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Newspaper App Development: Features & Cost Estimation


What you do when you need to find out about the story behind a tagline you heard about? Yeah well, you might find news related to it or if you are travelling then you might find about the News running on the News Application. News Applications are the fastest and the smoothest way to reach a larger amount of audiences.

Basically News application provides the window of the information behind the story. News application basically encourages the readers to interact with the data in a context that is quite meaningful to them in the context what they are looking for.

News is more than just a collaborative data of images and Infographics, well you can say that it is the graphical representation of the images and the date of information provided to explain them whether it is a headline or a paragraph.

News is all about the important which is going around you. Providing such an important and relevant service helps in creating a relationship with users that reaches far beyond what a story narrative can alone do.

There lies the challenge and promise both for building cutting edge news apps: creating something of lasting value.  It doesn’t matter whether you are a manager, any discussion about how to build a Newspaper App, should start with a product development mentality: keeping the s on the user and the work to get the success for your hard work.

Before start building the application you should have the answer to the questions:

Who is my audience gonna be and what could be their needs?

Well, News apps don’t serve you the news for its own sake they serve the user. Depending on the thing, like a patient needs to know about the clinic safety records where the user is getting dialysis, no matter what it is or who it is any kind of discussion about building a News application should start with the discussion who are going to use it.

A single news application serves many users. There are many topics and cases in which the news runs on and these are topics which specifically fulfill the needs of the users and makes the users come back to it.

A news application always pulls out the time-consuming information and provides the user-friendly report or information to its users. Sometimes these information helps you solve the real-life problems, or narrate a supplement of a story with an interesting visualization, sometimes always be aware of the people who will be using it.

How can I take things to the next level?

Building an application like a high-end news application can be a time consuming and expensive thing. Creating an enduring project like the news application is a one-way cycle. But building a tool which will save you time down the road, in which by applying analytics so you can easily know about your audiences.

There are different organizations which build census maps to show the demographic shifts in their cities. Then there are some which builds tools and techniques which helps to build those maps more quickly which takes the things to the next level.

Features of News Application that you might consider during News App Development

  1. Convenient News Viewing

The mobile news app enables users to read & watch location-based news. A user living in the US would get news relevant to the people living there. As there are many people don’t have much time to read each and every other article popping up there in the application. They just want to read the news highlights and the headlines they can easily browse just to stay updated in the world of news. If the headline is catchy for the user, and it grabs the mind of the reader than the reader might read the whole article. To make the articles more interesting the articles contains images, videos, and gifs.

  1. Breaking News

There are a lot of incidents of political and historical importance happens all around the world. It is the known fact that some news is more important than others. People should be aware of such vital information.

This is why the people prefer reading the e-Newspaper than that of the real one as the en-newspaper can update any breaking news at any time on the top of other news. The notification of the breaking and the latest news is sent to the user through the push notification of the application on the user devices.

The application also holds the feature of showing these notifications on the devices lock screens. This can also be changed through the app settings. The feature enhances the user experiences, so you might want to include this when you are creating a newspaper app.

  1. Smart View

Mostly the news application requires the internet for functioning. The articles can only be viewed if the devices are connected to the internet. But most of the News Application doesn’t have the case. User can consume the news offline or the slow internet on the go if they want to read the news urgently without internet connectivity.

This feature of viewing the news is called the ‘Smart View’ and was built into the news API for Japanese users riding the Tokyo subway. In some application like Smart View is stripped down to reducing the data storage.

Also, Smart Mode could be said as the readability for optimal news reading experience. The users can easily scroll the category tabs horizontally as well as vertically in the application according to the orientation of the screen they want. While building the application make sure to take care of the user interface.


  1. Categories

The categories section is considered as one of the most favorite section of the news and magazine app for the users. The users can browse categories such as science and technology, sports, automobile, politics, and many more.

Each and every user has their own interest and this is why the AI-based app for the news provides an option to the users to tap and remove the category they are not interested in.

The other feature this section holds is that the user can drag and drop the categories to make the order of the categories one after the other. Basically, they can edit the order of the category in their order of interest. Such kinds of features in the news application can do wonders.

  1. Discover and Add Channels

This feature might sound general at first but it is the most unique feature of the News App. The users can search the name of the news channels and publisher that they wish to follow.

After searching the channel they can add channel feature to add the channel that publishes articles that the user finds interesting and appealing. In this way the user can customize their news feed.

The news feed is associated with more than 300 news channels and newspapers like Billboard, The Washington Time, and many more.

Get in the News

After reading the powerful features of the News App, you must be wondering about the Newspaper App Development for your own news organization.

If you have a mobile app idea for a news app then you can cross-verify with us today. We are a dedicated mobile app development company. You might want to hire iPhone developers and Android developer who have developed more than 650 mobile applications that run seamlessly on both the platforms.

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