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Mobile App Ideas For Startups That The World Will Meet After Pandemic

Mobile App Ideas For Startups That The World Will Meet After Pandemic

The global Covid-19 outbreak has left everyone shook. It is a major global recession, which arose as an economic consequence of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. According to the IMF, this recession is far worse than the recession that happened in the year 2008-2009. However, at that time, various startups like WhatsApp, Uber, Pinterest and many more did hard work on their idea and today they are known as the most successful startups in the world.

However, due to the Covid-19, there is already a significant slowdown in the growth of emerging economies. This pandemic has led to more than a third of the world’s population being placed on lockdown to stop the spread of Covid-19.

Mobile App Ideas For Startups

Amid these times, it is obvious for entrepreneurs or startups to feel stressed or exhausted. Whilst the downturns, investing in mobile app ideas might be risky, but there are some of the ideas that can never be ignored in this harsh situation. Many startups or mobile app development companies have come with great ideas to lure the maximum users.

In this article, we will talk about the most useful mobile apps that you can consider as a start-up idea to boost your business in this situation.

Top mobile app ideas for startups that you can think about it-

1. Telemedicine App – Support the Community

Telemedicine has emerged as the most crucial services at this time. The World Health Organization (WHO) considered it as a prioritized area to strengthen healthcare services. Various companies or startups are making their way to make telemedicine services stronger. You can build telemedicine apps like Amwell, MDLIVE, and LiveHealth with a dynamic user interface and let your users have quick access to the doctors even for non-emergency issues during this lockdown.

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Telemedicine App Development Company in India

What features you should consider in your telemedicine app?

  • Registration: This feature will allow users to fill the basic medical details.
  • Patients’ Profile: Patients can maintain their profiles and can also save their medical history of the treatment that they availed.
  • Doctors’ Profile: The education, experience, and expertise details will be available here and patients can see all these details.
  • Appointment and Calendar: This feature will help in managing the schedule of a patient’s consultation and treatments.
  • In-App Calls: This is one of the best features to improve the consultation process and helps in record keeping.
  • Geolocation: In case of emergencies, it is important to have the feature to track the location of doctors or patients.
  • Payment Integration: You should integrate safe and reliable payment gateways for better user experience.
  • Push Notifications: A must-have feature to keep your users updated about upcoming appointments and medications.
  • Ratings and reviews: The patient should be given this option to rate and review the consultation of a doctor.

2. On-demand Delivery App

On-demand delivery has emerged as the best way to slow down the spread of Coronavirus. And, in recent time, due to the Coronavirus, various physical stores have shifted to the eCommerce websites. Many things like grocery, food, vegetables, and many more are getting done through on-demand delivery apps.

On-demand delivery app development is the best business model to keep your business growing. Through this, you can meet huge demands or traffic in just a short span of time. In order to make your on-demand mobile app ideas like Food Delivery App, Grocery Delivery App, Home Services App, Medicine Delivery App, etc. successful, it is crucial to have advanced features to the users. Features like contactless delivery and quick services have become the point of attraction for customers during COVID times.

On-Demand Delivery App Development Company in India

What Features You Should Consider In Your On-demand Delivery App?

  • Contactless Delivery: This is the main attraction of an on-demand app that you should keep into account while developing a mobile app. To provide maximum safety of delivery personnel and customers, you need to work on this model.
  • Multiple Delivery options: In this feature, users will have many choices of delivery and they can choose the most suitable one according to their preference.
  • Online Payment Gateways: You should consider safe and reliable payment gateways for quick and easy payment.
  • In-app Calls or Chat: This feature will allow both users and delivery boy to contact each other in any case of need.
  • Order/Service history: The customers can check the summary of their last orders.
  • Order tracking: This helps in tracking the progress of the delivery of any order on a real-time basis.
  • Push notifications: Integrate this feature to notify users about their orders, cancellations, and deliveries.

3. Video Chat App

Video calling apps are also the best idea to go with as the need to be in touch with people has become important more than ever. Furthermore, to maintain social distancing, people are also advised to work from home. Around 88% of organizations have allowed their employees to work from home. And all the meetings are getting done through the video chat apps like Zoom, Google Meet, etc. The video chat app has completely changed the ecosystem of education as teachers are conducting lectures via video call to the students from the comfort of their own home.

Video Chat App Development

You can focus on the idea of Video Chat App Development and provide users some advanced features to make your mobile app stand out.

What features you should consider in your video chat app?

  • Registration: Users can register themselves in order to get into the app.
  • Social Login– This feature will allow your users to login via social channels.
  • Video Calls: Of course, there is no meaning of building a video chat app without this feature.
  • Group Calls: Every video calling app has this feature and you should integrate this feature to allow the user to make a group video call.
  • Chats: Consider this feature to help people to communicate over text.
  • Animations and Filters: AR technology integration will allow you to engage your users better.
  • End-to-End Encryption: All the calls made through video chat apps are for personal as well as professional purposes. Both of them demand high security of data. Hence, this feature is very important for users these days.
  • Push Notifications: Users will get notifications about messages, changes, and missed calls.
  • Geolocation: This helps in sharing location with friends.
  • Customer Support: Provide support to your users with customer support chat or call options.

4. e-Learning App

Covid-19 has almost impacted all the sectors, the education sector is one of them. According to the UNESCO, around 143 country-wide school globally closure has been caused due to the Covid-19. And in this situation, eLearning applications have played an important role to retain the education system. eLearning apps have seen a sudden surge in the downloading rate in 2020. There are various e-learning apps like Coursera, BYJU’S, Udemy, etc., available helping students and teachers to stay connected with the learning process.

education app development company in India

You can also consider e-Learning app development idea in order to earn huge appreciation and profit as a result.

What Features You Should Consider In Your elearning App?

  • Student Registration: This feature will allow your learners to get registered themselves with their basic details.
  • Course Search and Recommendations: Provide easy and quick navigation for the various courses.
  • Dashboard: This will help learners find out their progress, assessment details, and courses that they purchased.
  • Push Notifications: Integrate this feature to update your users about new changes, offers, upcoming tests, or course additions.
  • Payment Gateway Integration: Fees payment is an important way of earning profits. Provide users with safe and quick payment options.
  • Support: There are times when things don’t go well. This feature will allow users to gain support from your admin.

Wrapping up

The ideas discussed above are just to interact with you with the most valuable startup ideas. However, ideas for a startup are endless in number which the one could choose which work the best for them. If you are planning to build an app, then we would advise you to hire a mobile app developer or mobile app development that meets your requirements and budget.

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