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Post Anything from Anywhere; Android is the Past, Present & Eventual Fate of App Development

Android App Development

Mobile is the part and parcel of today’s lifestyle, the stats says Android’s market share in other respects is 80% due to its dominance in the Operating System.

Android Add Development

Android – a versatile OS is functioning on myriad models of smartphones in addition to tablets & many other gimmicks. In light of this, one makes an opine that programming or say encoding for Android is uncomplicated and trouble-free to develop. It’s becoming a topic of moot after this; is it or not?

Complications are all over the place, whether it’s an expert life, the work of an engineer/ developer or whatever other professional like the vocalist, on-screen character, specialist or some other.

Like any other Operating System developers, Android developers too confronts inconveniences in writing even the most straightforward Apps for Android Operating System. In fact, Google developers who work in Google Inc. too faces disquiet while releasing version from Donut to Marshmallow and the upcoming release Android N.


In the event that I’ll about-face in the past and talk about the issues Android designers’ confronts then they are as per the following:

Buggy IDEs (integrated development environment)- In the world ruled by Android or say the Android’s world, Android developers had an authority IDE (integrated development environment) for Android improvement as well as its development – Eclipse, regarded to have a huge amount of issues and could make you frantic in no more than 5 minutes. The Eclipse Abstract Data Type (ADT) module (a plugin) has been simply psychotic, sluggish and disagreeable for more perplexing undertakings. Android developers have rapidly felt a niggle of it and were beseeching God for a wonder.

Operating System fragmentation- Gingerbread version 2.3.7 possessed a significant piece of the pie (market share) no less than 15 to 20% of Android Operating System variants. As you, being an Android developer definitely know, Android experienced complete redesign with the Ice Cream Sandwich version 4.0 – all Android developers got new User Interface components, new APIs for gadget equipment as well as new screen spaces… This brought Android developers about being mindful so as to advance and program their applications to function admirably on the new too antiquated adaptations of Android. This extraordinarily influenced Android developers’ development/ improvement procedure and brought about delayed development or say advancement time with more bugs, errors as well as crashes.

Slow emulators- Android developers have a new challenge in front of them, they have to test their applications on various Android OS forms in addition to the officially approved screen dimensions, so developers need to purchase no less than 20 distinctive Android gadgets. Sounds insane? Alright, I know, undoubtedly the third party has provided a virtual platform called emulators, so to overcome this trouble developers can utilize emulators. Yet, let me raise one question, have any developer ever attempted to utilize the default Android emulator? It’s so agonizingly moderate that developers will soon feel themselves in a circumstance where they are simply counting cars in a traffic jam while their Application is being sent to their emulator.

UI (user interface) – Android applications were exhausting and seriously boring to work on. On the off chance that Android developers submit irreverence and investigate iOS applications, they will find that they are loaded with life and hues. Everything is enlivened, changing, going from stage left to stage right or right stage to left et cetera… If talk about Android Apps, then all of its applications were seem static, and on the off chance developers needed to advance their UX (User Experience Design), the old Gingerbread would have soon executed all the anticipations and wishes of Android developers.

What’s gone is gone Now, that was a time long gone now – 2013! Let’s make a brand new start with fresh rays of hope for the Android developers

Everything changed in the year 2014, and alterations were going on so quick that developers could without much of a stretch forget about them and inquire themselves, “HOW & WHEN did this happen???” What’s significantly more essential is the way that the entire Android biological system experienced numerous upgrades – along with the Android developers, technology lovers  got new equipment (smart watches), new programming/software such as Gradle & Android Studio; new Operating System i.e., Lollipop Android 5.0. Also, in the year 2015, Google concocts new up gradation called Marshmallow which conveyed fixes identified with Android for Work profiles in the commercial center.

Everyone contributed – Google, gadget makers, Android developers. Everyone’s objective was same – to have a stable OS and billions of applications with billions of clients. Then next important thing all need to take care of is- in what capacity would they be able to assist disentangle and enhance Android? By what means would they be able to improve the advancement or say the development procedure?” This is a platform where open source in addition to open access standards have demonstrated their actual/ true capabilities – everyone can roll out an improvement/alteration. A change. Something novel.


