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Top Mobile App Development Frameworks in 2019

Top Mobile App Development Framework in 2019

Having a passion for coding or creating new creative things which are changing the world today is a big opportunity for an individual or a company to gather traffic or start a startup with their own application. But having a good knowledge of these frameworks can help you create your own app.

Technologies are inflating on an unpredicted rate in the present days. Technologies and tech companies are consistently working to upgrade the existing systems and the technologies that are deployed.

On the other hand, mobile app development is on the peak these days. Every developer is now hopping in the idea of cashing the remunerative field. Many developers face many problems such as different streams different programming languages and operating system.

Talking about hybrid app development over a long period many frameworks are now coming up which claim to ease the developing which will, in turn, ease the life of developers.

Depending upon the type of platform a developer wants to provide to an application the developer choose the programming language. The app is then written in than two or more language by the developer or the company. This was said to be the norms to create a copy of the app written in two or more language until the framework part became an important part of development.

Well if a mobile app developer has the knowledge of JavaScript, HTML, CSS and is developing an application for both the platforms like Android & iOS then they can use frameworks which are available online. All a developer need is to write the code in the programming language preferred by the developer and then integrate the code with the framework and can provide the application a hybrid platform through which an app runs on multiple platforms.

The mobile application industry these days is going through different phases these days when the selection for different mobile frameworks for developers is quite pivotal.

Let’s have a look at some popular mobile application development framework that could become a tool for the developers in 2019. 

IONIC Framework

This framework has many reasons that are why developers choose an ionic framework to develop applications. We have mentioned the reasons to choose Ionic 4 for your web applications.

ionic framework

  • Built on Angular JS: Through Angular JS framework, Ionic Developers are able to build high-performing applications which are based on the Ionic platform. In ionic App development, this framework uses Angular JS to develop app structure and other features. And the best thing is it makes the use of the syntax extending of HTML for including the elements of the app and data binding at the same time.
  • One Code Base: Ionic 4 framework uses only a single codebase. It means it enables to develop responsive and intuitive apps for all kinds of portable devices. One of the best things is when you build an app on this framework it will work smoothly on any mobile devices.
  • Open Source: It is an open-source Mobile app development frameworks. Where developers can use to develop an enterprise application without any pay or get any license.
  • Support & Community: If you want to check the performance of a framework then you need to see how active the community is. The ionic community offers marvellous support. In addition, you can easily track what the team is work on, what bugs & issues are open; you can even start your own pull request to fix stuff on their GitHub repository.
  • UI Components: Ionic 4 mobile app framework enable predefined styling for its various components. So the elements that you are using it will look like native elements. It means that they will look native across several platforms, so in Android, it will get the Material design touch and on iOS the current iOS look.

Ionic is a great framework for PWA development (Progressive Web Application) which is very beneficial for development companies 

Cordova Framework

Cordova Framework which is also called as Phone Gap is a platform to build a native mobile application using HTML5, CSS & JavaScript. It acts as a container for running a web application written in CSS, JS, & HTML. A web application can’t achieve the native device functionality which involves Camera, Accelerometer, Contacts, etc. with Cordova we can achieve this. Also, with this, we can package the web application in the package installer format.

cordova framework

Installer Formats which are provided by this Framework are:

  • Android- APK
  • iOS- .ipa
  • Windows Phone-.xap

React Native

This framework let’s build your application using JavaScript. The design used is same as react, which lets you integrate a rich mobile UI from declared components. With Native app development framework you don’t only build an application based on HTML, or a hybrid app you create an app which is quite distinguishable from the app which is created using the objective-c and java programming.

react native framework

React Native for mobile app development is very common in the developer’s community.

React Native Features: 

  • React: This is a framework for building web and mobile apps using JavaScript.
  • Native: Native component is included and is controlled by JavaScript.
  • Platform: React Native both together supports the Android and iOS platforms.

Advantages of React Native:

  • Community: Developers can connect to the React Native community and can find the answers they are looking for. React Native community is very large and is growing stronger daily.
  • Code Sharing: Developers can share code on different platforms.
  • JavaScript: Developers can use their JS knowledge to build native mobile apps. 


Xamarin platform was developed or built by the developers who built Mono an open source development platform based on the .NET Framework which was first introduced in 2001. It is a new tool and being a new tool it is based on the Microsoft technology stack which already owns a community of more than 1.4 million developers.

xamarin framework

Xamarin provides the framework to develop a cross-platform mobile app using C#. There are many frameworks which offer cross-platform or hybrid platforms which typically uses HTML and JavaScript. Using these frameworks developers develop the apps like a website for a using JS Libraries.

Xamarin is kind of unique framework because it offers a single language interpretation which is C# also it provides a run time environment within the framework. Xamarin is based on .NET framework, typically if we talk about it than Xamarin uses C# and some native libraries which are wrapped in a .NET layer for cross-platform or hybrid app development.


Flutter is Google’s Mobile SDK for developing high-quality native interfaces on iOS & Android in a short period of time. Flutter framework is used by developers around the world. Also, Flutter works with the code which pre-exists. It uses the 2D rendering engine like Skia which is used to develop the visuals. Also, if you want to test your project in flutter it’s way easier. 


Advantages of Flutter

  • Fast app Development
  • Reduced Testing Effort
  • Excellent User Interface
  • Interactive Framework
  • Good for MVP
  • Native Feature Access

Disadvantages of Flutter

  • Need Continues Support
  • Very Limited Libraries

These are some of the top and most recent used frameworks which are used for mobile application development by these mobile app development companies to build or develop the complex and cross-platform application

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