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Motorbike Rental App Development Cost & Features

Motorbike Rental App Development Cost & Features

Well, booking a car or renting one is very easy these days, but what if you need to book a bike ride it’s a new thing in the market these days. Mostly the bike rental thing is the latest and new in the market and very famous among travelers.

Travelling is all about gaining new experiences wherever you go, exploring and it is more fun while you ride your way out premium motorcycle. Nothing can beat a motorbike when you are surrounded by pleasant weather a very beautiful locality then nothing can match it up.

As one of the motorbike enthusiasts are everywhere the demand for renting a motorbike in the tourist hotspots is one of the very famous business models which has its own incremental approach.

Motorbike Rental App Development

Moving around the world with a powerful bike rental application can promise you the absolute freedom to ride a premium motorbike in a place where you always wanted to move around in your own vehicle.

There are a number of businesses which are offering a mobile app solution for motorbike rental. This industry stretched out the mobile application from online shopping, online food ordering to more with motorbike rentals car rentals which is also a bigger domain in itself.

Motorbike rental app development is in trend and is catching up the pace very fastly and there are certainly many companies who have started this business already in their region or area and are certainly facing a huge growth in it after seeing the potential of the business.

Motorbike rentals worldwide stats and market forecast

There has been a significant ride in the motorbike rental business/services over the past few years as these rental services have started a tremendous growth in the online application service area. The public-use motorbikes have risen in use from the year 2014 when there were around 8’00’000 motorbikes for rentals across the globe.

There are many who blog about their favourite topics and topics such as automobiles and motorbikes is favourite for some people so just by reading one of these favourite blogs of people it came to our knowledge that over the past few years there has been a significant increase in the bike-sharing services.  As per the statistics shared the total number of public use bike or bikes which are available for rental services has risen and increased massively across the globe since 2014.

The number which was calculated for the number of bikes available across the globe was about 2 million and is increasing since then. There is nothing to wonder if you talk about the trend of motorbike mobile app development it has already taken off and if you look at today’s status then more and more motorbike businesses are eager to join up in the queue to getting themselves an app for their business.

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If you are one of those who are eagerly collecting information about the mobile app development for their motorbike business then this might be the right article you are looking at to gain some information about the motorbike rental application development. It will help you gain some knowledge about the features, technologies involved and the estimated cost that you are gonna spend on getting your application developed which will make things more easier for you to move forward and take a step towards the development from the right place.


  • Login/Register: This is the most common section of every application that you use which provides you with a small form for getting yourself registered to the application and enables you to log in every time you log out of the application.
  • Bike Types: This section well, particularly for the users, will help them to select the bike type. Users can pick their favourite kind of bike from the category of bikes given in the application. Some of the bike types that user might look up to can be a cruiser, sports bike, heavy, racing type, etc. They can select the one which meets their requirements.
  • Schedule the rental: Once the user is done with picking or selecting their bike type then they can move forward towards the basic information like the color of the bike and when they want to rent it and accordingly they can schedule a rental service for it.
  • Booking: There are cases when people need the vehicles urgently, this feature in the application is useful to the users as it allows the user to book the motorbike on rent instantly with no delay.
  • Rent your vehicle: A user can also rent their vehicle and can earn money through it. Users can easily manage their bookings and can track their payment records.
  • Manage Booking: In this section, the user can manage their confirmed booking as well as the time span they have booked their vehicles for. They can also keep track of their upcoming booking.
  • Premium Motorbike Section: There is a different section to motorbike booking, users can book normal bikes versus they can book premium bikes which provides the luxury to the users. Premium motorbikes like Harley, Ducati can be rented by users for their use for a limited time span.
  • Cost Estimator: The users can calculate the right amount of fare according to the distance that will be covered by the users during their time span. Users can find about the appropriate fare according to the distance they covered in KM.
  • Setting up Pick Up Points: Users can book and schedule their motorbikes and can set their bike pickup points like from where and when they are going to pick their bike.
  • Door-Step Delivery: Users can make their booking with the application and get the motorbike delivered to their doorsteps for the time period they booked it.
  • Booking Cancellation: Users can also cancel the motorbike booking they scheduled for themselves in case of a certain urgency. This makes the user more convenient to use the application.

