Benefits Of Including Real-Time Solutions In Mobile Apps

Benefits Of Including Real-Time Solutions In Mobile Apps _1166284588

The number of apps developed every year has increased manifold. There are two types of mobile app development- static and real-time. Users can use the static app on a single device only. While real-time mobile apps connect users to events globally or get updates via notifications or alerts. The current users of mobile applications are demanding more interactive apps. Mobile apps Development Company thus have started implementing real-time solutions in their apps.

Real-time apps are dominating the mobile app development industry due to their interactive feature. Moreover, these apps are gaining popularity due to the availability of data over network across various devices.

Most apps now have real-time solutions, and it aids users to get updates/data in real-time. Firms using real-time solutions in mobile apps are getting more users and revenues. Some use cases of this are Facebook, Uber (location tracking) and Google (Editing documents).

real time solutions in mobile apps

In this blog, we will learn more about real-time mobile apps and the advantages of using this solution.

Real-time mobile app

Any mobile application capable of sharing and accessing data in real time across devices is known as a real-time mobile app. It is an application program working in a time frame that user’s sense as current. Examples of these apps are:

  • Chatting apps
  • Video conferencing apps
  • Gaming mobile applications
  • IM
  • Community storage solutions and,
  • Cloud apps: They are great examples of a real-time app as they share data in real time on various devices and platforms.

Real-time apps make a reliable network socket connection with each device using cloud technology. It enables them to stream live updates and share with users through notifications.

Uber uses real-time solution in its app for live tracking

Uber uses real-time solution in its app for live tracking

Features of real-time apps

If you want to make your mobile application more interactive, add these real-time solution features to it.

Notification and alerts

Social media apps like Instagram, Facebook and Twitters use real-time solutions to send updates across global users via notifications. The trick here is to make sure only relevant and important data is shared using notifications.

Real-time apps use alerts to send messages about bugs/malfunctions. Alerts are both invisible and visible, the first one is automatically sent to monitor the performance of the app.

Instant Messaging

With real-time mobile apps, you can quickly share data. And Instant Messaging is the best example of this technology.

Social Media Streaming

With real-time solutions, it is easy to live-stream concerts, event and much more on social media. Using news feed or pop-ups, it is easy to loop in users from across the globe.

They make data visually appealing

When you use real-time solution in apps, they make presenting information visually appealing.  And we all know that users register more visual information than a written one.

real-time solution in apps

Advantages of Real-Time Solutions In Mobile Apps

With the implantation of the BYOD environment in business, firms are more flexible with using mobile devices in workplaces. Thus, using a mobile application to communicate and share data in real-time has become an important part of most businesses.

Real-time apps are beneficial for business as they ensure fast data sharing, are cost-effective and also increase conversions. Here let’s take a look at some benefits of Real-time mobile apps for business:


When employees or clients or professionals share data using real-time apps, it reduces the firm’s dependency on the IT department. It automatically reduces the cost and ensures quick data sharing. Also, using these apps will ensure cost-effective in terms of result oriented approach.

Data fragmentation is less

Data is the biggest asset of any enterprise. It is crucial for firms to ensure data quality and consistency. With real-time sharing, there would be no data quality issues and inconsistency. It is because there would be no data fragmentation.

They are quick to access

With real-time solutions, you can quickly access data. The speed of data sharing is a real bonus for enterprises. It ensures a seamless business process and better user engagement.

The speed of real-time apps helps businesses in two ways:

  • It optimizes the internal process of the business to reduce latency.
  • It addresses concerns of users in real-time quickly.

Businesses have more scope for collaboration with Real-time apps

With real-time apps, businesses have more scope for workplace collaboration. It is an important benefit for the businesses as using apps in workplace fosters innovation.

Benefits Of Real-Time Solutions In Mobile Apps

When employees have permission to share and communicate in real-time data leads to transparency and quick decision making. It helps the firms to have an innovative driven work culture which helps the business grow.

Advantages of real-time apps for consumers

Real-time solutions in a mobile app benefit the consumers too. Many users prefer them as they are transparent, easy and more fun to use. Here are some benefits of RTA for general users:


When you implement real-time solutions in chat or gaming or cloud apps. These apps offer a transparent view of the activity taking place on both the side. It makes the app more engaging and exciting for the user to use.


The users can quickly and smoothly share and communicate data in real-time apps. The latency in these apps is pretty low making them more popular amongst the users.

Easy and fun to use

Real-time mobile apps use cloud sharing. It makes using these apps on various remote devices easy. Also, with real-time sharing of activities and data, they are fun to use.


Real-time mobile apps are the future, and soon the static apps would become obsolete. Implementing real-time solutions to your mobile application has a number of benefits as we read above. It is cost-effective and also attracts more consumers.

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