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What Are The Key Roles Of A Salesforce Developer?

Salesforce has emerged as a vital tool for organizations. It helps in their operation to become effective. Thousands of organizations depend on Salesforce for their business functions. Salesforce has acquired a significant market with sales cloud. It has turned Salesforce into a prominent CRM player in the market. There are numerous capabilities of Salesforce. It can be useful in various aspects of a business. That is why there is a huge upward trend in Salesforce development.

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A Salesforce developer is an individual with deep knowledge of Salesforce. He has the in-depth understanding and opportunities offered by Salesforce. He is involved in Salesforce app development across different PaaS platforms. He should be good at coding. Salesforce developer can easily create a cloud-based application with

Roles of Salesforce Developer

There are a plethora of roles of Salesforce developer. Some of them are:

  1. Understanding Customer Requirements

Customers have specific requirements. The developer is quite expected to liaise directly with these customers. It helps in understanding the requirements. It needs to be done before the start of coding work. The technical, functional and business requirements need to be collected by him

  1. He should come up with various effective project execution methods and techniques.
  2. He performs the analysis as well as coordinates with other developers. He does that to design and codes the entire system.
  3. He is responsible for the control of adaptability of all APIs and their integration
  4. He has to prepare test data along with the plan as well as conduct module testing.
  5. He has to check all of the processes. He needs to ensure effective communications within the entire CRM system.
  6. He is required to design the latest Salesforce solutions when requirements come.
  7. He has to continuously monitor the performance of the developed software.
  8. He has to test the software before it is delivered to the customers
  9. He is expected to update the programs as per user requirements. It changes with the latest technology adopted by Salesforce Development Company.
  10. He has to develop the code according to standards and specifications of development.
  11. He has to fix bugs constantly to maintain hassle free platform functioning.
  12. He needs to maintain ongoing documentation through software development.
  13. He has to check the user satisfaction constantly.


Salesforce developer has to maintain market standards. Salesforce development can be an overwhelming experience. Salesforce is at the forefront of on-demand and on-premise technology. There is an increasing demand for Salesforce developers. Hire Salesforce developer who can perform these above-mentioned roles. It allows him for successful Salesforce development.

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