mobile app solution for motorbike rental


  • Dashboard: This section is particularly for admin from where the admin manages all the rental motorbikes also the admin manages the list of motorbikes vehicles that have already been assigned and booked by the users for their time period.
  • Managing Users: Admin can manage the user accounts as admin can manage the user information associated with the motorbike if the users are renting their own vehicle and admin can manage it all from here.
  • Motorbike Management: This section in the admin dashboard, the Admin can easily manage and update the vehicle list and information and as well as the details about the users who book these motorbikes.
  • Managing the Bike Category: Admin can manage the bike category like admin can add or remove the bike category according to the availability of the bike types.
  • Reports and Analytics: The Admin can manage the real-time analytics of the number of bikes booked for rentals and the users who booked which type of bike or which category of bike. The admin can make an estimate of the total earning through the application and through the bikes which are booked. Also, the admin can manage the earning of the users who have given their bikes or vehicles for the rental services.

There are many additional features in the application which are useful for the users and admin both. Let us check some of those features: 

Additional Features

  • In-App Chat: For quick communication between motorbike owners and the users who are going to rent their motorbikes the In-App chat features allows the direct communication which makes it easier for both to book and schedule the bike pickup and delivery.
  • Behaviour Tracking: Behaviour tracking is one important thing in the application that an owner needs to see. Owner of the bike who has rented their vehicles can track the users where they are headed and if they are going to the right place they provided the information in the application to take the vehicle to. Also, this feature in the application also helps the motorbike renters to make their favourite choice of vehicle for the next time they want to book or rent a motorbike.
  • Promotions: This is a very essential feature in the application like this to have. The promotion not only provides a discount to the user for the first time they rent a motorbike but also attract them to use the application again through which they can rent a premium bike in a fare they want to and which is also flexible according to their budget.

What does it take to build a motorbike rental application?

What you will need to build an application like this is an idea and a business model behind it which is the first and the important step towards creating an application. A right development company which is capable well enough to understand the vision you have behind the idea which is having a complete set of technology and skills which are required to create a motorbike rental application. There are different elements which play an important role in the development of an exceptional and feature-rich Motor-bike rental application which has a great USP of selling itself by providing a great user experience to the user.

Required Team Structure

With the right working plan what you are going to need is a structured team with a complete set of skills. A team that can take it from the scratch of abstract ideas and can turn it into a powerful mobile application that can drive easy business.

You will need a team which can easily break through any limitation and can offer you an innovative motorbike rental mobile application.

What a basic team structure should look like:

  • Android Developers
  • Project Manager
  • iOS Developers
  • Backend Developers
  • UI/UX Developers
  • QA Professionals/ Software Testers

Technology Stack Required

  • Real-Time Analytics
  • Database
  • Payment Gateway
  • SMS & Phone Verification
  • Cloud Storage
  • Mobile running Platform- Android, iOS, & Windows

How much does it cost to develop a Motorbike Rental Application?

The cost of development of any kind of application basically depends upon many factors some of them being the location of the development.

Geographical Location

There are different regions in the world where the application development is very famous and each of these regions or area have different development costs. There are 5 major development regions where the clients want to get their application developed.

  • USA/Canada- $100/hr
  • Australia- $150/hr
  • Asia- $30/hr
  • UK/Europe- $75/hr

According to the Number of Features in the application, the cost of the application may vary.

Cost According to the Features

The number of features in the application that you want to include in your app may define the cost of your motorbike rental app. The MVP version of the application can be developed at a much lesser price than a package of the application that comes with the modern and advanced features. 

Mobile Platforms

Getting a motorbike rental app developed for a single platform won’t work out for your business as there are a variety of users of different mobile platforms for both android and iOS. However, this is just for a wider reach of people or audiences, according to the modern era the application should be developed for both the platforms or multiple platforms. So this can be a major factor that can affect the cost of your application. But, this will give you an estimation of the application with the basic feature will cost you somewhere between $15000-$30000 USD.

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