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How Much Cost to Develop Job Portal App, Website like Indeed?

Job Portal App, Website like Indeed

What do you do in general when don’t have any job? Well, you look out for one right! To look for job you need to go for online job portal for them. Online Job Portal is the place where you might want to look on for a Job. 

So we are talking about Job Portals in this article, Indeed is one of the biggest Job Portals up in the search history. Indeed is said to be one of the largest and most popular career sites which are been helping job seekers to find a good job. It is also a kind of pay-per-click job listing and searches site on the web. 

With more than 25000 partnering sites, therefore, the most amount of searches are spread to all of the indeed partnering websites. It controls the job and the career section of other publishers which also includes Bloomberg. 

job app development like indeed

There is a difference between a free account and a paid account the user owns like for an example take a music streaming application you have a free account then also you will be able to use the application the only difference is that the user with the free account has fewer options available then the user with the paid account. Well, the paid account users get to download the music track they want to where this option is not available for the free account users. is one of the largest competitions indeed had, CEO of Indeed also quoted that the key to rapid growth and development of indeed is by creating and providing better user experience. Indeed also partnered with more publishers and has also launched many new products which broaden its reaches and targets. 

Apart from the launching the products to having their promotion and advertisement to get a huge amount of following on the sites online is the main key for it to be succeeding from its competitors. Some of the Indeed features include: Emailing products which send the job listing and job vacancies to the users who have created an account on Indeed or to the members of the site. Indeed has a collection of sponsored jobs across the web. Indeed gets most of its revenues from the sponsored jobs. 

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There are many people who are out looking for a job and indeed is useful to them as a job searching site. This site provides the list of job vacancies in all the areas and streams. Each and every moment the list is updated. Indeed is also said to be the job placement tool among other job searching sites. 

Let’s check upon the procedure of getting aboard on the Job Searching Application:

User Panel 

  • Sign Up/Login: This is the first section of the application where the user lands on. The user can sign-up or login with their social media accounts or through their Google accounts credentials. 
  • Resume Writing: Under this section, the user can write their resume by using standardized writing tools. This section is another feature that the application or the website provides the user with. It contains all the guidelines, resume formats and samples are stored for simplifying the task of resume writing. 
  • Uploading Resume: User can also upload their resume on the online job portals. Also the users can apply a filter in the job search by selecting the location, years of experience and the area of their expertise. 
  • Send Resume: The users can directly send their resumes to the company they find relevant to the area their expertise and they can look for more opportunities as well. 
  • Job Search: The user can search for the job in the way required. They can set the location where they want to look for job, they can set the category of job they are looking for, other filters they can apply can be the expected salary which will much more convenient for them to find the desired job. 
  • Bookmarking a Job: This is also one of the important features that this application and website provides the user with. User can also bookmark the job for future purposes. They can send the resume as the requirement also they can refer the job to the friend by sharing the details of it to them. 
  • Job Alert Services: The Job alert services are available in the application but are enabled by the user in the application. For an Example take LinkedIn, if you search for a job on LinkedIn then it asks you for an option to create a Job alert of this type. The same services are provided in this application. 

job search portal app development

Recruiter Panel

  • Sign Up/Login: The process of getting aboard on the application for recruiters is the same as for the users. 
  • Job Posting: In this section, the job recruiters can post the jobs as per the number of vacancies. They know the required job expertise owing to it they post the job opportunities for the users on the portals. 
  • Job Invites: The job recruiter can send the job invites to the desired candidate they think. Accordingly, they can ask the users for scheduling the interviews through a call with them or through text messages on the application itself for proceeding further. 
  • Email Jobs: Well there are certain companies which have limited vacancies for people as the recruiters in these companies Email the Job opportunity directly to the desired candidate for that vacancy. 
  • Resume Filtering: It one of the very important task for the recruiter to enlist only the desired resume which carries the required expertise of the candidate and matches with the job requirement. The recruiter can search for the resume in the database and can contact the desired candidate for processing further when required. 
  • Resume Download: Recruiters can also download the resume if they want. After downloading the resume they can analyze it accordingly and can schedule an interview with the candidate. 
  • Payment Plans: Well generally to post jobs and availing all the features of the job portals the account needs to be paid as the features won’t be available in the free account. The recruiters can change the payment plans and options as well. They can also make the changes in the services they need and also they can delete them as well. 

Well, there are a lot of features in the recruiter’s panel that can’t be covered in a small blog like this. 

How much does it cost to develop a Job finder Mobile app like Indeed? 

Well while stepping in the world of job portal mobile app development, outlining the basic cost of app development is a very tedious job. The developer may not be able to make an estimate total cost from the beginning as the prices vary according to the number of features as they keep on adding and subtracting from the application according to the clients need. 

The process of developing a mobile application is a very lengthy and complicated process and can take a much longer time. The Job Finder Mobile App Development Companies usually charge on per hour basis according to the complexities involved in the process and according to time-line charted. 

According to the current scenario, the cost of developing a job finder mobile app is around $40-$50. However, the cost of development of an application depends on the physical location as well from where the application is getting developed. 

The cost of getting a basic app with minimum features is around $7000 well the price goes higher and higher as the amount of features gets on increasing. The maximum price it can reach up to could be about $20000 depending upon the complexity of the app and time it requires. 

You need to find the right mobile app development team for job search portal app development. So you need to make it a productive investment, also its important that you spend more on the unique features that are missing in the previous versions of the application. 


Using Indeed as an application for searching Jobs online a user feels a great user experience. A user will always have the chance to view all the job vacancies and from viewing them to choosing the one that meets their qualification. 

These days people are using mobile applications more and are up to date in this market, you also need to be up to date with the technologies you use and that will help you make an app like Indeed to hire knowledgeable and passionate individuals through running technology. You can develop an app like Indeed in 45 to 60 days with the help of the most efficient team.

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