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How To Build a Live Streaming App: Tips To Get Popular

Live Streaming App Development

Well, well, well, finally we came to talk about it the Live Streaming Applications. This is often a very interesting topic to be talked about.  From the very beginning, this is the very question which is asked to and by many people that what should you do to be popular? Well, this article is all about getting popular.

Not only we will talk about getting popular but also here we are going to discuss a bit about mobile app development.

In today’s world what you see is these bunch of application on which people are getting famous just by posting some kind of content on it. But this is something very different from those kinds of applications where you have to post your content and then people watch it and like it which in turn results in you getting popular.

So let’s find out how to create a flagship of your own in this niche and how to make money through it.

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The Types of Streaming Applications

There are so many streaming applications which are floating around on the Play Store and App stores of your devices. So if you are planning on how to make a live streaming app for Android and iOS then I can suggest you must first take a look at the kind of video streaming applications running around.

There are different types of video Streaming apps,

Live Broadcasting App

It’s one of the most popular types of streaming media applications. This type of application enables you to watch videos which are delivered in the real-time mode. It is recorded and broadcasted at the same time. There are many people out there streaming themselves doing what they love to do and people watch them on a daily basis as they do these streaming. I am myself is the fan of gaming and there are several gamers in the community around the world who just play the games and stream themselves as they do it. They talk about different things on the stream to keep their audience entertained. There are many live broadcasting applications the most popular ones can be YouTube, Facebook, Live Stream, Periscope, etc.

Audio Streaming

The users can listen to the music which is streaming on the application in real-time. You can take any like Amazon Music, Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music and many more.

Video On Demand Streaming (VoD)

This makes it possible for the user to watch TV series and movies also without downloading it the user has the well-equipped opportunity to pause it, resume it, or stop it, they can also skip the unwanted part of the video they are watching. As a user, the user needs to pay for the streaming services they are taking from the application.

But what I recommend you to have a look at what they offer to the user and what function they have.

The Streaming application can also differ by the area of focus. Some of those applications are used for work purposes and some are the personal ones. The applications of these kinds of categories are supposed to complete different types of tasks in real-time.

In this article, we are discussing in more detail precisely about the second category of applications. It’s about the application designed for live streaming, and you will see how to create a live streaming app for iOS and Android. In the most recent times, my team has developed a live streaming application which helps the people to perform real-time communication and have a party online with your lovely audience.

Why do you need to have a Live Streaming App?

The Live Streaming app development can be very useful for boosting your businesses. There are certain challenges that you should know about and maybe able to solve using the live streaming application.

  1. More attention from the Potential: Live Streaming helps you to capture more attention from customers since live broadcasting is used by users differently.

These users are more interested in real-time streaming, they want to see you what you will have to offer them right now. There are many users who don’t like the stages videos where everything is planned in advance whereas the live streaming becomes more attractive to customers. 

  1. Increase in Brand Loyalty: Live Streaming helps the user to talk about their brand on the live video to their customer or audiences. In a real-time promotion of your product will look more captivating and will be highlighted as much brighter. This is the reason and that is why live streaming gives you a good chance to increase loyalty to your brand. 
  1. Real-Time Engagement: How can you arrange a better interaction with your customer?

Well, streaming is an option again. You can reach out to more potential customers since you can reply to all their questions, interact with them and can have a positive effect on leads generation.

Steps to Create a Streaming Service Application

In each and every project you take or any challenge you accept there are pitfalls that you should avoid and what our goal is to make it real. Read about a few important steps that should undergo to create a live streaming service.  And if you think you are up for it and you need to find out the cost of your application that you might go for in future then you should reach out to us.

Steps you should go through:

  • Getting Your Product Licensed
  • Using a Reliable Hosting Plan
  • Choosing a CDN
  • Creating a user-friendly UI/UX
  • Adding Basic Features

How to build a Flagship or Ways for Improvement

This part of the article you will find out the features you can add to your application to ensure that has its successfully developed and your project is on the top results.

Let’s begin:

  1. Registration

It is the very first stage of the first version. The registration can be of the account of the application only. It is implemented with the use of a mobile number or an e-mail address and a password. You need to add a forgotten password option for the password recovery function by email or the mobile message.

Let’s take an example, in the process of live streaming android app development, several logs can be added through the social media options. The user will be able to log in using their account on Facebook or through any social site which is available.

  1. Personal Profile

You need to decide what type of information the user can provide so that the app learns about the users when you start the process of how to build a live streaming application.

  1. Streaming

The first type of application for video streaming, we can just implement the function of real-time streaming which disables the watch further functionality. In this case, the server function converts the broadcast and transfers it to the stream of users. The video is not stored on the server for any of their customers to watch it afterward.


In the first type of application, the opportunity to comment on the video or audio is added. There are two main functions of commenting:

  • For the broadcaster– Can get the feedback due to opinions of different people who watch the user’s stream
  • For the Audience– Can ask the question and get the answers for it.

There are many other features which are quite helpful for then users and their audiences both.

Let’s check on the last thing which you might be waiting for, for the whole article and which might help you much better.

How to make money on Live Streaming Application?

To be honest, it’s one of the most important things or goals of any startup which is making a profit.

So, we cannot get away with this topic. So how can you make money on this kind of application? Well, there are some ways:

  • Freemium
  • Advertisement on the application
  • Paid Application

Well in the case when you make your application paid then in order to install it users will have to pay a certain amount of money.

Advertisement, on the other hand, plays an important role in the success of the application in order to make the people download the application the startups advertise their apps on social media, or any platform they find the audience interact to which affect the download cycle of the application. 


In the end, you are left with a limited amount of options, either you can surf through the internet to find the ideal solution and the right steps. On the other hand, you can contact the team of people who really understand all of it. Contact us in case you want to get your dream fulfilled.

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