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Grab The Latest Smartphones & Some Coolest Applications To Use

Latest Smartphones & Some Coolest Applications

Smartphones in today’s world are a boom to the mobile industry and also a status symbol to people who are very fond of using them. When the word smartphones come in mind everyone thinks about IOS and Android-based trendy Phones. Which not only provide you with the best tech but also with the coolest application available in trending. Some applications are available for IOS and some are available for both the IOS and Android. Those Hybrid applications are the latest and in trend. When someone thinks about smartphones every-one has their own priority of buying what’s latest and the best one available outside.

Thinking about smartphones and deciding what you need is a bit messy. While deciding you need to know about the features provided in the latest smartphones and what you need in your phone, which you have a certain budget for.


Features provided in the latest Smartphones: 

  • Light Weighted Body
  • 20 MP Front and Rear Camera more or less
  • Latest OS
  • Bezel-less display
  • Biometric Security
  • Face Unlock
  • Storage the more the best
  • RAM
  • 4K Resolution
  • Smart and fast chip for smartphones

These are some features you look at smartphones in general to buy them. These features are looked for both the Android and IOS Devices. After you look for the feature then it comes to the turn for your budget. Budget maybe sometimes the issue for what you want, but no need to worry these days mobile maker companies are providing you with the low budget and the best smartphones with the same features available in them. Companies like Xiaomi, Redmi, Vivo, etc, and many more are providing the same features and at low prices.

Talking about the latest Features in the coming smartphones, this is what you need to know:

There is another OS which is in trend and differ from iOS and Android OS, named as Fuchsia OS. Fuchsia is a capability-based operating system developed by Google. It first became known to the public when the project appeared on GitHub in August 2016 without any official announcement. In contrast to prior Google-developed operating systems such as Chrome OS and Android, which are based on Linux kernels, Fuchsia is based on a new microkernel called “Zircon”. Fuchsia uses a modular approach which means that instead of being one big stack of code, it will be segmented into building blocks or “packages”.

Features: Its user Interface and apps are written with flutter, a software development kit which allows cross-platform development abilities for fuchsia, Android and iOS. Flutter produces App based on Dart, offering the applications to run on high performance running on 120 frames per second.

Here’s the List of Some Smartphones you can buy: 

  • Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 3

    google pixel

  • IPhone X/XS/XS Max/XR


  • Huawei Mate 20 Pro

    huawei mate pro 20

  • Nokia 7.1

    Nokia 7.1

  • OnePlus6 and OnePlus6T


  • Samsung Galaxy S10 (Upcoming)

    samsung galaxy s10

  • Sony Xperia XZ3

    Sony Xperia XZ3

The technology used in these Smartphones is the latest you will find trending these days.

Coming to Apple iPhone devices, the IOS 12 comes up with many interesting features like

ARKit, CoreML, Siri. Apple is not only focusing to make their device look better, but make the device applications function better. There is a new function which is Interactive Control Notification; using this function the iOS developers can add controls like buttons and switches to prompt user interactions when notifications are sent. Users can create their custom UI.

A12 bionic, 64-bit ARM-based system on chips is used in the making of IOS devices which is claimed to be 15% more faster and 40% more energy efficient than A11 chip. These devices come in a price range of around $700-$1000.

Getting on to Android devices, the Android devices provide features like a notch in these devices are very trending, the camera quality is quite a bit catchy when it comes to buying an Android smartphone. Android provides very good quality with a very amazing price. The price range of these kinds of devices comes around $600-900$ which is a bit cheaper than Apple devices. Android devices such as Pixel Huawei Mate Pro 20, are dust and water resistant when it comes to physical body check for device safety.

Some of the Best Mobile Applications for your smartphones:

Best smartphone Apps, applications in your devices are generally according to what you need to use. Like for texting on a day to day basis, you need an app which is popular and is installed by millions and billions of users.



Whatsapp being one on the list is the top most downloaded application among the people. Whatsapp which is owned by the owner of Facebook, MarkZuckerburg, is the best app for texting. With Whatsapp in your device, it’s easier to text/call someone you know. With Whatsapp, you can also share media like audio, video or images easily.


google Assistant

Google Assistant is AI Personal Assistant that allows the user to navigate and communicate and get a lot of things done. You can use Google Assistant on your android devices to use apps or ask any questions or to play games. Google assistant can be said as an accessory on your Android device.


google duo

If you use video calling on a daily basis, then Google Duo is the best app to have in your android devices. Just like making a standard call you can place a fast video call. It’s one of the best android apps with a very simple interface.



If you are very fond of listening music Spotify is just the app for you. Search your favorite music and just get on to listening with it. You can even create your own playlist and stream the music from any kind of device. And even you can follow your favorite artist and sync the music tracks for listening to them offline.



One of America’s best publications has one of the best News Applications. It allows users to customize their news feed according to the kind of news they want to read. It arranges the content of the publication in a clean Format.



Are you a sports watcher? Watch or Join the live matches with the best Sports application available. You can get the latest news on your favorite teams and leads such as NFL, MLS, NHL and many more.



Becoming a social media addict, then you have got the best application available. Upload and become a social media star. With this on your device, you can have the connectivity with others And it provides you with the best filters available. Like these Applications, there are many other applications which are widely used in smartphones such as Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, Kindle, Comics, Tumblr, WordPress, etc.


Summing up the information provided up one can have the latest smartphones and latest & trending applications available. Smartphones with the latest features are a boom with the latest application you can even customize your mobile app, even more, better for better use.

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