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PHP Vs. ASP.Net: Which Is Better?

PHP Vs. ASP.Net Which Is Better

ASP.Net and PHP are the most popular programming language in today’s world.  Both these languages are used globally by thousands of programmers and developers. They have great features, tools and a great community at their disposal. And this is exactly why it is so tough to write anything about ASP.Net VS PHP.

There are numerous articles on the internet comparing them. Developers who prefer one language over another are the writers behind most of these articles. It makes deciding between the two hard. That is why in this blog, we will compare these two using some points without being biased.

On one hand, we have PHP which is open source and free. Developers all over the world use this, and it has a wide reach. However, ASP.Net is a Microsoft platform, is more technical and advanced and not free.

PHP vs Asp.Net

Below, you will read and see graphs that will give you clarity on both the languages. It will help you figure out the better option for your project.

Let’s compare PHP &ASP.Net on different parameters.

1. PHP V/s ASP.NET: Who has better performance and speed

Firstly, let’s break the misconception that language that developers use for website coding influence its entire performance.

Secondly, websites running on both ASP.NET and PHP have slight or no differences in their performance.

Both PHP and ASP.NET are able to handle access to file systems, search for images and display pages on web servers. And the speed and performance of these tasks don’t depend on the language. It depends on the database server, end user’s laptop/computer or any device and bandwidth.

Then why ASP.NET is considered better than PHP? Well, the answer is below:

  • ASP.NET doesn’t tolerate many irregularities or error in its code when it’s running.
  • While PHP does and this is the reason it is better for beginners to learn and understand.

2. Market share of ASP.NET VS PHP

Market share ofASP.NET VS PHP

Market share of both languages in the years 2017 and 2018

3. PHP V/s ASP.NET: Scalability

Both these languages have high scalability. For scalability, talent matters more than the chosen language. For this point, you will have to consider the state of your business.

Scalability depends both on your business and the talent (team of developers) you have.

If you are an entrepreneur who wants to work with Drupal, then PHP is better for you. It is because as compared to ASP.NET it is easy to learn and understand especially for beginners.

If you are about to hire new developers, then go for both or go for the one you think are scarce.

Also, don’t assume that just because ASP.NET is more demanding and advanced, you will find more developers.

4. ASP.NET VS PHP– Who has better support?

The Microsoft platform based ASP.NET has fewer followers than PHP which is an open-source platform. Since it is free, it boasts of a large community and dedicated PHP programmers who provide continuous support.

ASP.NET VS PHP– Who has better support

Still, it doesn’t change the fact that whenever you face issues or errors, you will get support from both the languages. The community of both PHP and ASP.NET is active online and post regularly.

ASP.NET community comprises of dedicated and professional experts. So, posting and contributing to an online forum is less than PHP.

PHP is used more and has a global reach. Thus, it has more developers who are willing to offer friendly advice to you. They are active online and ready to guide beginners and other stuck developers.

In all, both languages have a solid community, but with PHP, the assurance of getting an answer is more.

5. Web application development or Website development cost- ASP.NET VS PHP

PHP has a slight advantage over ASP.NET here as PHP is open source. It means it is absolutely and 100% free. Meanwhile, ASP.NET is Microsoft owned and developers have to pay a web hosting fee.

Another factor that goes in favor of PHP Development is that it runs on Mac, Windows, and even Linux machine. As compared to ASP.NET which can only run on a Windows machine. Don’t worry, if you work on Mac or Linux, you can use this language by using the Mono project.

In terms of price, PHP is better. But the price doesn’t matter if your project will come out best with ASP.NET.

6. PHP V/s ASP.NET: Which web app development industry it suits?

PHP suits the following:

  • Small business websites
  • Startups
  • Independent software vendors
  • CRMS and,
  • Billing websites

ASP.NET suits the following:

  • Websites/apps for enterprise
  • ERP apps
  • Intranet and,
  • CRM for Enterprise

PHP Development: Pros and Cons


  • PHP is open-source meaning you can use it for free. A large number of people are behind it to keep improving it.
  • It has a big community of programmers for supporting it.
  • PHP is suitable for big projects like Facebook and so on.
  • This language is great if you want to access and communicate with other different database types. That is why it is best for web-based scripts.
  • It is scalable and customizable according to the needs and requirements of the projects.
  • It is easy to learn, understand and code. Moreover, it has thousands of experts to get you out of any fix.
  • It boasts of a large number of online support and tutorials.


  • The biggest drawback of PHP is the fact that you can’t use it to develop desktop apps.
  • Its speed is slow compared to other languages
  • Due to its customization feature, the number of bugs and poor coding increases.
  • PHP handles error finding poorly as compared to ASP.NET and other languages. It means that it takes a lot more time to discover the error in the code than you would expect.

php and

Pros and Cons  of ASP.NET

Pros ASP.NET for development:

  • Microsoft owns ASP.NET and it is scalability level is high giving tough competition to its rival.
  • All the programming languages are supported by ASP.NET. It also works smoothly with either app or C#,
  • Before compilation, it informs the developer of any mistakes in the coding.
  • The language supports numerous tools and features that aid developer.
  • It is great for enterprise application and works well with Windows.
  • It has a remarkable user-interface option for programmers.

Cons of using ASP.NET for development:

ASP.Net and PHP, both are the top programming language in today’s world. You will read here in briefly for PHP vs .Net languages to figure out the better option.

  • ASP.NET community is small in number so support from it is not much
  • It runs only on Microsoft’s server
  • It is expensive
  • For web development, PHP is better

Wrapping Up

I hope that all the details above will help you choose the right language for your web app development. and PHP are both great platforms for your next project. Go through the pros and cons of each and according to your project decide on one. If still, you are unsure, take advice from top app development firms, they will guide you in the right direction.

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