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How to Develop a Question-Answer app like Quora?

How to Develop a Question-Answer Mobile app like Quora

Quora” an emerging website and a web-based application which is a question and answering and answering platform for the users who are looking for answers to the questions they didn’t have an answer for. Well, for a single question there comes the different answers from different users. 

Despite many Q&A websites, they are not new to the internet. But Quora has managed to move this category to a whole new level. Well, creating a new question and answer website you will meet some of the new challenges.

Well, to define Quora for you I would say just imagine you went to this coffee café fully crowded with people different people, like a bunch of college buddies, groups of people from offices, and others. Where these different varieties of people are discussing different topics and spending some quality time over the discussion. Some of the college buddies discussing the college life, employees discussing their office work, and other matters.

Mobile app like Quora

Now you entered another café with the activities around you and where you might fit in. While being a tech geek discussion on the latest marketplace apps will easily grab your attention. Well, you are not the only one knowledgeable there, you will gain a ton of knowledge so be ready to gain some knowledge.

Well, that for you is Quora which has been there for 6 years and ranked #120 in the world website ranking and has ranked #22 in India.

Let’s understand

Why there is a need to Develop a question-answer App like Quora?”

There is a statistical report which will help you understand why there is a need to build a question-answer mobile app like Quora.

Take a look at Quora’s user Statistics and Data Analytics

  • Daily Pageviews: 3,421,990
  • Daily Visitors: 1,425,829
  • Daily bandwidth: 65.84 GB which is around (2.00 TB/Month)
  • Website Worth: $4693,471 USD

I think in my opinion, these numbers are enough to make you understand why you should develop a question-answer application like Quora. Now you must be thinking that what would it cost or how much it cost to develop an app like Quora?

Quora is not a simple Question and Answer Database. It involves AI concepts, Natural Language Processing (NLP), algorithms and ML (Machine Learning). To develop an application like Quora you would definitely need a team of Developers, & designers and some period of time to get the prototype developed.

Check upon some features of Quora

You need to have a better understanding of Quora before getting on to the development process of this application.

Activity Feed: The Activity feed is displayed on your home page and it helps you with the content that interest you. The activity feed is all about two things People and Topics.

Following: This website and application has the feature just like twitter  it allows you to follow people on the micro-blogging site

Adding Answer to the Question: It lets you add an answer to the question with editing functionalities. Also, you can draft your answers if you have done feel like adding the answer at the moment.

Inbox: Well, not an ordinary inbox it is, people who like your answer and follow you can you to answer their questions on Quora, Inbox shows you their requests also people can message you directly if they want. You can take your discussion on another level having a discussion on Quora inbox while chatting.

Quora Home: It shows you the list of relevant questions and answers of the people or community you follow. There are numerous reason quora offers you to use it:

  • You can anonymously ask questions and can answer anonymously
  • You can upvote and downvote the answer you like or dislike
  • You can post the answer as the blog post

How much does it Cost to Develop a question-answer app like Quora?

After considering all the essential features a web-based application should have, here’s an estimation on the cost of Quora-one of the most popular Question & Answer out there.  The estimate includes versions for both Android & iOS including their design and backend.

The Development team you hire is the backbone of such a project. Developing a question-answer app like Quora is an extensive process. Ensure that your development team is capable enough. 

In your development team, you must have the people on the following roles:

  • Project Manager
  • UX/UI Experts
  • Android/iOS Developer
  • Back-end Developer
  • QA Analyst
  • Delivery Manager

The Development cost of the  application depends upon the region you might get in developed in:

Selecting the region where you want your application developed in or outsource your requirement.

Region-wise charge of Developers for Development:

USA/UK: $80-$200

Eastern Europe: $50-$150

Asia: $10-$50 

The overall cost of mobile application like Quora would account, you are around $20000- $40000. The price can reach up to $60000-$80000 if you decide to add more features and functionalities to your application well there are many.


Q&A  platforms are not new these days there are many Q&A websites. Well before these kinds of websites, there were Yahoo and Orkut, & Reddit. But what they lacked with was a user-friendly interface and usually had a very long discussion. These kinds of websites suffered through a common problem which was trolling. People used to post troll questions and answers on these websites.

After them, Quora entered the atmosphere of Q&A platform and changed the picture to a great extent. Now if you are set to build an application like Quora then you must learn many things from this application there is a whole new application on this app. You can build your application with a lot of uniqueness.

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