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Mobile Application For Citizens To Evaluate Public Services

Mobile Application For Citizens To Evaluate Public Services

Govt. Performance Review App

What if you get a chance to give a review and rating over the working performance of Govt. and its officers. You are likely thinking, “Sure, I will write good and bad about all that I am getting from the Govt..” Yes! It will increase their awareness of who they are and what they do. Your right review or opinion will also help Govt. in improving public services and performance levels of Govt. officers.

On the basis of public reviews, the Govt.  can take an action over the non-performer employees if any negligence found in their work. From education to healthcare, public review or opinion is very important to raise the level of responsibility and transparency in the overall Govt. performance.

Review & Rating app

The Review & Rating app is only developed for the citizens of the country to put their thoughts upon the services providing by Govt. departments. This app runs by the Govt. in association with other departments and ministries to assess the integrity and performance levels of officers. This mobile application enables citizens of the country to evaluate public services and rate their satisfaction level on improving public services. Through this Govt. officers can meet and work on the problems that citizens of city/state/country are facing each day. This can be a good opportunity for both citizens and officers to work on the efforts and/or improve public services. Using this mobile application, officers can make department wise panels to determine whether the performance is meeting is with full standard or not.

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An application like this can resolve national problems easily and effectively. It’s a development booster towards developing the country and building it at a faster pace. Well, every person living in the country wants his/her country to have a good international standing not only in other public subjects but also in those subjects where other countries are taking the lead.

mobile app

The only motive of the application is to provide people an experience an app has never provided. This app is coming with a simple and interactive mobile UI/UX that every person having a smartphone can use with ease. Special services provided to the citizen through electronic services facilitated the completion of many of the work with minimal effort and time.

Now a user by himself can help the Govt. to upgrade the level of services provided by these special agencies & Govt. offices.

Special Features Provided in the App:

  • Now you can find any Govt. office near your location
  • You can sort all the Govt. department offices and can also locate them.
  • You can provide feedback after taking any Govt. service by just providing the basic details which are monitored and taken action ASAP
  • You can also provide the rating to each and every Govt. office you visit according to the cleanliness, the employ performance, their procedures, the speed of service they provide and the final output that if the work is done or not.
  • Multiple feedbacks can be written at a single time for different Govt. office there is no limit.
  • A user can also be provided with the surveys in the application itself to help improve the app experience and features.
  • A user can get the information about the Govt. office whether the office is open or closed.
  • A user can also view employees of the Govt. office working in a particular department can also provide feedback on a particular employee.

Govt Performance Review App

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