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Create Your Own On-Demand Logistics Delivery App Like Postmates

Courier services are not new. But, with market trends going digital, the logistics companies have now shifted towards the online market. Postmates is one such app, which used the on-demand logistics delivery app development features. It provides a courier facility and has completely changed the way regular courier services are perceived. Today, the order delivering services have started creating a digital version of their services. They are willing to collaborate with retailers who want to work in the logistics sector. For partnering with the online services, all one needs to do is to fill up a form on their website or mobile app.

on-demand logistics app development

The ordering process of the postmates app is extremely simple. Right, when an order is made – the courier services that are nearest accept it and start the processing.  The shipping details are then shown to the users by the means of call or text message. Over time, the company has managed to build an app that offers food delivery at the doorstep within an hour.  In addition to that, the schedule is extremely flexible as well.

The big chains that offer delivery service may reject your proposal. Thus, you can switch to small ones that do not have their own delivery service. You can explain the benefits of tying up with a delivery service. You should provide them with figures that indicate the profits that they would get by cooperating with you.

Another thing that you should keep in mind is that you would need to pay with credit card. Therefore, you would need to build an in-built payment system with the partners who are associated with you. During the process, the restaurants would also get the money for the good. Also, the servicing cost would be transferred to the bank account of the company.

Developing an app like Postmates requires a lot of skill, as you just cannot add features to it simultaneously and turn it into an app. You need to visualize an architecture that needs to be developed. Moreover, you must have the final estimation of how you wish your app to work. When it comes to a number of hours that need to be dedicated, the Android developers would need approximately 400 hours while the iOS developers would require 460 hours on the go. Also, the price of working on such a platform entirely depends on the number of features that you wish to incorporate in the app. For all these you require a renowned Logistics app development company USA to complete your work.

On-Demand Logistics Delivery App Like Postmates

On-Demand Logistics Delivery App Like Postmates

Registration is an integral part of the apps especially the one that comes with built-in systems or has in-app purchases. Today, you would find a dozen ways in which you can sign up right from ordinary login to registration through social media accounts or mobile number. Postmates made a smart move here as they shelled out an opportunity to let the customers register themselves through social media accounts. In case someone does not have their profile on the app, they can register themselves through their email address that would eventually save their money on development.

If you wish to geolocate the food delivery app, you can create an app that is connected with logistics and conducts a proper work with geolocation and maps. While creating the app, think of all the possible features that you can incorporate in it that would allow you to track order and make the delivery as convenient as possible. An app like postmates provides the order tracking facility right after the payment is made which helps the user to track the order and stay rest assured that it would be delivered within the stipulated time. Moreover, the customers can easily track down the delivery guy while they are on their way of delivering the food. You would also be provided with an estimated time within which your food would be delivered at your place. If you wish to incorporate such a feature in your application, you would need to have access to built-in GPS chip that would help you to locate the courier through satellite data unless the destination is reached. The tools that would be used for this feature would vary depending on the platform that is being used.

For engaging the users, you would need to introduce discounts and offers on the products from time to time during the logistics app development so that if someone wishes to make a budget-friendly purchase they too can have access to the items that are present on your app. Make the app accessible to different types of clients – right from the student categories to the ones who are working professionals. Doing so would help you to reach out to wider audiences and that would increase the reputation of your app.

If you are willing to sell products, then during the on-demand services app development you can have access to both the Android and iOS platforms and opt for the PayPal solution.  It would provide you with a trusted gateway provider. Moreover, it would cut down the development hours that would reduce overall app development cost. You can introduce several different payment gateways just like postmates has done. Thus, customers can pay according to their convenience. Also, the overall delivery cost can be adjusted according to the distance between the food delivery location and the customer’s house.

It is common to make mistakes or miss out some features during the time of on-demand logistics delivery app development. Moreover, the budget or lack of time could affect app development. However, the above-mentioned crucial features should be included. You should cover these essential points. It would indicate that the concerned on-demand app development company is a reliable one.

What Characterizes You Should Consider In On-Demand Food Delivery App?

  • Mobile-first User Experience
  • Fast Delivery of Services
  • Impressive offers than traditional service
  • Frictionless Payments
  • Contactless Delivery System
  • Actionable Rating Systems
  • GPS For Current Loction
  • Quick Customer Support

How much does it cost to develop a food delivery app?

Even for a Complex app with advanced features, the estimated cost of development would be between $42000 to $45,000.

Specification40 +
Visual Prototypes60
Design for Android & iOS130 – 150
iOS Development600 – 700
Android Development500 – 600
Backend300 +
Admin Panel60


Food delivery is one of the most popular industries that is getting a huge response from the people. In the recent time, everyone prefers to order food online to get delivery at home.

If you are planning to build logistics delivery app like Postmates then we are here to assist you. We are a leading Logistics delivery app development company India and have delivered many solutions based on it.

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