It’s difficult to outline all the progressions, however, I’ve made a rundown of things which are (as I would see it) the most critical:

1. Android Studio Canary Build: 2.2 Preview 1 (Android Studio): Android developer’s most loved integrated development environment for Android development/improvement at long last got to be steady with the variant 1.0. Be that as it may, the most recent propelled variant 2.2.1 is worked with more usefulness. Android Studio is more easy to use than Eclipse, thus more used in the SDK. Eclipse ADT module/plugin is formally belittled, and as an Endive Software’s developer, I firmly encourage you to relocate all your applications to canary build Android Studio.

2. GRADLE version 2.13: Gradle is an undertaking computerization gimmick which has supplanted Apache Ant as an essential form framework for Android Apps. Gradle has gained the immense prominence among Android engineers/ developers since they can essentially mechanize all with it – from isolating their applications into various flavors, marking with the right setup, augmenting their make up numbers, characterizing outer conditions and substantially more.

Hence, it has turned into a kind of an “administration” device, with which Android developers characterize and keep up their task settings. Gradle is additionally one of the principle explanations behind the expanding number of test automation libraries and robotizes assemble servers (automate build servers), which have brought the CI advancement/development procedure to the Android Operating System. Be that as it may, not all that matters is so blushing – Gradle is likewise intensely condemned for its velocity of execution. It can be truly moderate on complex tasks, however, all Android developers including, Endive Software’s developers trust that this issue will be settled in the upcoming versions and releases.

3. LOLLIPOP Version 5.1.1: Google proclaims that Lollipop was the greatest change of Android Operating System since the start of humankind, and they were correct. All aspects of Android have experienced a few adjustments and upgrades, yet developers are yet to perceive how clients will respond to the progressions. Android developers had a great deal of issues with overhauling more established gadgets to Lollipop, however, all developers, including Endive’s Android developers trust that this will be altered in the forthcoming versions.

4. LOLLIPOP- Material Design: A considerable measure has been composed about splendid new Android UI, called Material Design. It’s a standout amongst an essential advancements on Android Operating System in the most recent couple of years, which has totally changed the look and feel of Android developers’ applications. Being an Endive Software’s Android Developer What I admire the most about Material Design is the overall modernization/alteration of UX standards – everything is essential. There is no such thing as minor points of interest which can be disregarded. Android developers need to react to each client requirements/interactions, click, touch, and so forth. Since, as Google says, motion gives meaning. Android developers must be strong, grasp new clear hues, use movements at each progression, expansive textual styles – essentially said – developers add life to all Android applications developed by them. Additionally, Material Design is totally acclimated to the Android biological system and it adjusts to various screen sizes. That is the reason developers’ applications have a comparable, however, not the identical look on changed platforms.

It utilizes AOT (ahead-of-time) compilation, which implies that it assembles the transitional language (Dalvik bytecode) into a framework that is known as system-dependent binary framework. The shorter execution time of developers’  applications along with less CPU use, and less battery channel is a result of this. Then again, the establishment procedure is quite long.

Android- Increased Quality Of Smartphones

Smartphones are still center gadgets for Android OS. For quite a while, people along with Android developers had issues with their general quality. More seasoned Android gadgets were much uglier and slower than more established iPhones – iOS dependably felt more liquid. Fortunately, the quality and pace of Android cell phones have consistently expanded, so today people have a plenty of new gadgets that are reasonable for everybody’s financial plan and needs. Android developers are happy to develop their apps and satisfy their clients with the best usability and quality. Individuals can now indicate confidence in Android and solicit the assistance from Android engineers to alter their business App and get business.


A considerable measure has changed in a previous couple of years for Android. It has developed from a straightforward OS for smartphones and is currently controlling numerous different gadgets. The reality of the situation will become obvious eventually what will happen to it.

To get the ideal business out of your Android App, you can employ an Android App developer who monitors your business methodology and renders the improved Android App developing services. In the event that you are searching for an entirely optimized solution provider or a leading Android app development company, you can demonstrate your confidence in best in class Endive Software, as it has talented Android Application developers’ as well as too holds the possibility to offer its customer most ideal answer for being a business sector pioneer in their specialty.

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