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React Native - The Future of Mobile App Development?

The Future of Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development Industry has seen an immense growth in the past few years. The technological advancement has led to a revolution in many sectors, but none as big as this. Even the data states that, by 2020, the apps that run on our small screens will generate more or up to $188.9 billion globally through app stores and advertising.

React Native

The demands of the users are also increasing day by day. They want apps that are performance oriented with an easy interface, navigation, and a great look.  There is a high demand for faster and high-quality app.  Thus, top mobile app development companies are also looking at options that will help them to create high-quality apps in a shorter span of time.

The Cross-Platform App Development is the solution to this issue. Apps that work on various platforms needless coding time, hence they are developed quickly.

This is where React Native comes into play. It is an enhanced technology that makes apps keeping in mind the demands of the users. Apps built with React Native, are efficient and their development process is rapid.

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What exactly is React Native?

  • React Native is code writing framework which is supported and maintained by Facebook and Instagram.
  • It is the native version of JavaScript library which makes app development fast.
  • The apps built with React Native perform well on cross-platform and are easy to debug.

What exactly is React Native

  • This framework is used for creating mobile apps which are indistinguishable from an app developed using Java or Swift.
  • The UI used for building blocks in this framework are same as IOS and Android. The only difference is that it does this by using React and JavaScript.
  • React Native is the most popular amongst the developers. It also has a great community support and market share.

Reasons why developers deem React Native as the Future of Mobile App Development

1. Cross-platform app development is possible with React Native

This code writing framework was developed for IOS initially. But Facebook saw the range of its capabilities and developed a support for Android too. Now, most of the apps created with React Native are cross-platform APIs. In simple terms, use the same codebase to build apps for both IOS and Android.

If you want the app to have a more authentic feel to its specific platform, this framework lets you embed the native code easily. It helps save time and development cost as you don’t have to write two codes.

Some features while developing the app requires platform specifics. React has Platform modules and specific file extensions for this. This detects the OS that is supporting the app and pick up the correct file based respectively.

2. It lets you create apps with its native functionality

Apps built with React Native function just as well as any native app would. This is also the reason why this app is called React Native. For apps to become successful, developers have to work hard on scroll accelerations, usability, keyboard behavior, and animations.

apps built with React Native

React Native creates UI that has native widgets, which performs well. This framework uses JavaScript to provide a platform where any complex apps also run smoothly.

3. It provides Instant Live Updates

Another advantage that developers get when they create apps with React Native is Live Updates. Due to JavaScript used in this framework, app creator can make updates directly to the user’s phone. They don’t have to waste time following the steps of the app store update cycle.

This means users get to enjoy the updated version ASAP. It also helps developers as they don’t have to worry about solving issues related to older versions.

4. Easy to learn

It is highly readable which makes it easy to learn and use. It has a range of components like maps and filters which makes it easy for developers new to JavaScript to learn.

5. Developers experience with this framework has been positive

The environment provided by React Native makes the experience of developers positive. This is because it lets them:

  • Modify and implement any feature while the app is running. So, there is no need for restarting the app.
  • Hot reload, which refreshes the UI whenever any changes are made to the file.
  • Simply the iteration cycle, as there is no re-building and deploying step.
  • Flexbox layout engine for generating layouts for IOS and Android. This means you need to know only one layout engine to develop apps.
  • Chrome developer tools for embedding React Native with desktop chrome browser. This gives the developer easy access to debugger and profiling tools.
  • Support from the community and provided ready to use components.

6. It is still evolving and is supported by Facebook

Developing an app on a new coding framework comes with its own doubts. Concerns about the app’s future and performance and maintenance are viable.

But behind this are the engineers of Facebook and a huge community. They are constantly working hard to make this framework even better and ready for the future. So, apps built with React Native have a bright and stable future.

To conclude:

Apps built with React Native are booming. And the reason is the thriving community offered by React Native and its vibrant ecosystem. For all the developers who want to go for Cross-Platform App Development or create something innovative, this framework is their first choice.

Create apps with React Native, and you will get high-quality apps in a shorter time. Also, the resources used and the cost of the app is less. It also gives developers access to libraries and plugin. This is the best framework to create a native and cross-platform app.

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