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Top PHP Web Development Trends You Can Expect In 2019

Top Php Web Development Trends You Can Expect In 2019

No doubt spending money and time in website development returns good value to your product and services. But what is less widely understood is how much money and time needed to reap those benefits. It all depends on the type of products or services, the technology uses, development platforms or frameworks, and complexity of work. In simple words, the website development cost is not the same every year and it varies as per the change in technology, trends, ideas, traits, and roles of different components. Though various web and mobile app development platforms and frameworks are available today that appeared to be a powerful tool for building robust and feature-reach websites of all sizes.

In this article, we will discuss the trends of PHP development and how it is ruling among other website development platforms available.

Every year, technologies and trend bring something new to the PHP developers and businesses. One of the cornerstones of building website is to enhance customer base, services, and experience. In today’s time, websites and mobile apps have been getting more and more ingrained in our daily lives. From online shopping to net banking to ticket booking, we all use smartphones for every second task. Thus, the demand for website developers are as high as ever, and the scope of what developers can do is huge.

Php Web Development Trends

Facebook, Yahoo!, Wikipedia, WordPress, Flickr, etc., are the most popular websites running over PHP.

A bit about PHP-

PHP is the most popular open-source framework which is dominating the internet world. PHP stands for ‘Hypertext Preprocessor’ and it is a widely-used general-purpose scripting language that is specially designed to develop a website and web app development and can be embedded into HTML. The expansion of PHP web development is broad enough and it will never let you go as it offers a variety of famous PHP web development tools, PHP frameworks, and technologies.

PHP is similar to Microsoft Active Server Pages, Java Servlets and Cold Fusion Module, but is commonly much easier to program and much faster than its competitors. One of the strongest and most important features of PHP is its support for a wide range of databases. If simplicity, speed of development, and economy are taken as important factors, then nothing is better than PHP.

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Why use PHP frameworks?

The most popular frameworks of PHP are Laravel, CakePHP, CodeIgniter, Symfony, and Yii.

PHP frameworks provide a better development environment and streamlining the overall development process of website and mobile apps. Developers and startups rely on these frameworks because all these frameworks speed up the development process.

Above all, the responsiveness of websites built using PHP frameworks, helps businesses gaining massive and increase revenue. So without any doubt, all these PHP frameworks will continue to gain attention and popularity in 2019.

Top PHP Development Trends That You Must Know In 2019

Single Page Website Development

Single page application is in trend and has become more and more popular than traditional websites. It is convenient and easy to use. In this, uses no need to load the full page, it only loads the required content and rewrites the webpage. Furthermore, it reduces the page load time and enhances the speed & performance of the website. For building single-page applications you can use PHP frameworks like Angular, and Vue.

PHP Trends For User Interface

User Interface is very important to grab the attention of the users. Various companies or startups are following trends to meet the maximum customers on their website. web applications with eye-catching UI, minimal animation and simple information-rich content are appreciated more in web design trends. That is why PHP with motion UI also gets big attention.

Smart Chatbot

A chatbot is essential for every website to interact with customers. You can see the uses of Chatbot development in web applications ranging from an e-commerce website, messaging apps, customer service & support, and other categories of conversational programs. Developers consider PHP tools and frameworks to build Chatbot because it is an open-source platform which makes development faster and easier.

PHP with e-Wallet

The online payment system has taken online shopping or online transaction to the next level. Google Wallet, PayPal, and Amazon Pay are the most popular mobile wallets that are used by people to make online transactions. Some of PHP frameworks now allows developers to build custom e-Wallet for web applications.

IoT Technology

IoT is a hot topic these days. Various large and small companies have adopted IoT technology and working in a modern way for IoT application development solutions and connect them with a number of devices and equipment. PHP frameworks such as Symfony, Laravel, and Codeigniter are compatible with IoT development requirements. Furthermore, with PHP version 7, it is possible to seamlessly connect to the asynchronous programming for IoT that permits PHP code to do the multiple tasks of IoT enabled devices.

Java & PHP

The combination of Java and PHP is one of the intriguing trends in today’s time which is popular among the PHP developers and businesses. The reason is here as PHP is considered for development speed and smooth performance, while Java offers optimum safety. Companies ranging from enterprise to startup are using both Java & PHP in order to minimize development time & cost and maximize performance and security.


The above-discussed trends are beneficial and it is advisable for you to use these trends in your web and mobile application to boost your overall presence in the technology space. You can also get the help of a renowned PHP development company or PHP website developer to meet constant support for your work.

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