users to share their activities over social platforms.
  • Push Notification- With push notifications, you can notify your customers about upcoming events, upcoming offers, ongoing offers, and many more. Not only this, you can interact with specific groups of users like informing Italian lovers where they can get good deals around them.
  • Help & Support- Provide constant support to your customers in order to retain them.

Focus on User Interface First to Become a Best Restaurant Guide App-

User interface (UI) of the app should be neat & clean so that users can easily browse for the restaurants. Here is how UI of the app should be like-

Don’t forget to implement suggestion feature, it helps people in knowing about top places for dining and nightlife, as well as categories available such as breakfast, buffet, rooftops, top cuisines, live music, drinks and nightlife.

How Much Does It Cost To Build A Restaurant Finder Mobile App Like Zomato-

Developing a restaurant finder app is a good business idea in the current market scenario. But knowing the cost of development is very important for any business owner. Pricing and time are the major factors that kept business owners confused. Typically for iOS development, the cost and time would be around $15,000 and 5 months respectively. While the cost of an Android application is lower than iOS as it may take around 4 months and rough aggregate cost will be $10000-$13000 for development. Though the development time and cost vary according to your requirements, restaurant app builder tools and technologies used.

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