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How To Develop A Real-time Taxi App like Uber?

Real-time Taxi App

Uber has made our life so easy by providing experienced drivers that drive us around anytime we want. It is a leader in this industry and is operating in 77 countries which make taxi booking apps like Uber worth investing in. This is probably the reason why many firm owners’ want to invest in taxi booking app development and come up with an app just like Uber.

Real-time Taxi App like Uber

But this is not an easy job; it takes professionals and proper research of the market and target customer. Moreover, you need to know what features the taxi app development must include, and how much it will cost to make a taxi booking app.

Features of Taxi App Development:

A taxi app like Uber has two-fold features- one for the passenger and one for the driver. Let’s talk about both of them so that it is easier for you to get the gist of this.

Passenger features for taxi booking app:


The first thing to do is login/register to the app. Provide the users with options like phone number, email or social button to register and log in. Also, this should take the user to the profile screen where they give basic details about them and provide credit card or other payment details.

Booking interface

This is the main screen where the user will be able to provide their pickup address, select the cab type and provide the address of the destination the cab will drop him/her off.

Tracking (Map)

A map to see where the driver is and how much time will he take to come to pick you up. It also tracks the route and provides estimate arrival time once you start your ride.

Price calculator

Most taxi booking apps have this feature nowadays. They calculate the estimated amount a person has to pay for traveling from one place to another. It becomes easy for the user to choose a cab once they know how much they have to pay and almost all the time this price is accurate.

(If you make the driver wait or take detours, the price will certainly change)


Users already set the payment method when they sign up, but while booking the cab they should have the option to select from the methods or simply pay cash. Also, an invoice of the same should be mailed or messaged to them.

Push notifications

Send push notification to update the user about the driver’s name and details of car and time of arrival etc.


Also, the app should have a review system, booking history, and the means to contact the consumer services to solve any problems about a specific ride. Tabs for this must be implemented in the app.

Features of Taxi Driver App:

For the drivers, the taxi booking app must have these features:


It includes registering as a driver and providing your full profile with verification and getting approval by an administrator. It also includes providing or selecting a schedule that the drivers are comfortable with for work. Also, it lets you show the admin panel your status of being online (ready to receive work) or not.

Booking the ride

It includes the option for the driver to accept or deny the ride. It also has details about customers’ location for pickup and drops off. Moreover, booking history to keep track of all the work you had done.

Push notification

To keep the driver updated about taxi booking data like location, payment, route selected or more. Also, alerts should be sent when the driver is starting or ending the ride.


taxi booking app development

The driver should have access to a GPS service like Google maps so that they know which route to take, how much traffic they will face and the estimated time. It also helps when the customer and the driver both don’t know about the route to the destination address.


Support and payment method details etc.

The administration that handles the connection between a customer and the driver also has a central panel. It is a web application and manages the interaction between driver and customers. It also provides data about payments and routes etc.

Note: it is important to know about these features because having a taxi booking application development with certain features or not, can make a huge difference in the cost and its success.

Technology for Taxi Booking App Development


Taxi apps like Uber get thousands of user and drivers request. So, to process such bulk data you need a server that is capable of this, just like Uber, you need to build your own server for handling this.


For backend purposes the languages you can use for can be python, ruby on rails, node.js, python or PHP.


This is a crucial element for taxi booking app development. OpenStreetMap can be used for this purpose, and this works for both Android and IOS. But if you want specific platform- chose Google map for android, and MapKit and CoreLocation framework for IOS.

Payment getaway

For a taxi booking app, payment getaway is crucial as most people prefer online transaction instead of cash. So, it can be PayPal or credit cards or paytm. For setting up payment getaway you can choose the following platforms – stripe, Brain tree, PayPal and paytm.

Push notification

To send push notification, these platforms work the best. Google firebase for android and apple push for IOS devices.

How much does it cost to develop a taxi booking app like Uber?

The financial aspect depends on various factors and the region you are developing the app for.  For developing a taxi booking app you will need these departments:

  • Backend and web development
  • Native app development for android and IOS.
  • Design
  • Management

Each department will need 2-3 people to work and depending on the time spent by them a taxi booking app Development Company will charge you per hour. Like the backend services alone takes up 100-200 hours.

Also, the native app development for either platform (IOS and Android) takes up at least 200 hours. And most companies would like to invest in both as target customers are divided. This adds up to the cost.

So, the hourly rate for developing a taxi booking app like Uber is:

  • $20-40- Asia
  • $40-80- Europe,
  • $100-150 – UK/USA


Taxi booking app development is a hard task, but if you have a professional team your taxi booking app will come out beautifully, and all the investment would be worth it. The reason is simple, there are many people who demand cars for travelling, and if you can provide a taxi booking app with great features and discount, you will certainly be successful.

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