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Google Declares Kotlin as Its Favorite Programming Language for Android App Development

kotlin for android application developmpent

What did you do as an enthusiast or a developer? Wait for new changes in the development field, yes maybe. Well, while announcing about the announcement, Google Developer advocate “Chet Haase” added that ‘Today we are announcing another big step: Android development will become increasingly Kotlin-first’.

Google has various ways of surprising developers these days. Google makes a surprise announcement every other year just like it did this year. And this year’s surprise element’s was a developing language being listed in the favorite list of Google developing language. In one of the recent days, Google just announced that Google’s favorite developing language is Kotlin.

Google tries to keep some of its announcements as a surprise every year which becomes the center of attraction and steals the show from any other announcement made in the event. Google wanted to give more depth and weightage to Kotlin programming language for Android App Development. Kotlin will be an important figure in the Android Application development after Google’s announcement.

Kotlin for Android App Development

While introducing the new features for android developers Google is going to prioritize Kotlin. After the Google announcement happened Google has favored Kotlin as the preferred language for Android App Development and also the language has benefitted from Google’s Android Jetpack.

Well, now you must be wondering what is a “Jetpack”?

A Jetpack is a collection of tools and libraries which is created for developing high-quality application while making it simple for the developers.

Also, Android Jetpack:

  • Helps in Accelerating app development
  • Helps to develop simple yet robust applications.
  • Manages activities like background tasks, navigation, and many more.

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The notion behind adopting Kotlin as the favored programming language is to ease the development process for developers developing an android based application. Kotlin as a programming language has all the necessary components that make it a trustable and prominent coding language. Kotlin is the modern alternative to Java that is easy to learn, Kotlin is the only JVM targeted language that has got popularity among the developers in the community easily.


Initially, Kotlin was announced as a support language for Android. Right after the announcement, the popularity of the language among the developers has grown quite faster. More than 60% of the developers at Google love to use Kotlin for developing Android applications. Kotlin is also the fastest on growing on the Github. Google’s Jetpack API’s will be offered first in Kotlin than in any other language. Kotlin maintains its simplicity. Developers coding in Kotlin need not write the bigger amount of code in the language, they need less code for testing and maintaining. There are new investments being made on Kotlin with advanced tools, documents, and events to make it easier for developers to use them.

Final verdict of the Announcement

It seems like the announcement Google has made could affect Java, but the importance of Java will not be shattered that easy as there are many android app developers who still are using java as their development language. Also, on the hand, Google has not yet announced that they will stop supporting Java as its programming language for Android Development. Kotlin training courses are going to be released by Google with the partnerships of JetBrains.

So, if you are starting with a new project you could start it with Kotlin, it means very less code in Kotlin as compared to other languages, less code to type, test and maintain.

We all know that not all are using Kotlin as their preferred language right now, but we believe you should get there.

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