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How to Build A Multi-Vendor Mobile App for Magento 2?

Multi-Vendor Mobile App

Online marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, or Etsy are disrupting antiquated industries of physical stores. The advent of e-commerce has transformed the way of shopping as everyone is doing shopping through the multi-vendor mobile applications. Thus, every business owner around the world is trying to get maximum attention of the customers by providing innovative online shopping experience, while mobile application with the advanced technology is playing an important role in increasing the sales and revenues of the online businesses.

Multi-Vendor Mobile App

Furthermore, there are several multi-vendor mobile app development frameworks available in the market that help developers to build multi-vendor mobile applications. Magento 2 is one of them, that is widely used in developing e-commerce mobile applications. It is an advanced version of Magento 1.x, which is equipped with advanced features, helping developers to build a native mobile app for Magento Marketplace.

How to build a multi-vendor native mobile application for Magento2

A multi-vendor mobile application with an eye-catching design and easy-to-use functionalities makes the reason for visiting again.

Create User Interface

We all know that mobile applications with eye-catching User Interface play a key role in the success of the businesses. Magento2 offers several designing interfaces or templates for businesses of different sizes. Every business owner should focus on the visual part of the mobile application to interact with the number of potential customers. In eCommerce, intuitive interfaces and stunning design are the important aspects that help customers to make a number of choices without any hassle.

Integrate Essential Features in Shopping App

This section will help you to determine the scope of your project. Multi-vendor mobile application with inevitable features is very important to enhance user experience. Keeping in mind the latest trend and requirement, you need to add some essential features in the e-commerce mobile applications that can make online shopping easier and enjoyable. Straightforward search filters, predictive search, effective payment integration, social media, push notifications easy checkout are the most important key features that you need to integrate into your Magento2 shopping applications.

Use Advanced Extension

Magento2 comes loaded with a number of extensions which helps vendors and admin to manage products or goods in one place in Magento backend. You can easily install valuable extensions such as live chat, multi-payment gateways, multi-language support, product tracking and more in Magento2 shopping to keep your online sales on track.

Configure App with API Credentials

In-app purchases are in trends nowadays, and business owners expect impressive and high-quality mobile with top-notch service. To make services better and effortless, you can configure a shopping app with API credentials. The Magento2 web API framework provides SOAP and REST API to use web services. It has three types of authentication such as Third-party applications authenticate with OAuth 1.0a, Mobile applications authenticate using tokens and administrators and customers are authenticated with login credentials.

Publish App to Google Store and App Store

This is the final step to give a name to your e-commerce mobile application. Before making the app live on Google Store and App Store, you need to take a number of guidelines, requirements and rules into account.

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