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Matrimonial Mobile App Development Cost And Key Features

Matrimonial Mobile App Development Cost And Key Features

Marriage, a one-day event for which you all were being teased many times by your parents, neighbours, and distant-aunt (Bua). But in today’s time, what makes you feel extremely worried or upset is arranged marriage. In this modern world, everyone has a desired to marry a person of choice.

Decades ago, the family of bachelor or spinster used to visit one city to another city to meet a suitable match. However, the same happens today, but less in comparison to old times.

Now finding a life partner of choice has become easier with the help of matrimonial mobile applications available today. Nowadays parents/guardians are taking the help of mobile apps to find perfect matches for their son/daughter even sometimes men/women also search for their own. These apps have a map for every bachelor. Just match the details, know the thoughts and fix the date for marriage.

Matrimonial Mobile App Development

Matrimony websites and mobile applications have all the necessary information about the bride or groom so that the parents can look at details as per their need.

Top startups or companies have provided the best platforms to fulfil your each and every need. And, in very less time, today these matrimonial apps are getting so much popularity in peoples to find their life partner online.

This is borne out that matrimonial websites and mobile applications such as,, and have won many hearts and continue to dominate the market.

Are you planning to develop a matrimony app?

matrimonial mobile app for android or website can help your users find a perfect match sitting at the comfort of home. It is an easy way of setting up your business worldwide. Building a matrimonial app is an easy process and would not make dent your account. You could take help of renowned mobile app development company or hire a mobile app developer to craft interactive user interface (UI) and backend functionalities so that the customers could easily navigate along with the many interesting features.

Well, sit back and take a cup of coffee, in this article we will discuss all the essential features, components and development cost that will clear all your doubts regarding matrimonial app development

Matrimony Website or Application Revenue Model

If you see closely, it is one of the best business models which is emerging each passing day as more and more users are using matrimony websites and mobile apps to find the perfect life partner within their caste and community. Owing an app is beneficial as your customers will use your matchmaking services. In return, you can make earning from the application through the premium membership with various plans you provide to the users. Registration over the platform is free of cost. The users will purchase the subscription plan according to their needs and can avail the benefits easily through the application. The application also makes it easier for the user to find their perfect match.

  1. Customers Engagement
  2. Good Market Value
  3. Marketing & Advertisement
  4. Events Planner

Some of the Basic Features of Matrimony Website or Application:

  • Login: Users can easily register themselves using their mail id and mobile number.
  • Search: Users can start searching for a suitable match following the necessary information.
  • Connect and Interact: Users can connect and interact to start the conversation.
  • Privacy protection: This is one of the best features that you can modify as per your requirements.
  • Customer support: This feature provides the 24/7 customer support services to keep them engaged with the users.

What are the Important Features of Matrimony App?


  • Login
  • Profile Verification
  • Create a Partner Profile
  • Set Compatibility Preferences
  • Upload Your Pictures
  • Add Horoscope
  • Browse Profiles
  • Advanced Searches
  • Interest Request
  • Check Horoscope of Selected Profile
  • Real-time Chat With Contacts
  • View Last Seen
  • Membership Packages
  • Notification/Alerts
  • View Success Stories
  • Share, Block and Report User Profile


  • Login
  • Dashboards
  • Customer profile verification
  • Manage customers
  • Manage invites
  • Manage rewards
  • Manage affiliation program
  • Manage success stores and user request
  • Manage membership packages
  • Email & SMS marketing
  • Manage promotions
  • Cloud storage integration
  • CRM integration
  • CMS integration
  • Payment gateway integration
  • Third-party APIs integration
  • Manage profile
  • Reporting & analytics
  • Notification
  • Live Support 

Matrimonial Mobile App Features That You Can Consider

To increase user engagement on your matrimony mobile app, you should have to add some advanced features in it.

  1. Upload Images– This is one of the vital features that allow users to add more images they want to show to the visitors from the device library. 
  1. Search and Filter– Using this feature, users can search for their prospective matches as per their interest. 
  1. Save Favorites– As the name indicates; this feature helps users to save the profile of the prospects as a favorite. 
  1. Chat– With this feature, users can communicate with other users for a better understanding. 
  1. GPS Integration– This feature will let your users find relevant matches as per their current location or city search. 
  1. User Blocking Feature: The application provides the user blocking feature for those users who receive unwanted messages from other users, so the application lets those users block other users from whom they don’t want to contact with. 
  1. In-app Camera: This is a very good and common feature in the application which enables the user to directly click a picture using their camera and make it their profile image. 
  1. Push Notifications: The Push Notification feature in the application provides the user with a push notification when they get a match with other users or when they get messages from other users or any other application updates. 
  1. Data Security: Every application these days has this feature of data security which allows the user data security and keeps the privacy to the user information. 
  1. Multiple Payment: The application is integrated with multiple payment gateways which are flexible for the user to make any payment on the application if they go for any subscription plans, there are different payment gateways so the user has the choice of payment mode. Some of them are PayPal, Debit/Credit cards, Mobile wallets, etc.

Matrimonial Mobile App Development Cost

how much does it cost to develop a matrimony app? The most important question that often comes in the mind while planning for app development. Don’t worry, here we will help you to figure out the exact cost required to develop a matrimony app.

Matrimonial Mobile App Development cost depends on the various factors that to be considered here for a better understating.

  • Application type– Development cost depends on the application type you select and it is very important to decide first about the application type on which the application is going to be built. There are three types of applications as follow- Native Apps, Hybrid Apps, and Progressive Web Apps.
  • Application Platform– Development cost also depends on the application platform. For matrimony app, you need to choose an ideal platform first and decide if your app needs to target the Android users or the iOS users. If the budget is not a matter of concern, then you may get the app developed on both platforms (iOS and Android).
  • App Development Team– To build a dynamic and easy-to-use mobile application, you may hire a team of dedicated mobile app developers. However, the budget might be a bit high, but it will be worthy.
  • Technology and Features– Choosing the right development tools, technology and features can always help you improve the overall efficiency of your matrimony app. However, implementing advanced features and technology may dent your account but believe me it would be best for higher ROI.

Including all the facts discussed above, the development cost of matrimony app (iOS and Android) may probably somewhere between $40-$50K, (Cost is based on the following countries- USA, UK, and Europe).

If you hire mobile app developer India or Mobile app development company India, the development cost will be around $30K.

Technology Stack

Technology plays a crucial role in increasing the overall performance of the app you built. Followings are some crucial technologies that you can consider for your matrimony app-

Mobile – Android, iOS

Backend– PHP, JavaScript, MySQL.

SMS, Voice and Phone Verification -Nexmo, Twilio, etc.

Push Notifications – Twilio,, etc.

Payments – Braintree & PayPal, EWallets, etc.

Real-time Analytics – Hadoop, Spark, BigData, Apache Flink, etc.

Cloud Environment – AWS, Google, etc.

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