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Reasons to use Flutter in Future For App Development


This is the era of living among different mobile technologies. The application market is very dynamic and is growing higher at a rapid pace. In recent time the concept of cross-platform mobile development is revolutionizing the app development process for both business and developers as well.

Well, in this article let us discuss the latest sensation in the app development which is “Flutter” which has helped the developers in making the cross-app development process faster and simpler, and efficient.

Now let’s move towards,

How Flutter came into Existence?

Earlier where the flutter framework didn’t exist there were other frameworks which were popular. Other frameworks such as Xamarin, PhoneGap, React Native Apache Cordova, Titanium and more were used before those which are introduced in today’s time. Then flutter came into existence and became the best among all the frameworks

It is believed that the problem with other frameworks before the flutter framework was launched was the user experience. Well, I am not saying that they were slow or something but they lacked something like user experience in a native application. On the other hand, flutter already had everything that other framework lacked at some point or doesn’t support. Flutter also has a better speed of development and native UX which its user expects. Most of the flutter app development companies use are now going with flutter app development for creating a cross-platform application for their client’s.

Flutter is an SDK (Software Development Kit) which is introduced in 2018 all by Google itself and after that, it is considered as one of the most efficient tools used to build the apps quickly.

The application developed on Flutter framework are platform-independent they are cross-platform application which runs on android and iOS both and has a single codebase.

Why Flutter for Cross-Platform App Development?


  • Multiple Platforms: Same Code

Flutter is the day-end dream for developers to come true, it doesn’t want the developers to write different code for both Android and iOS. Well, it’s possible because this tool has integrated unique widgets and unique design which makes it capable to develop the same app to serve different platforms.

  • Faster App Development

Design and development are handy when it comes to app development. It happens every time that a designer has designed a very sleek and amazing design for the application, but when it comes to developing the same design it is a bit different than the original design.

Yeah well, it’s a small play for a flutter, as it has a feature which is called Hot Reload which allows the developers to check the output of the code at an instant action. So that the developers can change the part where they find it’s not appropriate for the application or according to the design.

We all know that back in times when we used to code with some other framework that worked before the new frameworks years back, a single mistake in the code would have cost to write it again from the scratch. But this hot reload feature in the flutter framework prevents the developers to start the modification from scratch.

  • Documentation

Flutter documentation part makes it the developer’s favourite framework. The code is very neat and simple and does not need the developers to put some extra efforts into learning the language. One can say that the documentation part is well organized and provides with the exclusive information and tools for cross-platform app development.

  • Widgets

The library of flutter is fully-filled with widgets. The widgets included in the flutter library are way faster and are customizable; you can customize it accordingly with the client requirements.

These widgets can be used on multiple platforms and layouts which them highly portable and responsive to create a mobile application.

flutter development process

  • Compatibility with Different OS

The application developed with flutter framework having less or no issues related to their compatibility with the various operating system. It saves a lot of time for the developers in which they have to spend on debugging.

  • Less Coding

The Dart programming language which is used in flutter language is oriented. The Java Script is not necessary for flutter which helps a lot in increasing the overall performance and the startup time of the app.

  • Perfect for an MVP

If you are willing to show your product to the investor as soon as possible then you can go for flutter mobile app development which provides the native look on both the Android and iOS. Although your investor will have a clear idea that what your MVP looks like. Also developing an application on two platforms would take more time and money.



In this article we have successfully discussed why flutter is the future of mobile development, what is the flutter future scope? & how you can build your app using flutter? We have discussed why flutter framework uses Dart? Well, that was a bit of a discussion above stay tuned for our next article on flutter in which we will be covering UI Development with flutter, Why is flutter good for MVP Development? & s some more interesting topics.

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