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Why You Must Choose MEAN Stack Development For Your Next Project?

Why You Must Choose MEAN Stack Development For Your Next Project

It’s the era of dynamic mobile application and websites. Every business is investing time, resources and money to build an application. It is hard and requires top technology stack and developers.

There are many technology stacks to create robust, dynamic backend and front-end of the app. But the best and most preferred one is MEAN stack development technology.

The other technology like LAMP, ruby on rails are great too. But MEAN is widely used because it is open-source, easy and uses the universal JavaScript language.

In this blog, we will learn more about MEAN and why it is the perfect support you need for your web and mobile app development process.

MEAN-An Introduction

MEAN is a JavaScript software stack that developers use to build an application and dynamic websites. It is free and open source; it is a collection of user-friendly JavaScript frameworks.

MEAN Stack Development

MEAN is an acronym and here what every letter means:

  • M- MongoDB, a well-known and widely used database management system.
  • E- Express.JS, a framework that supports and hosts Node.js projects.
  • A-Angular.JS, another framework that lets developers create an application and extends it to a web app.
  • N- Node.JS, the most important part of mean stack development. It is a backend service that uses relevant data to perform tasks.

Most developers use MEAN stack for web development because it uses a single language JavaScript. And JavaScript can smoothly run on every platform, Operating system and application.

MEAN Stack Development- Why learn to Mean?

Here are the features of MEAN stack which sheds light on why every developer must learn MEAN.

  • Most of the websites and applications run on JavaScript. The MEAN stack uses only this language for running which is great for developers.
  • MEAN allows the developer to work in a unique execution environment for their server-side and client-side. In simple terms, they can write and use a single code from the server to the client side.
  • It supports the MVC model.
  • MEAN provides the best database and web development frameworks in a single package. It helps developers to create robust, modern, fast and easy to maintain websites and applications.
  • It offers huge employment opportunities for beginners as well as experts developers of MongoDB, Express.js, Angular.js, and Node.js.
  • Some of the popular websites using MEAN stack are Netflix, Uber, LinkedIn, Walmart, PayPal, and Yahoo.

Web Development Framework And Database Of MEAN Stack: Statistics

Here are some facts and figures that show how the web development frameworks and database of MEAN stack are ahead of their rivals.

1. Currently, there are 3,393,401 websites using Angular JS.

angular js usage statistics

node js usage statistics

Architecture Of MEAN Stack

Here is the explanation of how MEAN stack works.

  • The process starts with Angular.JS. It is the client-side language of JavaScript, and Angular processes any request by the client first.
  • Now, we enter phase two of the Architecture of MEAN stack. And that is Node.js, after angular processes the request; it enters Node which is also a server-side language.
  • Next, the request enters Express.Js. Here it makes a request to access the database.
  • After accepting the request, MongoDB fetches all the data and sends a response to ExpressJS.
  • In a similar manner, Express sends the response to Node who sends it to Angular.

Now, let’s look at what all these components of MEAN contribute to the development of web and apps.

1. MongoDB

The role of this database is to store every relevant data of the application. Both app and database use JavaScript which makes transferring data back and forth easily, no translation is required.


Why MongoDB?

  • It is scalable when it comes to performance and storage.
  • It is capable of managing bulk data easily and without error.
  • The developer can easily add fields to the database without reloading it entirely.

2. Express.js

The Express framework works as the backend in MEAN stack development. It manages interaction between the database and front-end and ensures smooth data transfer.

express js

Why this?

  • It uses the minimalist approach and is highly capable of handling the entire process effectively.
  • It prevents overwriting of variables so; you can’t redefine a variable again. It helps to save a lot of time and money.

3. AngularJS

It’s the front-end framework for MEAN and is highly popular. Angular is used to create the user-facing side of the app. Every component of the app is built using JavaScript which enables smooth transfer of the data.

angular js

Why Angular?

  • It has templates that are easy to use making it an ideal framework for front-end services.
  • It lets the front-end developer create an app for desktop and mobile simultaneously.

4. Node.js

The most important component of MEAN stack development is Node.js. It is the backbone and connects easily with Angular for processing data fast.

node js

Why Node?

It has an in-built web server making it easy to deploy the MongoDB to cloud.

It is scalable and can support millions of connection simultaneously.

Why Choose MEAN Stack Development?

What makes MEAN the preferable over other technology? Let’s find out by learning about the benefits you get by using this:

1. With MEAN you can use isomorphic coding

With MEAN, developers can do isomorphic coding that means transferring to code to another framework is easy.

It helps MEAN stack Development Company to explore and experiment with different technologies.

2. It is highly flexible

It is flexible as you can develop, test and deploy the app easily without any issues. It lets the developer add extra data even after they have added a field to the form. MongoDB takes care of this by providing full cluster support and automatic replication.

3. It is cost-effective

It requires less investment in terms of resources, time and money as compared to LAMP stack development. That is why many businesses and startups prefer this over other technologies. It uses libraries for developing an app/website. It makes the overall development cost less than most technologies.


4. It is reusable and fast

Due to the non-blocking feature of Node, MEAN is fast and reusable. Also, Angular is an open-source framework which lets you maintain, reuse and test the code.

5. It is an open source platform

Since MEAN is an open-source platform, it gets frequent and timely updates.

6. It uses a single language

JavaScript is the only language used in MEAN which makes working, transferring data and learning this pretty easy.

7. It is easy to learn

For beginners, this development technology is easy to understand, learn and work with.

8. The user-interface you get with MEAN has great quality

MEAN make sure that the app has an easy and friendly user-interface. It does that by supporting the MVC model.

9. It has a massive library

The Node.js component of MEAN has a massive library. It helps make the web and mobile app development easy.

10. JavaScript object notation (JSON)

The JavaScript format is used everywhere in MEAN stack. Angular, Express and Node.js all offer JSON. MongoDB, the database management system stores all data in JSON format. The overall use of this means hassle-free development process. It means you don’t need to rewrite and reformat the different layers.


Most mobile app development companies are using the MEAN stack development for mobile app and websites. The MEAN stack development has great web development frameworks and database that are improving every day. It will help you move forward in your career too so go ahead with learning and using MEAN.

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