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Reasons To Employ Kotlin Android App Development Language

Android App Development

Ever since the launch of Kotlin from Google, it has created quite a buzz in the Android app development world. The language today boasts itself as one of the most capable Android programming languages with its precise and specific approach towards programming. Unlike the loquacity of Java, Knotlin helps the Android app developers to track each functional aspect of programming with accuracy, thus allowing them to make innovative applications. The brevity featured by Kotlin further allows the developers to employ swift coding.

Android App Development

The previous programming language, i.e. Java had its set of programming perks, but its fuzzy application development approach did fade its charm in the developer community. While, Kotlin inferable from its advanced programming features, rapid app development perks, simpler syntax, and robust functionality ensures efficient mobile app development.

Let us learn some reasons to choose Kotlin as your app development programming language:

1)    Rapid Development With Lesser Code Lines

Kotlin owing to its accurate coding approach allows the Android developers to employ a greater amount of functionality with less code. This allows the developers to develop applications faster with Kotlin programming language. As the reports say, Kotlin programming language requires 20% lesser coding for building an app as compared to Java.

2)    Kotlin Is Compatible With Java

One of the major perks of using Kotlin programming language for Android app development services is that you can employ the rapid development perks of the language along with using the various libraries and allied tools of Java. Kotlin is highly compatible with Java and so it allows you a wide area of functionality to develop your app in a resourceful manner.

3)    Learning Kotlin Is Evidently Easy

Kotlin has an amazingly simple syntax and is easy to learn. The language just requires you a few weeks of learning and you are ready to code. Its high compatibility with Java also leverages you of the various resources and tools from Java, making it simpler. With this, its specific coding approach helps you adopt the modern technological additions easily and develop futuristic applications.

4)    Kotlin is Free To Use

You do not need to pay any penny for using Kotlin and you can employ it for any of your Android application development services. Kotlin being free of cost also allows the Android app developers to experiment their innovative app ideas, and open up the door for learners.

5)    Open Source Nature

Kotlin is an open-source programming language that can be used by simply converting your Java code files to the Kotlin code files using the easily available Java-to-Kotlin tool.  The tool converts your complex Java codes to simpler Kotlin codes efficiently. With this, the open source nature of Kotlin allows the Android developers to use the various programming tools and the support components available online.

6)    Secure Programming With Robust Features

The Kotlin programming language allows you to apply the NullPointException and code seamlessly without any errors. With this, it has a set of robust features that along with assisting you through the mobile app development phase, incorporates reliable security. The language is highly compatible with Java, has built-in null checking, and has its array of extensions that can be used to make specific customization in existing classes without rewriting a significant amount of code. Kotlin being simpler and efficient open up the door for modern Android application development solutions.

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Kotlin programming language has already gained itself a recognized popularity in the app development market and is constantly increasing its reach owing to its long list of perks. The language can help you develop purely feature-rich and innovative Android applications with high ease. So if you wish to employ Kotlin for your Android app development project, we at Endive Software can help you. You can connect with us at –

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