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React Native vs Ionic: What’s Best For Mobile App?

React Native vs Ionic

Indeed, it is very difficult to compare two or more frameworks, especially when they share the similar functionalities and nature. There are many mobile app development tools or frameworks available in the market that help developers to build impressive applications for all purposes. Moreover, the demand for mobile applications is increasing at a fast pace. And, the increasing number of mobile applications is the reason to go with choose-platform solutions. But, the question arises in the mind that which is the right cross-platform mobile app development framework?

React Native vs Ionic

Before discussing the both React Native and Ionic, let’s take a look over the both RN and Ionic.

Like the websites on the internet, hybrid mobile apps are the combination of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, that is called a Webview. The hybrid mobile applications use the native features of a device like GPS, Accelerometer, and Camera.

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Specifically, Native applications are built for one platform and it takes advantage of the latest technology such as GPS. For example, iOS apps are written in Swift or Objective-C, whereas Java is used to write native Android apps. On the other hand, C# is used to write the most part for Windows Phone apps.

Let’s dive in to find out which cross-platform mobile app development framework is best for mobile app development:


React Native vs Ionic

Ionic is an open-source and cross-platform framework which is used for hybrid mobile application development. This platform allows developers to use web technologies like HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS to build hybrid mobile applications. However, it requires a Cordova/PhoneGap to access the native features like GPS and Camera. This framework is totally based on a popular JavaScript framework- AngularJS. If you want to build a business-specific mobile application, then Ionic is the best framework for you.

What Makes Ionic Best For Developers

  • It is a 100% free framework which shares the nature of web technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  • Write code once, run on all mobile devices.
  • It is wrapped by Cordova and PhoneGap.
  • It works on iOS’s UI WebView or Android’s WebView.

React Native

React Native vs Ionic

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React Native framework is used to build Native applications using React, which combines both JavaScript and ReactJS for building User Interface. Moreover, developers can use the same code of both platforms iOS and Android on the single system with React Native. React also allows developers for using Native Android and iOS modules that are written in Java and Objective C. React Native has a set of components and libraries for both Android and iOS to build an impressive and dynamic mobile app with the native look.

An advantage of React Native

  • It increases the development speed.
  • Developers can reuse existing code to make development faster.
  • Easy testing as it automatically tests the code when changes made in the code and directly reflect the result on the mobile screen.
  • It uses the React JS library with extensive UI components to enhance the user experience.
  • It has many UI components such as modules, buttons, and sliders.
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