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Most Promising Android Blogs You Must Follow In 2019

Most Promising Android Blogs You Must Follow In 2018_253640950

As everyone knows that Android is a mobile operating system.  It is developed by Google. Android OS is a popular and growing platform for smartphone and tablet devices. Android was launched in 2007. Since then it was gone through various changes. The latest Android version is Android 9.0 Pie. It came in August 2018.

Mobile app development has become an important field for any business. It helps to invest for outreaching the potential clients. Apps act as a link between companies and customers. It gives power in customer’s hands to get access to the products from any place and at any time. Android is the broadly used OS. It is a high potential field for mobile app development companies. They can develop a cost-effective and high-quality Android application for their clients.

Most Promising Android Blogs You Must Follow In 2018_432780955

There are a number of Android app development companies in the market. They are offering their services to global clients so as to connect with their customers. It is true that Android application provides an extended user base to the businesses.

Android is a commonly used platform. Google updates its users with the latest trends and software updates. There are some great Android blog sites that you must follow for such updates.

Most promising Android Blogs that you must follow:

1. Android Developers

It gives you a complete developer guide to build an Android app. This blog site gives a wide range of topics related to Android.  It provides you with 4 posts per week. All the recent updates and news are available on the site. It helps the experts and technologists to be aware regarding the dynamic technology updates. Sections like Platform, Google Play, Android Studio, Android Jetpack, etc. are offered by Android Developers.

2. Android Hive

Android Hive is run by Android developers that gives information to consumers, developers and beginners. It provides products and apps for users. It helps beginners with their first Android program through video tutorials and pseudocode. This is a recommended Android Blog for all the beginners. It offers you 3 posts per month.

3. Vogella

Vogella offers free tutorials about Java, Eclipse, Web and Android development and related technologies. It also provides training and consulting in the areas of Eclipse, Android and Git. It also helps you with a variety of self-study and onsite IT expert training. Vogella is surely one of the top Android Blogs that you must look forward to.

4. Styling Android

Styling Android gives you a detail about the styling and theming of an Android app. It is a technical guide to improve the UI and UX of Android apps. Mark Allison, the force behind Styling Android, is one of the prominent Android bloggers of today. So, when it comes to styling Android App, Styling Android is all that you’re looking for. It offers 1 post per week.

5. Navoda

Navoda works with companies to design apps. Its target is to engage with a community. The blogs of Navoda are all about learning and sharing, with topics like Android Things and Android Wear. It helps in knowing how to really make use of the Layout Preview. Navoda also has a GitHub project dedicated to Android samples.

6. Google News

Google news gives you all the recent and insightful news about the latest updates related to Android. These updates are converted into informative articles from all the different source. Google News integrate all the news that is happening in the world of Android. It is then presented at one common platform to get fast and quick reach to the insights of the latest updates. Users can find out the Android topics on the basis of their interest for easy access. Google news offers 10 posts per week.

7. Google Developers

Google Developers get their articles from Google Developer advocates, designers, and engineers. You can find overviews of new libraries and tooling. They provide you APK analyser, in addition to plenty of tips and tricks, including how to make a jumping pin. We should keep in mind that influential members of the community and the experts at Google do not always agree.

8. GitHub

It is a web-based version-control and collaboration platform for a software developer. GitHub provides developers to change, adapt and improve software from its public repositories for free. It facilitates social coding by offering a web interface to the Git code repository. It also offers management tools for collaboration. GitHub is surely a promising Android Blog site for software developers.

9. Android Weekly

It is a newsletter covering a variety of topics from Android. It offers tutorials, news, videos, screenshots, images, etc. It provides articles weekly for its readers. Android Weekly provides informative content for improving knowledge of developers. Apart from this, it is a platform where you can post a job to reach a number of Android developers. Generally, it offers 3 posts per week.

10. Android Authority

Android Authority blog provides expert tips, Android Development news, reviews and how to guides. The “How to” section has some quick guides for configuring Android devices for development purposes.  The Android Authority provides 2 posts per week approximately.

11. Reddit

Reddit is one of the most useful Android Blogs. You can find news for Android developers, thoughtful and informative articles. It also offers insightful talks and presentations, useful libraries, handy tools and open source applications for studying. It provides 168 posts per week.

12. The Common Blogs

The Commons Blog covers everything to do with Android. It updates every couple of days. It can guide you to achieve a number of visual effects for Android. It has published a number of books on the topic of Android development. It offers 1 post per week


The Android developers work in a field that keeps on changing. There are many new updates about what is to come and where the Android market is going. Luckily, there are a number of blogs and other resources that offer the latest news and tips. So, if you are an Android developer, a beginner or anyone who is searching for latest Android updates, you can rely upon these promising Android Blogs.

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