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Mobile Banking Application Development: Trends, Challenges, Key Features

Mobile Banking Application Development Trends, Challenges, Key Features

There has been a huge technological shift in financial services in a very short time. Banks are driven by the evolution of technology and growing on huge customer demands and are turning themselves to modern software, devices connected, and the web to manage highly sensitive data between them and customers, employees, and investors.

In this digital era, it’s the need for everyone to be digital and it’s no surprise that the mobile banking app development is in front.

There are modern banks which appreciate their customers who are going more mobile than ever, accessing their bank accounts via smartphones and tablets on the go.

Mobile Banking Application Development

Developing a mobile banking application has never been that necessary and successful for a long-term. Though in this article we might cover:

  • The key features of Mobile Banking
  • Some important industry trends
  • The ever-changing market for a mobile banking app

Let’s get started:

What are the key features of Mobile Banking?

The ERP banking software is responsible for handling a different variety of tasks whether it’s account management or transaction processing.

Mobile Banking is commonly used in a retail type of banking to connect the customers with their accounts. Investment banks can also use it to facilitate trade with capital markets.

Core Banking Feature

The core banking software solution as a minimum should include the following features:

  • Transaction Management
  • Customer Service and relationship management
  • Payment Processing
  • Loan Management
  • Deposit and Withdrawal Management
  • Interest Calculation Management
  • Account Management

There are more features to Core Banking application.

What is Core Banking?

The Core Banking allows the users to use fast, secure software facility to facilitate their transactions. Core banking also relies on infrastructure which not only will connect multiple branches, but that also connects customers with the bank through multiple interfaces like ATM’s, websites, mobile apps and with the increase in the speed of internet it has been possible to perform transactions at an instant.

There are an alternative platform which doesn’t quite follow the tradition and are arriving in the form of payment methods, digital currencies, and big data analysis. On the other hand, the banks will have to ensure the security and reliability of the user data by providing them with access to their accounts while maintaining the security from the attackers.

mobile banking application

Features of Mobile Banking

Well by reading the article above we know that the core banking is directly proportional to mobile banking.

With the increase of smartphones and the internet, these day’s consumers are sending and receiving money, managing their loan payments and they are managing their accounts like opening a new one or closing an existing one. This is the new trend and it will continue to grow as customers expect some more and interesting features in the mobile banking application and its services.

Some Feature that we might give our look on:

  • Loan Payment
  • Bill Payment
  • Transferring Money
  • Safety and Security
  • Travel Services
  • Secure mobile check deposit through mobile camera
  • 24/7 access to account passbook including account history and transactions. 

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Challenges that are faced in implementing these features:

It could be more difficult to manage a mobile solution. If we look more closely then there is a much larger potential for data theft, data fraud, and data validation difficulties.

There are some major key challenges that are faced by the developers while:

  • Keeping the services and features in the application simple and way secure
  • Verifying the user input
  • Protecting the privacy of the user
  • And one of the most important to make the platform secure to use.
  • To reduce the cost of the service
  • Getting Across the cheaper funds
  • Selling More to its customers
  • Attracting other or small businesses.
  • Improve customer experience

Well, this raises to the count of challenges:

  1. The increasingly popular Mobile Check Feature which uses the mobile camera for security. It removes a great deal of control of the bank.
  2. To prevent additional validation steps on the back-end prevents fraud checks from being processed successfully.
  3. Well with the increase in the use of mobiles, It has been seen that it introduces a potential for desktop computers like data entry problems and mistakes which are sometimes caused by keyboards, and other input methods.
  4. The OS used in Mobile could be vulnerable to the bugs, viruses, and malware not found on desktops.

Security features in Mobile Banking

The mobility services must be secure and reliable, but for the future extensibility, they will need flexibility at the same time. If a bank founds a change in the need or expectation, regulation, and some available technologies, then their services need to be able to adapt and expand the changes.

security features in mobile banking application development

Similarly, the traditional usernames and password, some banks are stable on the cutting edge but when it comes to keeping their applications safe then, the security features include: 

  1. Biometrics

The Touch ID, face recognition, IRIS recognition have been there all the time when it comes to the security in the banking systems and these security features have been implemented by most of the leading banks worldwide to enhance the security features in their applications.

  1. PIN Systems:

Passwords and PIN are required to login to the application then, there are TAN which means transaction authentication numbers which are created automatically to make a secure transaction through their banking apps. These are one time passwords which are used to authenticate the transactions. TAN can be OTP which are sent to the users via SMS, e-Mails, or by a call.

  1. Voice Recognition Systems

There are a number of banks which are now offering voice recognition services for enhanced security in their application as alternative passwords for the transaction.

Investment Banking and its Features

When you compare it to retail banks, the trading banks have very strict requirement on the execution of their back-end software. Financial institutions like banks rely on a high-performance system which helps to facilitate the purchase and sale of assets.

Investing Bank should include:

  • Big Data Analysis
  • Blockchain
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Cloud-enabled Technologies
  • Secure API’s

What are the best Mobile Banking Applications to use?

There are many mobile banking applications which are famous for their banking features according to region/countries. The IKO is the most rated best banking app defined by Retail Banker. According to the USA, the mostly used and highly rated application is Capital One with an average rating of 4.7 both in the Apple Store and Google Play.

There are some well known mobile banking applications all over the world: 

  • Bank of America
  • JP Morgan Chase
  • HSBC
  • Capital One
  • Wells Fargo
  • Chime

Mobile Banking Application Development

There are major two things why most of the users use mobile banking applications, one of them is checking their account balance and transferring the funds between the accounts.

Essential Features of Mobile Banking

There are some general features used in the Mobile Apps for banking operations:

  • Account Creation
  • Account Management
  • Secure Payments and Transactions
  • Push Notifications
  • ATM & bank branch locations

Cost of Mobile App Development for Banks

The banking app development can be splitted in two stages, one is the discovery stage and another is the development stage.

mobile banking application development company

The Development Stage

  • Planning
  • Design & Development
  • Quality Assurance
  • Project Management
  • Testing
  • Submission and Maintenance

The Discovery Stage

  • Business Planning & Analysis
  • UI/UX design
  • Software Architecture Development
  • Project Management
  • Team Review

There are some deliverables after the discovery page which includes:

  • The Final App Concept
  • The Architecture Plan
  • The Product UI Design
  • Market and Competitor Analysis Reports which could be optional to include

A cross-functional team is allocated during the app development process which includes:

  • Quality Assurance Engineers
  • Back-end Developers
  • Project Developers
  • Client-Side Developers (Android & iOS)

The cost the banking app development is looked at when it comes to the banking app development and regardless of the cost, on an average of $120000per app is spent by 15 global banks. The total expenditure on these bank applications went to around $70 million to $80 million and it included 600 different banking apps.

The major factor influencing the mobile app development cost is the rate of development. Well, in Europe particularly Eastern Europe, especially Ukraine is a well known offshore development region known for its reasonable pricing and high-quality software development.

 In the end, let’s check

How to create a banking app project successfully?

What is it that makes a good banking application?

  1. User-Friendly Interface
  2. The application should be built with innovative technologies like AI, Big Data, AR or VR and many other technologies which enhance the user experience.
  3. New functionality in the software according to the upcoming mobile banking application. 


Mobile Banking application development offers many different opportunities that create a customer-centric experience in the banking world. This genre has enough room for good banking applications, so you can still plan your own banking application today. Well if you are interested in knowing how much would it cost and how much time will it take to implement your banking application? then consult us. Well, our team is ready to consult you with the detailed development process and the quotation with an approximate app budget.

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