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Node.Js Vs Golang: Which is Best Backend Technology for Web Development

Node.Js Vs Golang

Node.js is an open source cross-platform run time environment tool used for executing JS code outside the browser. Node.js is not a framework as many people out there think that Node.js is a framework or a programming language. The answer to this is no it is not, either of them. What people need to get is the basic difference which differs the Node.js from being a framework or programming language.

Node.js is often used for building or developing back-end services like Web App, API’s, or Mobile App. Node.js is used for production in larger companies like Uber, Netflix, & Wall-Mart and many more.

Let’s get further more detail about Node.js. Node.js is a run time environment for executing JS for the backend building. On the other hand, Go is a programming language for backend development. Well, Node.js creates a runtime environment for running Java Scripts on the server side. While with Go you can easily write and execute code directly in the server-side.

Node.Js Vs Golang for Web Development

Node.js is said to be the most suitable language for creating and developing cross-platform applications a JavaScript runtime environment built on JavaScript Engine. Node.js is used to build both the desktop based and server applications as it is written in c/c++, it contains many open source libraries in the package within its package ecosystem. It contains a larger amount of open-source libraries in the package within the package ecosystem (NPM), it can also handle JS code to handle many other activities.

There are fewer things in node.js development services which should be discontinued and look for an alternative, in case if they are going for cross-platform app development.

Developers should:

  • Stop using Callbacks
  • Stop using comma-first style
  • Stop using GET & POST
  • Stop using console.log for debugging

Now, let’s take a look on,

Why should we use “Go”?

Well starting with Go, it is an open source programming language created by Google. It is the combination of both Python and C programming language also it’s an improvement over existing programming language and also it reveals popularity among the web development communities.

Go programming language is structured, static, readable, strong and has an effective way of handling the programming. Go is mostly preferred for its garbage collection handling and dynamic interfaces. Most of the people will say it’s not a good choice for web development but is the great choice for real-time application development, developing networking application, cloud-based interfaces, and other services.

Go has a concurrency mechanism which helps the developer to write the programs easily which helps to get the most output with network machines. Go Lang was available to the audiences prior to its release as the language is based on c and c++ which makes it roust and intuitive or more efficient, bringing evolution in the field of web development.

hrie developers for nodejs and golang

Observe the Comparison between Node.js and Golang

ConcurrencyGolang makes the use of Go-routines and lightweight thread communication mechanism to achieve concurrencyNode.js uses event-callback mechanism and is single threaded. So Node.js cannot achieve concurrency.
PerformanceGolang as compared to Node.js is far better when it comes to memory-bound tasks as it is based on C.Node.js is based on JS which is quite slower than many compiled versions but it is good with performance.
Learning CurveGo is relatively new and it does not contain any new resources compared to Node.jsThere are many online and offline resources which are available for the developers.
Development ToolsThere are less number of tools for development process available in GolangMany libraries, frameworks, and tools are available for Error handling.
Error HandlingGolang has its own error handling mechanisms.There are throw-catch exceptions which are available for error handling
Developer OptionsGo Lang is still under the open source process which means it still has to convince the developersNode.js is one of the most used programming platforms. Node.js is the center for Cross-Platform app development process.

Now let’s check the comparison between the Node.js thread and the Golang Go-routine:

Os are mainly maintained by kernel and has many hardware dependencies.Go-routines are managed by go routines also it does not have any hardware dependencies
The Stack size in these threads fixed too about 1-2 MBThe Stack size of go-routines is about 8 KB in the newer versions of Go
The threads also have their unique identity known as TIDGo-routine does not have a unique identity. Go developed and executed this because go does not have a Thread Local Storage
Compilation process determines the stack size and it does not growThe runtime process of the Go is can grow up to 1 GB which becomes possible by making heap storage.

These are the basic differences you get to see and observe. Well, there is more to it, if you dive deep into it.

The final choice for web development:

It is quite a hard decision to take and choose between the two Node.js and Golang. Generally, it depends on the type and features of the application you want to create.  Each task requires the right tool. Comparatively, Go and Node.js are good at different things.

Go is perfectly known for its micro-services and enterprise-scale projects that handle a very high load of work, while on the other hand, Node.js has a great variety of developed solutions for almost every kind of development challenge so you can reduce some custom software development time.

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