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New iOS 11:Much Broader Opportunities For Developing IOS Apps

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Apple has brought a lot of features with the launch of iOS 11. It introduced various development aspects which can be used to create better apps. The iOS apps will become more intuitive and interactive for the users. It will transform the iOS app development.

iphone app development companies

In iOS 11, the control centre got a major change. It now has a larger interface which provides more of the display. It also comes with different functions present on one page. The user doesn’t have to swipe between panels to access settings of the device. He can use 3D Touch to get into deeper options. For an instant, the progress bar appears on touching on the Music currently playing. The 3D Touch utilized on the music widget brings current playing songs. This brings new opportunities for iOS app developers. Now, they can better utilize the 3D Touch feature of the iPhone.

Similarly, the notification centre has also undergone many updates. The same interface appearing on the lock screen appears by pulling down on a status bar. There you can also see the notifications. You can see the most recent ones on the top. Tap on the view, and you will get another notification.You will be asked to utilize the Touch ID. In case you don’t wish to see the view options, you can also do that. Just open each one by swiping to the right. Clear the ones by swiping to the left. Using this feature, the iOS app can provide more convenience to the user.

There are certain changes made to permissions in iOS 11. It offers the user great choice to control how an app handles his location tracking. The already existing setting in iOS allows the app to view the user location only when they used. However, it wasn’t the case for every app in the past. With iOS 11, the user can select the location tracking of the apps. The user can leave location monitoring on which will run in the background. This is quite useful for navigation. The user can also turn it off completely. The new iOS apps will have to adjust to this new change. iOS 11 also makes the interact with the iPhone on the road much safer. It is due to the new Do Not Disturb (DND) mode which is made specifically for the drivers. The iPhone will read the Bluetooth connectivity status. It will also use movement to determine if the user is driving. The iPhone will then silence the notifications automatically while the user drives. The iOS apps can use this feature to provide safer options to the user. The DND while driving on, the user won’t get notified since new notifications will simply roll in. The screen will keep on staying off. The user can also set auto-reply to the messages. It will inform the others that he is driving. In case the user is a passenger, he can simply bypass the feature.

Apple is focusing more on augmented reality with iOS 11. The ARKit from Apple will standardize. It will also improve AR functions through different apps which utilize this. It will be achieved by improved motion tracking as well as ambient light awareness. It will enhance the AR interaction. Improved 3D modelling and animation now take the user’s surrounding into account in more realistic fashion. It leads to better integration of AR creations into the wold of the user. This opens up new avenues for the iOS app developers. They can now develop more robust AR apps to offer enhanced user experience. They can create more interactive apps by adjusting the app according to the nearby environment of the user.

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Apple also announced Airplay 2, the second generation of Airplay. It offers multi-room audio through iOS 11. It can be controlled via the Home app, Siri or Control Center. It also allows the listener to choose various Airplay-supported speakers. He can also select third-party applications to play music. All can be done at the same time. Hence, iOS 11 provides better user control over Airplay 2. The new iOS apps can use this feature to develop more intuitive apps for the users to play music.  They can utilize the multi-room audio feature to provide an improved user experience. This feature can also be integrated with Apple TV. Hence, more iOS 11 based apps can be developed to target the Apple TV users.

iOS 11 opens up a whole paradigm for iPhone app development. The developers can now create more interactive and intuitive apps. Control Center and Notifications have received a major upgrade. Don Not Disturb mode while driving provides a safer option to the user. Support for Augmented Reality creates more development space to app developers. Along with these features, the other improvements offer broader opportunities to develop better iOS apps.

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