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8 Best Frameworks Used For PHP Website Development

PHP Website Development

Working with a framework is the best, easy and quick way to complete your PHP web development project. The reason behind this is simple- a modern PHP framework means writing a code that is reusable, organized and easy to maintain. They also help with the growth of the app over time by decreasing the complexities of the development process. A framework is a series of tools, code samples and pre-built components that decreases a lot of unnecessary elements in a PHP website development, thus saving a lot of time.

PHP Website Development

The current frameworks used by PHP Development Company are based on Modern View Controller (MVC) pattern. This pattern makes sure that presentation and logic are separated from each other and also promote modern PHP web development practices.

Now, before you hire PHP developer, get to know which framework he uses as there are tons of them available. They all work fine and according to the need of the project, the right one can be used.

Here are some of the frameworks that are used for PHP website development:


  • To this date, this is one of the most used and popular PHP web development frameworks.
  • Laravel is a new framework that was released in 2010, and due to its organized documentation like tutorials and blogs, it becomes easy to learn it.
  • It has a number of features that lead to a quick app development while its artisan command-line interface helps by providing good commands.
  • Common app development tasks like authentication, caching, routing etc. are allowed in this.
  • The only setback is that it has a heavy resource footprint that means you need to have a strong database to run Laravel.


  • Originally written in C and C++ language this framework was released in 2012.
  • For a PHP developer, this frameworks works as it is delivered as a C-extension, which means you don’t have to learn C and C++. You can very well develop it using PHP.
  • For a PHP website development company, this is the best tool as it gives you a quick and fast website.
  • Some features included in this are universal autoloader, security, caching and many more.
  • Its disadvantages include- incompatibility with HHVM and the PHP developers using Phalcon tends to be slower while fixing bugs.

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  • For large and complex projects, the Zend framework is the best. It is stable, highly configurable and strong.
  • The Zend Framework 3 works with PHP 5.5 and up, but is best suited for PHP 7. It also supports HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  • It is suited only for massive projects and doesn’t provide quick web/app development.
  • Some features include a user-friendly drag and drop editor.


  • It is popular and lets the PHP developer reuse codes and components.
  • Many large-scale firms use this framework and content management system like Drupal, PHPBB even many other frameworks look to Symfony due to its ever-increasing number of developers and fans.
  • It has a good community and is well documented, stable and maintained.
  • The drawback is that it doesn’t support MVC framework while writing, which is becoming popular by the day.


  • One of the oldest frameworks available, CakePHP is still considered amongst the best due to its speed, reliability and security.
  • Suited for commercial web applications, it keeps itself in sync with the latest technology through support from developers.
  • Some features include- documentation, validation, cross-site request, and forgery protection amongst others.


  • For a PHP Web Development Company, Codelgniter is the best option. The reason- it is lightweight, has an easy installation process and needs fewer configuration requirements.
  • It usually works on all hosting platforms, but works best on PHP 5.2.4.
  • Advantages include- Quick and simple development features with an easy configuration.
  • Disadvantages include- it doesn’t offer namespaces, has few learning documents and its unit testing is tough.


  • Another old framework, Yii just came up with the latest version- Yii2.
  • Based on the DRY (don’t repeat yourself) coding concept, it is the most objected framework around.
  • It is faster than other due to lazy loading technique feature, which is its strongest feature.
  • Due to its integration with AJAX and JQuery, it is best suited for large-scale projects.


  • It is a lightweight framework that is used in developing RESTFUL APIs and services.
  • Its design is simple but it has some of the strongest features like client-side HTTP caching session and cookie routing, and support for flash messages across HTTP requests.
  • It is best suited for a small web application as they don’t require a full PHP framework.
  • These are many more frameworks available. So, carry out your research and find a PHP web development framework that suits you the best.
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