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Key Technology Challenges Faced By the Healthcare Industry

Healthcare Mobile app development services

Telehealth has inevitably become an integral part of the healthcare industry and its advancement in the sector is picking up an enormous pace with every new addition in the field. Though the need for technology and its potential in the field are touching unexplored peaks, there are various challenges faced by the healthcare industry that is impeding the way for innovation.

Healthcare Mobile app development services

Adding to the complexities, there was the introduction of HIPAA Compliant (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability) in 1996, that made the healthcare industry highly regulated. With these regulations the complexities in the implementation of new technologies have grown considerably over the years, making it more difficult for the healthcare professionals to adopt new technology innovations.

Here are some of the key technology challenges for the healthcare industry-


Security remains the prime concern of every healthcare application as no security breach is acceptable by the confidential health data of any patient. The healthcare industry is in a rigorous need for cryptographic security that dictates the encryption, transmission and decryption of data in a secure way. So to create a telehealth application in compliance with various regulations like HIPAA and HL7, you need to implement secure encryption algorithms and meet the regulated security standards. With this, if any 3rd party integrations are included they should also comply with the security standards.

Integration With The Existing Infrastructure

With the varying new applications, the existing system may fail to adopt each requirement of an application and the browser/plugin/network issues can arise. The legacy storage devices used may also be incompatible with the advanced EHR system. Further, with the introduction of technologies like telemedicine and video conferencing solutions, the requirement for proprietary protocols, software and hardware come into the picture adding to the total ownership cost.

Simple User Experience

With m-Health approaching the healthcare industry, the user-experience remains the main point of concern for an app’s adoption. More simple and engaging user-experience is, it has a chance of being adopted more popularly. According to a survey, only 1 out of 6 healthcare professionals prefer to use the EMR system regularly despite there being additional incentives on its usage. The healthcare professionals and their service approach are more reluctant to change with the new technologies as compared to other industries and therefore user-friendly interface is a must in your healthcare or medical apps.

Move Towards m-Health and Highly Reliable Technology Solutions

For launching applications that perform real-time monitoring, they need to be highly reliable and high quality. For instance, we assume you create a virtual home care service for patients requiring 24×7 monitoring, you need to be sure that there is purely real-time, reliable audio, video and imagery data sourced for the specialist. With this, the increased use of smartphones has also initiated the move towards remote assistance with m-Health applications.

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Though the above challenges have influenced the healthcare industry in various ways, the potential of innovation in the sector is enormous and is waiting to be explored. So, if you wish to overcome these challenges and lead with your adoption of more advanced healthcare services, we at Endive Software deliver resolute healthcare software and app development services at best market price. You can connect with us at – [email protected].

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