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PHP Vs Python Vs Ruby: Detailed Comparison

PHP Vs Python Vs Ruby

PHP, Python, and Ruby are the most popular technologies intended for the development of website, desktop, web apps and server-side applications. These platforms enable developers to build large-scale and secure applications. Moreover, big brands and tech giants around the world also rely on these technologies to build feature-rich and highly scalable websites, web apps or software.

But, if someone asks you which one is best among them. It would be really hard to answer honestly. Many factors come into play when answering which one is best to use for development. Every language has its own property, pros, and cons. It also depends on your requirement, time and budget.

If you have made up your mind to take your business on the digital platform. It’s the right time to dive into the web and mobile app development market and explore or find the thinks that feet your requirements.

PHP Vs Python Vs Ruby Detailed Comparison

To begin with, let’s have a look at some interesting facts about these technologies.


  • It’s an open-source and object-oriented programming language developed by Dutchman Guido van Possum in the 1980s.
  • Python is one of the most popular programming languages which is used for building high-end web applications like scripting, developing and testing.
  • It simplifies development by providing developers with easy code readability and lesser coding.
  • Various tech majors like Google, Dropbox, Quora, Mozilla, Hewlett-Packard, Qualcomm, IBM, and Cisco have implemented Python due to its elegance and simplicity.
  • Python is considered for building highly secure enterprise-level web applications.
  • The global market share of Python is 0.185%.


  • PHP is the most popular open-source and general-purpose scripting language which is specially designed to develop dynamic websites and web apps. It can be embedded into HTML.
  • PHP has a variety of frameworks, tools, or technologies which makes it best among other web app development frameworks available.
  • It enables PHP developers to build websites of all sizes for small business to enterprise-level applications.
  • Around 250 million websites employ PHP.
  • The famous frameworks of PHP are Symfony, Laravel, CodeIgniter, and Faker.
  • Startups, small companies, large companies, enterprise-level organization consider PHP due to its wide set of features, fast development speed, secure code and development cost.
  • Zend, Yahoo, Wikipedia, WordPress, Facebook, Google, NASA, and W3C are the most popular websites running on PHP.
  • The global market share of PHP is 10.348% which is huge then Python and Ruby on Rails.

Ruby-on-Rails (ROR)

  • Ruby on Rails is also most popular optimized open-source framework which is used for building web applications.
  • It was developed in 2003 by David Heinemeier. The languages used by Ruby include HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.
  • Using Ruby, individuals can build any web application in less time than other programming languages.
  • Popular web applications like Twitter, Accuweather,, and Hulu are developed using Ruby.
  • Ruby is a more object-oriented language compared to Python and PHP.
  • Ruby was developed to make the developer’s work easier as it gives developers the freedom to develop any size of the web app in less time.
  • The global market share of the Ruby language is 0.60%

Let’s start the comparison of most popular programming languages i.e. PHP vs Python vs Ruby.

PHP vs Python vs Ruby: Development Speed

Python and PHP both the languages remain adaptive to current development trends as developers can easily build web applications in a short time using these technologies.

Ruby seems to have slow development speed compared to Python and PHP

PHP vs Python vs Ruby: Security

Ruby and Python are more secured then PHP. While web applications development in PHP are less secure and more vulnerable to hacking. Some of the popular frameworks of PHP have enhanced security advancement for web and mobile applications.

PHP vs Python vs Ruby: Purpose

PHP, Ruby, and Python are used for different kind of purposes. Although, developing websites in PHP is time-consuming but the use of it is everywhere, while Ruby was developed to make programming easier, less time consuming and less complicated. The newbie can easily learn and enjoy development using Ruby language. Python was developed to make productive and secure web applications.

PHP vs Python vs Ruby: Ease of Learning

A programming language with a high learning curve is easy to understand and probably provides great career opportunities. It is very important aspects that you need to consider while choosing a web and app development framework. Among these three languages, Python comes on top position in terms of ease of learning, PHP comes second and the last one is Ruby.

PHP vs Python vs Ruby: Popularity Comparison

You can see the popularity of these frameworks that we have discussed above. The development speed, security, cost and global market share showing their popularity. No doubt, PHP is one of the most popular frameworks in today’s time, while Ruby and Python are less popular.

PHP vs Python vs Ruby: Performance

Languages with high performance enhanced security, and fast execution time is highly adopted by the developers and businesses. PHP, Python, and Ruby all these are high-performance languages in terms faster run time. Websites and web apps built in PHP are less secure.


Before you select, you need to know the main advantages of the platform that best fits your needs. Although all these frameworks are good and good for website and web app development services. In this article, we have discussed the important facts that will help you build web apps whether it’s PHP web development, Ruby web development, or mobile app development.

You can also hire a full stack developer or renowned web development company for your work. Contact Endive Software to know more about theses frameworks as we have a pool of talented professionals that will help you with quality solutions.

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