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How Much Does It Cost To Create A Magento Ecommerce Website?

How Much Does It Cost To Create A Magento Ecommerce Website

Magento is one of the best eCommerce platforms. More than 240,000 e-commerce websites are built on Magento. All these users were not paid to adopt Magento. They adopted Magento as the base platform because of the rich features. Magento not only provides great features but also multiple optimization options too. With Magento, an e-commerce platform can be customized to be highly customer-centric. and it offers powerful marketing.

Thousands of developers suggest Magento to e-commerce companies because of the rich components and extremely customizable features. While Magento is all great and beautiful but a lot of enterprises avoid it just because of the cost involved. A basic Magento e-commerce website will cost around $2000. A fully customized Magento site will cost somewhere between $2000-$40000. While basic and customized are the profred choices but Magento Enterprise costing $1,00,000-$2,00,000 is the best option.  A fully customized site will have extra benefits like integrated back office and migration support.

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It is a general perception that Magento sites are expensive. Well, it is true that input cost with Magento increases. The hidden benefits make the site viable in the long run. With a Magento site, companies can provide quality user-experience. Higher security, higher conversion rate and loads of customization become quite affordable in the long run.

Why Magento is so popular despite being considered as Expensive?

  • Displays an infinite catalogue with great ease
  • Sites that load fast
  • Natural SEO
  • Smooth navigation supporting one-click login
  • Impressive Dashboards
  • Management of products
  • The flexible shopping cart system
  • The smooth process taking a seller from product listing to shipping
  • Easy API integration

Top brands that use Magento as their base platform:

  • Olympus
  • Liverpool FC
  • Nike
  • Mother Care
  • Zoetis
  • Pepe Jeans

What are the features of a Basic Magento Site that costs $2000?

  • Simple yet a beautiful theme
  • Basic functionalities of Magento working seamlessly
  • Full-fledged access to a thriving community of Magento
  • A content management system that runs smoothly
  • The basic Magento site has no integration with back office

What are the features of a Customized Magento Site that Costs up to $40000?

  • Custom designs built specifically for your business
  • Full-fledged integration with back-office systems
  • Support for features like Migration, and Host changes
  • Extensions and custom-made plugins
  • Customer community and group access
  • Social media integration
  • Promotional tools like discount coupons
  • Search engine optimization
  • Social media integration

E-commerce web development services provided by companies like Endive Software can help you build quality Magento sites. All the features listed here adds up to the overall cost of Magento development. When developing an e-commerce website, one needs to be highly dependent upon alternatives.

Let’s look at the varied costs involved in the development of a perfect Magento e-commerce site:

Building an e-commerce site is different from building a regular website. While a regular website can be a little slow and not attractive but e-commerce sites cannot. E-commerce sites need to be robust, ready to handle loads of traffic and cater a quality experience. With all the images, product information and payment gateways, it gets a little heavy but load speed needs to be maintained too.

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Development cost: Magento development services by companies like Endive Software are affordable and reliable. A lot of entrepreneurs prefer working with companies while some prefer freelance developers. When working with a company, you can rely on their expertise and experience. A company generally has a team, which works together to provide the best output. In the case of freelancers, the total pressure is on one single developer. Working with a company has other benefits like: 

  • Deep insight into industry standards: You can learn about varied paradigms followed by leading e-commerce websites. You get access to quality knowledge and expertise for free. A company that provides e-commerce web development solutions will make sure that your goals are achieved in time. 
  • Proper integration: An e-commerce website development company will make it easier for you to acquire the required certificates. A company can also assist you with payment gateway installation. Companies like Endive Software have people working for them and ensuring the swift experience for their clients.

The cost of Magento e-commerce website varies somewhere between $20-$45 per hour. Depending upon the functionalities you want, the cost will increase and so does the working hour. A basic Magento e-commerce site will take somewhere between 10-15 hours for completion. $20X15=$300 will be the cost of developing a basic Magento e-commerce site.

Magento Licensing Cost

Well! This is where the real game begins. It is important for e-commerce businesses to get licensing done for their Magento site. The cost for a basic, customized and enterprise Magento sites are different. The different packages offer different benefits. With the help of enterprise licensing, businesses can get a lot of work done. The basic Magento licensing allows only free access to the community.

