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Everything You Need To Know About Parking Finder App Development

Everything You Need To Know About The Parking Finder App Development

In tier-2 cities, with an increasing number of cars or vehicles, the problem of car parking has become a serious concern. You can see many cars running on the road right next to you and it would be hard to imagine a parking lot for them.

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when we plan to travel into over-crowded areas? Where to park the car? Yes! Parking a car is a mess in populated cities and it has led a new problem to the commuters. We have seen that people park their cars on almost every corner they find, resulting in hurdle the route of other vehicles, and making them unable to get their vehicles out from the particular location.

But we are lucky enough as we are living in the tech era where we have solutions to the problem that comes to our ways. Thanks to the internet and technology for making everything handy and easy.

Parking Finder Application Development

Here in this article, we are going to discuss Parking finder app development that will help you build your own Car Parking Finder App. With vehicle parking finder app, find & reserve a legal, and an ideal nearest available space to park a car has now become easier. Although people still do park their car anywhere, less in comparison to old time. Car Parking Finder Mobile App not only helps commuters to kill the time in finding the parking spot but also helps them to avoid unauthorized parking space.

What Is Car Parking finder app and how does it works?

Car Parking app provides users a platform to find and reserve nearby parking space that helps them save their time and of course fuel that they burn in finding the spot.

Mobile application for car parking is a big business today due to the increasing demand of users. There are a number of car parking apps available today that helps you find the right space to park your car. This business model of parking app has influenced many tech companies or startups. Many business owners are running towards building a cab parking app.

If you want to make a car finder app, you should be aware of how the service works on the customer side. The main components on which the app is based are:

  • Real-Time Navigation
  • Online Booking
  • Virtual Wallet

It is very easy to find an available spot nearby you. Users can find available space on their way and reserve it easily using the app.

But, to provide superlative user experience you need to pay a lot of attention in terms of development. And for it, the app requires expensive sensors that would be installed in each and every potentially open area to provide real-time updates to the users.

As per the latest reports by IoT Analytics predicts $3.8 billion in spending on smart parking solutions by 2023.

Features of Car Parking App-

  • User Panel
  • Registration
  • User Profile
  • Location Tracking System
  • Schedule Parking Booking
  • Feed Estimated Arrival and Departure Time
  • Book for Multiple Days
  • Filter Option
  • Payment Integration
  • Check Parking History
  • Ratings and Reviews

Admin Panel

  • User Management
  • Driver Management
  • Manage Payment
  • Add or Remove a Driver
  • Manage Booking
  • Manage Offers
  • Add New Locations
  • Manage Parking Rules

Driver Panel

  • Register
  • Add ID Proof
  • Contact Customers
  • Get Payment from Customers
  • Check Reviews and Ratings
  • Accept or Decline Parking Request

Advanced Features of Parking App-

  • Map For Multiple Location
  • In-app Chat
  • Multilingual
  • Heat Map View
  • Suggestion For available nearby location
  • Premium Membership

Now the most important comes as How Much Does It Cost to Develop Car Parking Mobile App?

The concept of car parking app has become popular in a short span of time. And, it is the right time to start, build and earn money. The cost of development relies on features, functionalities, and platform (Android or iOS). The development cost may also vary mobile app developer to developer. You can also hire a mobile app developer or best Car Parking App Development company. Cost with basic features may around $10,000 and with advanced features, the cost would be around $15,000.

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