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Mobile Applications Can Give Wings To Your Business, Learn How

Mobile Applications Can Give Wings To Your Business, Learn How

Globally the number of current active Internet users is more than 450 million, of which mobile Internet users are 300 million. The number of mobile internet users is expected to grow by more than 18 percent by 2021.

The growing number of active mobile users is also playing an important role in the growth of the startup. 80% of mobile users spend half of the day using mobile applications. That why mobile apps have a special role for a startup. No matter what size of business you are running, but a better mobile app can provide it with perfect growth. Every mobile app development company in India also believes that the number of startups developing mobile apps has seen an increase of more than 18 percent in the last four years, which is a good sign for new entrepreneurs.

A mobile app for business provides a number of benefits as follows-

Increase Brand Presence

Mobile app is not only essential for the growth of your business, but brand presence, push notifications, user interest information along with instant updation increase the importance of mobile apps. A mobile app opens in half the time it takes for a web page to download. Therefore, the success rate of the app is high among the youth.

Increasing Number of Users

The number of mobile apps is increasing continuously in Google’s Play Store and Apple Store. As of December 2018, the number of apps in the Google Play Store was 2.6 million. At the same time, this number was close to 2.2 million in the Apple Store. Whereas the app of e-commerce or other business sector is downloaded only half as compared to these. Interesting features are constantly being added to the mobile app of the business and service sector. The number of downloads is likely to increase in the coming days.

Help In Business Growth

For companies working in sectors ranging from commerce to health, insurance, aggrotech, logistics, food, transport, it is important to know that people spent 57 percent more time on mobile apps during the last one year. It is important for young entrepreneurs to use mobile apps for the growth of their startup.

Help In Making Planning

Work with planning, provided mobile app is beneficial for business but it is an expensive tool compared to web. Therefore, you should keep in mind that what is the behavior of the target customer in the sector you are working in? Apart from this, if your competitors are using the mobile app, then what kind of features are they using? The mobile app is a constantly updating platform. If there is no continuous activity on your part, then there is every possibility that the user will delete or uninstall it soon. Before starting the service of the mobile app, make sure to assess your budget.

Improve Customer Service

An expeditious customer service determines the success of any business. No matter how good your services and products are, you will not be able to increase sales without having a world-class customer service.


In this article, we have discussed the benefits of mobile app for business as to how one can grow business through the mobile app. If you are running a business then you must have a mobile app for the same to increase the sales and services as it not only helps you retain the existing customers but also helps you target new customers.

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