Any business that aims to build a robust e-commerce site must apply for an enterprise license. With an enterprise license, e-commerce sites will be able to automate a lot of processes. Full-fledged enterprise licensing provides access to an incredible support.

Why enterprise licensing is the best option for e-commerce sites?

  • Facility to fully automate the process
  • From selling to shipping: Magento will handle everything
  • The upfront cost is huge but the benefits are incredible
  • Puts you ahead of your competitors
  • Provides great customer support
  • Makes your website search engine friendly
  • Awesome loading speed
  • Allows you to add millions of products
  • You can handle billions of people visiting your site with great ease
  • Multiple stores allowing to sell genre-specific products

The cost of licensing for varied packages:

Basic Magento Site: Magento Community (CE) can be downloaded for free by small-scale enterprises. Start-ups with few products and local businesses can use this model. The basic Magento site offers very limited functionality. Any large-scale business that decides to use Basic Magento site will suffer and lose a lot of business. With less customization, less search engine friendly and basic customer support, Basic Magento is not ideal for giant businesses.

Magento Enterprise (EE): Designed especially for growing e-commerce businesses. Magento Enterprise is highly customizable and offers great value. A Magento Enterprise site can be customized as per the theme of business and needs of the customer. With a Magento enterprise, you can offer an extremely unique user-experience.

A Magento Enterprise (EE) licensing will cost $18,000 per year. The price is nothing compared to the benefits it offers. Benefits of Magento Enterprise Licensing:

  • Full access to community
  • Integration with back-office systems
  • Fully automation facility
  • Best customer support
  • Highly customizable
  • Experts working on search engine optimization
  • Integration of maps for helping people trust business
  • Integration of APIs of other tools and plugins for smooth functioning
  • Disaster back-up saving the business from huge losses

Magento Hosting: Designed specifically for growing e-commerce businesses, Magento offers both dedicated and shared hosting. With the help of this hosting service, e-commerce businesses get access to services designed for e-commerce sites especially. With quality customer support and back-up options, e-commerce businesses can grow without any worries.

Magento hosting costs $150 for shared hosting and around $4500 for dedicated hosting. A business can choose one based on their needs and requirement.

How much a Magento Enterprise Site will Cost?


We have discussed that a basic Magento site costs around $2000 and a customized one costs $20,000 but what is the cost of an enterprise Magento site? What all features a Magento Enterprise (EE) site offers?

A Magento Enterprise site costs somewhere between $1,00,000 to $2,00,000 and it offers a ton of functionalities. Let’s go through each and every functionality offered by Magento Enterprise site:

  • E-commerce store for both desktop and mobile devices
  • Allows you to host more than one store
  • Full page caching increases the speed and improves performance
  • 24X7 customer support by professionals ensuring peace of mind
  • Allows you to update a huge number of SKUs/product listings
  • Allows you to share gift coupons
  • Permits gift registration
  • Have facilities related to a private sale
  • Hosted and managed by Magento ensuring full security
  • Dedicated hosting improves caching and loading speed
  • Quality user-experience guaranteed
  • Automation facility
  • Return or exchange management improving the customer experience
  • Merchandising and designing
  • Targeted promotion to improve marketing campaigns
  • Coupons for specific events and organizations


E-commerce is the future of shopping. With start-ups changing the way people shop. Reputed companies have also started investing in online platforms. Magento is changing the experience of building e-commerce sites. Not only businesses but end-users are also happy with the Magento platform. Businesses love automation and end-users love a fast site. With Magento, it is possible to achieve both automation and fast website.

With an e-commerce site that holds huge SKUs and loads fast, businesses can achieve a lot. End-users are going to flock to sites that offer great user-experience even if it is costly. With Magento both, businesses and end-users emerge as the winner.

While a lot of contemporaries are providing quality e-commerce development services but none stands close to Magento. The thriving community and quality development team have changed the way the e-commerce industry is functioning. Multiple stores, huge SKUs and free access to the community are perhaps the unique selling point of Magento Enterprise (EE). The upfront cost with Magento is definitely high but the overall experience of selling and shopping is just unmatchable.

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