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Why Is Python Development Now Appropriate For Building Enterprise Software?

Top Reasons Why Python Development is Widely Used in Enterprise

Python is an object-oriented, interpreted, high-level programming language with dynamic semantics. Python has a high-level data structure which is combined with dynamic binding and typing which makes it very attractive for fast application development. Also, it is used as a scripting language to connect the application of existing components together.

Well, what you get with python is very interactive, python offers you a very easy to learn syntax which emphasizes the program readability and also helps in reducing the cost of program maintenance. Python also supports extensive standard libraries which are already available in the source or in the binary form without paying any charge for the major platforms. Also, it can be freely distributed.

Well, there is not a particular reason for choosing python development in the Enterprise. The software which is developed to match the need of the organization and is often referred to as enterprise software or enterprise application software.

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When it comes to software development then python is one of the best technologies in the field available these days. Many Large organizations use python development as there many reasons to use it, some of them are, syntax availability of resources its versatility, availability of resources, and ease insourcing.

What is Enterprise Software?

The Enterprise software is built for the requirements of the organization which is or might be unique from that of an individual. Software for enterprise needs to integrate with the system such as an existing database or non-web application. Organizations develop their own enterprise software with custom requirements which fits in the specific need of their operating model. This makes the software development process much more complicated. There are many requirements to integrate into the software with the authentication system such as Active Directory and Lightweight Directory Access Protocol.

Why is Python now appropriate for building enterprise software?

If we start researching from the early ’20s till today the environment or ecosystem for many types of dynamic languages which are improved and are passing the aspects of other ecosystems.

Ruby, python, pearl, and other languages are now becoming huge, well maintained open source environment backed by companies like IBM, Google, Microsoft, Dropbox, Facebook, and many others.

Python, on the other hand, offers many open source libraries, considerably for web development and data analysis, are some of the best maintained & best-written pieces of code written.

On the other hand, other languages like Java have been growing weak due to the less investment by their corporate backers. After the company who developed java was purchased by Oracle it enhanced the language with some new features and the update was Java 7. While with python this kind of situation cannot happen because python is an open source language which means it does not have a single corporate controller.

Other platforms like.Net by Microsoft are doing much better and fared better. .Net platform by Microsoft was moving faster which set a new millennium itself for the developers to use and create their own products. The .Net is the open source just like python and other open source languages.

In conclusion, we can only say that the enterprise software in the past couple of decades has dramatically changed. The corporate controllers and technical executives can’t ignore the progress python has made as an open source language and in the community in the enterprise software development. Industries can continue delivering businesses value for their own business customers.

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The reason behind the Popularity of Python

Python is among the top technologies which are used in Enterprise Software Development. Python Development Service is used in larger organizations because of its ease in sourcing developers, versatility and ease in syntax. For enterprises, this technology is ideal, regardless of whether the company wants to build an enterprise mobility solution which is powered by Machine Language or any web application.

In the present situation, there is a large segment of developers which are using python. The language has a very less amount of programming codes, and the features are very flexible to develop any type of software.

Let’s take a look at python features:

  • Dynamic
  • Modular
  • Easy to learn
  • Portable
  • Object Oriented
  • High Level
  • Interpreted

There are many large industries which are using python at present.

  • Spotify being one of the biggest music streaming application company uses python for its backend services
  • Netflix the biggest platform for watching movies & seasons also uses Python as the most popular option for software development
  • Both Facebook and Instagram are using python to integrate their data and other process threads.
  • Google which is one of the biggest search engines uses Python as one of the server side languages that it really supports.

Advantages of using Python as the Enterprise Software development Tool:

  • Fast Prototyping
  • Easy to Decipher
  • It’s Extensive Open source Environment
  • Comfortable to use
  • Highly Scalable
  • Supports many libraries
  • Easy Access to Data
  • Integration with an extensive system
  • Operational Efficiency
  • Development Speed
  • Security

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Let’s see “Is Python Ready for Enterprise app Development?”

Many developers these days are biased towards using python as a developing language. This wouldn’t have been a case a few years back. Python was used for offshore development because it provided us the opportunity to finish small projects with the language that developers don’t want to use or one can say not so favorite language.

Well, many companies have tried their luck with different and various programming languages like PHP, C++, Perl, and many more. It is found that many companies delivering client projects are developed in python.

Python engineers are very rare or we can say less in number not everyone knows python out there. The number of PHP developers and Java developers is out there as compared that of Python is very large in amount. Python is used for many hybrid and complex projects. An individual cannot start a python based venture by themselves.

Python can also be used as a scripting language, it is one of the most straightforward language structure which has cross-platform support can be used on other platforms than Windows such as Linux, Mac OS, and other Unix Machine.

So in conclusion what we say and learned through this article is that there is no reason for the companies and developers to reject Python as Enterprise Software Developing Language. The popularity of programming language is not the only benefit itself. Well, every company building or developing a python based enterprise solution will have guaranteed community support. As there are more and more python developers and users the community will itself grow and can also support the Python Web Development.

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