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PHP 7: Big Evolutionary Change in App Development

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Recently introduced PHP 7 marks a significant improvement in features and capabilities. Like other versions, numerous features are added. PHP application development is adapting to this recent introduction. Many existing problems have been fixed. Still, many of the software developers are divided over the effectiveness of this new version. For some, the major issue is backward compatibility. However, most of the software developers find version 7, better. Even considering few issues and inconsistencies, PHP 7 is still a power-packed language. Here we shed some light on the reasons why PHP 7 is a big evolutionary change in app development.

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The major change in performance is brought by the introduction of php. These changes in performance will allow the hosts to adopt PHP 7 with ease. It will benefit the smaller hosts the most. The hosts will be able to provide hosting to more customers utilizing same hardware. Along with high performance, the developers are expecting major memory savings. It is because significant optimization has been done in the internal data structures.

When it comes to scalar type hints as well as return types, the passage hasn’t been smooth. There is a presence of many RFCs which threatens to derail the feature during implementation. However, it does have found its way around to implementation. Any PHP development company will welcome this change. Talking of end user, he can now type-hint with scalar types. These scalar types include integer, Boolean as well as float and string. The type value needs to be specified by the user by default. This will be validated by type-hint specification.

The Combined Comparison Operator is also known as Spaceship Operator feature. This feature complements the different kinds of operators. They are the greater-than and less-than operators. When the value of left operand is smaller than right operand, the operator returns -1. If both operands are equal, then the operator returns 0. In case the right operand is smaller than left operand, the operator returns 1. This feature can easily be used on floats as well as integers and arrays.

The major feature of PHP 7 is its support to simultaneous execution of tasks which are asynchronous. This programming language allows the user to do asynchronous programming and tasks. This includes networks, access to the database, performing events which are related to I/O operations. This is done by putting a single PHP event-loop in place,

Most of the businesses like to provide better value propositions to their mobile users. They think that as an important aspect to retain their customers. In this particular context, PHP 7 offers what businesses require. It enables them to cater the requirements of mobile device users. For instance, PHP 7 provides reduced memory usage as well as execution engine improvements. It also provides native local threat storage. These particular features are best suited to mobile devices which have limited browsing features. These features help in PHP website development. PHP 7 also contributes to reducing energy consumption. It does that by providing the ability to handle more traffic. This handling is done with same server resources. Hence, it saves lots of energy.

Another salient feature of PHP 7 is that it has higher data processing. It also comes with higher load-taking capabilities when compared to its predecessors.

From the business point of view, PHP 7 provides great advantages in comparison to its previous versions. For instance, the peer-to-peer e-commerce giant, Etsy has been struggling with some issues. Its technology infrastructure wasn’t able to handle millions of website visits on a daily basis. Etsy has to find a way that makes its new internal API capable of handling more computing requests. The API should also be able to do so without consuming too much power. It allows Etsy to bring down operational expenses. Etsy adopted HHVM to run its PHP application, and the result was great. It showed significant improvement in performance.

When it comes to businesses which have a vast online presence such as e-commerce giants, PHP 7 is great. It is at par with HHVM when we talk about providing great performance. It also offers more resilience and optimal utilization. It does have a slight edge when compared to WordPress setups.

If you have to hire PHP developer, make sure that he knows these inherent features of PHP 7. This will help you to build a more robust platform for your business. PHP 7 is a valuable addition and its transforming app development process.


When it comes to improvements, PHP 7 has outclassed its predecessors. However, it isn’t an easy job to switch from your present system to PHP 7. Even large environments like those of Etsy almost took nearly six months to make the switch. Then only they were able to start the work smoothly. So, you may encounter some issues until they are resolved.

Still, PHP 7 is a big evolutionary change when it comes to app development. It has changed the app development process with its new features and functionalities. It has provided businesses to introduce more features. It is improving the performance of the websites. Hence, we shouldn’t discard PHP 7 altogether as it has proven its worth.

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