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How to Develop a Real Estate App like Zillow?

Real Estate App

Real estate mobile app development is one sector that is advancing at a great speed, and the reason is simple- most realtors want to stand apart and get business. And this is not possible if you have a listing on a page that already has thousands of real estate agents. Thus, a dedicated app for real estate agents is a huge thing because you have a whole platform through which you can help people rent a house or buy one.

Real Estate App like Zillow

Already, USA has Zillow, which is the best real estate app and is booming, it has 1.6 million people registered which is a huge deal for an app. But creating such kinds of apps takes a lot of patience and hard work and also research.

So, below let’s talk about the things you will need for developing such an app and how much does creating a real estate app cost?

The tech trend that a real estate app must have:

When people want to buy a property or rent one, the first thing they do is look online for up coming projects and for realtors. At this point, all you have to do is market your real estate app so that people are attracted towards your app and use it further. For this, the app must have these three points:

Virtual Reality

An option to view the property in 3D view, this saves the time of the party and, moves ahead for the buying process.

Big Data

You need to collect data about people who are looking for selling or buying the house. Keep track of ads about the same on various social platforms.

Home Technology

A great real agent knows how to sell the pitch, and that means price points, home upgrade requirements, and vendors and so on. List these qualities in the real estate app so that you get more business.

Must have features for real estate mobile app development:


real estate app zillow

There are many features that a real estate app must have like:

1. Database:

This is an invisible feature but the most crucial one too. This feature is all about the database of properties in the region/country you are developing the app for.

Use the government companies that have such details or,

  • 3rd party vendors
  • Social media platforms
  • Other real estate agents/company

2. Logging in:

Onboarding is important, it is part of the welcome screen that all apps have and is a must for your real estate app. It shows the user what features the app has and how it will help them. After the turn, ask them to sign up, this is necessary for increasing the UX. Moreover, it helps the app to personalize the finding according to the user. Give them the option to sign using social buttons too, and make sure that they are aware of your security.

3. Search and filter

This is an important feature as it lets the user find what they are looking for quickly. Also, it must have filters through which the search becomes even more relevant and easy. Some essential points that you should include in the filter are:

  • Location
  • Price range. (scale to move it up and down)
  • Type of property
  • Listing type (FSBO, resale, new construction)
  • A little history like the year it was built in
  • Square foot range
  • Details about amenities like an in-unit laundry, an on-site parking, a pool, a balcony etc

4. Map

real estate app development

The map is used by Trulia another best real estate app, this features lists all the commodities that you can find nearby your property. Also, it shows the crime rates of every location. This is a cool feature that you must have on your app. Some other things that the map can show are:

  • Location of schools and their ratings
  • Shops and eateries
  • Traffic
  • Neighborhood details etc

5. Details about the apartment

This is the main thing that the user is looking for. Let them know everything about the house. From price to a number of rooms, balconies, year of built etc. everything should be provided. Even add some photos so that they can see how it looks. Also, tell them about the society if it’s a flat, and what amenities like pool or garden or parking they are providing. This will make your real estate app better!

6. Push notifications

They are important for your real estate app, as they will encourage the users to visit your site more. Push notification can be sent when:

  • There are updates about properties
  • Price changes in the property they selected or were surfing,
  • A new property is announced or free in the area, they were searching for.

7. Communication channels

The app should make it easy to communicate; the user should have the information about the realtors and also a way to contact the app consumer service through chat or calls.

Other features can include find an agent or calendar.

Financial Aspect:

How do real estate apps make money?

Monthly/annual fee:

Realtors who want to feature on your website must be given the option to subscribe for an annual or monthly period. But first, give them a free trial so that they know what it is all about and there are no issues in the future.

Put ads

Putting advertisements from 3rd party vendors, contractors or interior designers will help you earn a profit.

Fee for additional feature and profit from content

If you provide additional features that are not common or a premium, ask a fee for it. Also, the realtors create valuable content, which pulls traffic and can be used to generate money.

How much does it cost to develop a real estate app?

There are many apps developing company that you can hire for real estate mobile app development. All companies have their prices, but typically developing a real estate app costs around $25.920.

Real estate app is an important app that is in demand these days, so creating such app will definitely help your business. Also, it helps real estate agents to bring their business exclusive, and users can easily find their dream house.

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