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How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Photo Editing App Like Retrica?

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“Beauty is how you feel inside and it reflects in your eyes. It is not something physical”- Sophia Loren.

The above quote entirely echoes with the views of people all around the globe. Everyone is advocating about natural beauty instead of showing your perfection. Many people, especially women use makeup to conceal their scars, and it is certainly not a bad thing. It makes them confident and they use makeup to enhance their natural beauty.

They not only conceal any imperfections but also have many unique filters that make your photo stand out. For people who don’t prefer makeup, but want to conceal their zits and scars, photo-editing apps are the best bet for them.

editor app

Currently, there are numerous photo apps in the app/play store. Some of these image correction apps are immensely popular. One such app is Retrica- it is one of the best photo editing apps. The app has many features, and most people prefer to use its inbuilt camera for clicking images instead of the camera of their high-end phone. People feel confident while using these photo editing app because it satisfies people about how they look when they edit their photos.

Why photo-editing apps are popular?

It is true that these mobile apps can’t replace a professional camera, but they have features that make any image better looking. A survey done by ePhoneZine states that almost 68% of people globally use photo-apps to edit their photos before sharing it on social media.

All these apps have integrated features to make any type of image alluring while also enhancing its quality.

In this blog, we will talk about how to create a photo editing app and how much does it cost to develop it?

How to create an app like Retrica?

To understand how to create a photo-editing app like Retrica, it is crucial to understand how this app works? It is one of the best apps which can be found in most user’s mobile phone.

Retrica- An introduction


Retrica came into existence in 2012 and is a Korean startup. It gained immense success and popularity in a short amount of time. It was initially launched only for IOS platform, but later it made its way towards the Android platform too. The app is particularly famous and has millions of users in the USA and Europe.

Some facts about the app:

  • It has 120 filters and other multiple features to enhance the quality of any image.
  • Users can use any of the filters in real-time mode. It means you can click photos using any of the 120 filters. Also, you don’t have to worry about picking images from the gallery to edit, when you can click the photo using the app’s filters.
  • Its photo manager lets you share the snaps to major social media platforms.
  • Also, it allows the user to add text, stickers and more to the pictures.
  • It currently holds 110th position Korea, 78th in the US and 14th in Italy. You may think that these numbers are not great, but if you look at the stiff competition, these numbers are great.

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Features of an app like Retrica

Below is the list of features Retrica has. Read these carefully, because if you are about to develop a photo-editing app, you have to include these features.

  • Registration

Photo editor apps use your gallery and information to work better. So, a proper sign-up and registration are mandatory.

  • Signing through social media

The feature of letting the user use their social media accounts for signing up is crucial. It saves a lot of time and also a user who doesn’t like to share personal info on every platform finds this feature amazing.

  • Loading of Image

A photo app requires access to a camera to click images in real-time. It also needs access to the gallery to integrate the images clicked with phone’s camera to enhance them. This feature is known as Image loading.

  • Photo-editing

For editing the quality of an image, the app must have different filters. Also, it must allow users to add text, stickers or other such accessories.

photo editing app retrica

  • Settings

There must be an option for the user to auto-save the images and so on, which makes the process easy for them.

  • Save Photos in the gallery

The app must have the option that lets the user save edited photos in the gallery. It also should allow the user to share the edited image directly on social media.

  • Creating collage

The app must also have the option to create collages using pictures from the gallery.

Other features that such apps must have are:

  • Whiten teeth and red-eye elimination
  • Rotate or crop images
  • Options to adjust the Brightness, Focus, Color, Contrast, and so on.
  • A timer
  • Additional fonts, frames and so on
  • A personal account of the user for storing their personal
    photo editing mobile app

The above list comprises of features that Retrica and other good photo-editing apps have. When you start developing your photo app, you must decide which features to include and what extra you can give to your customer that makes your app unique and more efficient.

You can also learn the features of other top photo-editing apps to get the gist of features the users expect from you.

The best Photo-editing Apps other than Retrica:

These are the top editing apps:

Camera 360

Camera 360 has dozens of filters that are unique for making your favorite image even more alluring. You can use the filter even while clicking a photo. It has an easy and interactive interface which lets you use all the features on your screen easily. Like most such apps, it allows you to share the edited image on all social sharing platforms.


The app has simple but powerful editing tools. It also lets the users use fun and AR filters. The stats show that 800 million selfies are edited using this app. The app enhances the photo in a way that makes it look natural, but at the same time erases any marks or pimples. A lot of famous makeup artist, photographers, and common men helped develop this app. It makes the app more polished yet simple to use.


Facetune is a classic photo-editor that is available for IOS only. It has a wide range of features that are similar to photoshop.  Some unique features are enhancing a small picture area, reshaping faces, removing grey hair or wrinkles and so on.


Instagram is both a photo app and a social media platform. It’s biggest advantage is that you can use it for developing your app. And that is if you can’t create the best photo-editing app, then build the best social media sharing platform.


Picsart is one of the best photo editing app. This app has various amazing features of making collage photos and editing videos. It is easy to use and have many effects and filters. You can easily get this app on both platform Android and iOS.

How to develop a Photo Editing App?


For research purpose, studying about all these apps is great. But creating a clone will not help your business or your consumers. So, keep the principle same, but use different and advanced features to make your app outstanding. For this, check out what you need below:

1. Marketing goals

Marketing goals have two parts- Research and strategy.

Research: The app is a commercial product so before launching it; you need to research the market well. For the app to be successful, it’s crucial that you research the competitors. It will involve finding out what are they offering to the consumer, and what the consumers are expecting from such apps. For this, you need to study all photo-editing apps and jot down their features and pros and cons.

Strategy: Next step is developing a marketing strategy. Create a plan that defines how you will market and promote the project. It must also be made clear the budget for developing and marketing the project.

2. List of features

Decide the key concept of your app, after that time to decide on the features and functionalities of the app. Brainstorm about what features can make your app more efficient and useful for the consumer. Consider the features of most of the famous apps and enhance it or add advanced features. Also, to survive the competition, add some unique features.

How photo-editing apps like Retrica makes money?

Retrica like other such apps comes in two versions- Free and Paid. The paid version offers many more filters and enhances settings like photo retouch and so on.

The best way to make money out of these apps is through charging users directly. But users can be inclined to use an app that has fewer features but is free. So, how will charging users work?

  • Well, use the strategy of freemium monetization. First made the app free and once a loyal customer base is a form, you can launch a paid version. A loyal user-base will be more inclined to pay for advanced features. It is the best plan for monetizing the app.
  • The second way is advertising. You can place ads on your Android or IOS app and earn huge revenue from the apps. But for placing ads, you need a huge customer base.

What is the cost of developing a photo-editing app?

The cost of developing a good photo-editing app for Android and IOS depends on various factors like:

  • The complexity of the app
  • The number of filters you want in your app
  • The location of developing the app
  • The level of experience and skill of the developing team and the Cost of developing a photo-editor app in various countries:

The cost of developing the app in India is around $8000 to $30000.

The cost of developing a photo-editor app in different countries:

  • The cost of building the app in India is around $8000 to $30000.
  • In the US or Western Europe, it takes around 850 hours for developing the app, and the cost is around $42000 minimum.
  • In Eastern Europe, programming of the app costs around $30/hour. It means that a total of $25,000 must


Investing and developing a photo-editing app is a great idea. It is highly in demand, and if you provide users with amazing and unique features, your photo-app will be successful. India is the best location for creating a good photo editing apps. India is affordable, have experienced developer, and the time duration is also less.

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