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React Native and React JS: Top Players of Mobile App Development

ReactJS vs React Native

We all know what platform and technologies are used to build web and mobile applications. Developers and tech companies around the world are working with some advanced platforms to build superlative mobile applications for iOS and Android. React JS has become the most popular tool among developers that was duly developed by Facebook. It is used to address its requirement for high-performing and dynamic User Interface. Facebook released React JS library which is a JavaScript library. It brought the speed of JavaScript along with a new method of rendering pages. It led to dynamic and responsive user input. After growing the popularity of ReactJS, it released React Native. There are various differences between ReactJS and React Native. Let’s look at React Native vs ReactJS.

React vs React Native

React JS

React JS is essentially a JavaScript library. It is accountable for creating a hierarchy of UI components. It is responsible for the UI components’ rendering. It offers support for front end as well as server-side.

Characteristics of ReactJS

  1. React JS is View part of MVC architecture. It is meant for rendering the views.
  2. React JS has DOM that is, document object model. It is a viewing agreement on different data inputs and outputs. The Virtual DOM of React is faster than traditional refresh model. It is due to the reason that virtual DOM refreshes just a few parts of the page. Facebook wanted to reduce their build-time. Partial DOM refresh came out as the solution. It increases performance as well as faster programming.
  3. React JS render the pages completely. Right from the server to the browser. This improves the SEO of the web apps.

React Native

It is a framework to build native applications using JS. React Native compiles all the native app components. It makes it possible to create a native mobile app.

Characteristics of React Native

  1. It comes with Native Modules and components. They improve the performance. It renders the code through Web View. It renders a portion of code components with the different native APIs.
  2. In React Native, you don’t have to develop the same app for iOS and Android. It allows the developer to reuse the given common logic layer.
  3. It has a component-based structure. It allows developers to easily build an app with a better approach. It is more agile and website approach to app development.

React vs React Native

In ReactJS, React stands for something apart. It is just the base abstraction of React DOM of the given web platform. In React Native, React has a different meaning. It is a base abstraction of React Native.

The syntax, as well as workflow, is similar in both. However, the components are different. This is the main difference between React and React Native.


Let’s summarize React vs React Native.

React is just a framework for creating apps using JavaScript. React Native is a complete platform. It allows to create native and cross-platform apps.

React.JS is actually a JavaScript library. It is used for the construction of the better-performing UI layer. React Native embodies all principles and syntax of React. Hence, the learning curve is much easier.

ReactJS is rendered via Virtual DOM. React Native utilizes native APIs. They are used to render various components on the mobile.

React utilizes HTML. For React Native, you have to familiarize with related syntax. This is another major difference between React and React Native.

Here we have discussed ReactJS vs React Native in detail. These are the major differences between both of them.

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