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Is Xamarin The Best Cross Platform Mobile Development Tool?

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The number of mobiles and mobile app users is significantly increasing. This increase has pushed the app development companies to develop more apps for mobile. But the process of creating and testing a mobile app is lengthy and costly. It is hard to build an app that runs on all the three main platforms- Android, IOS and Windows simultaneously. But with Xamarin cross-platform app development software, it is a lot easy. It’s the best tool for this and also the most popular one.

In this blog, we will explore the reasons why this framework is so popular for developing cross-platform apps.

What is Xamarin?

  • It was created by engineers that developed Mono for Android. Microsoft took over this in the year 2016.
  • It is simple and easy to use. It has a lot of options for providing a great solution to any problems you might face during the development process.
  • It has a standardized UI control that gives the user the best experience they could think of.
  • It lets the developer create a cross-platform app and native apps for both IOS and Android.



Is Xamarin The Best Cross Platform Mobile Development Tool

Here’s why Xamarin is the best tool for cross-platform:

1. It aids in the rapid creation of a mobile app

Most of the codes have to be written for cross-platform mobile app development once. It can then be shared on Android, IOS and Windows platform. This helps reduce the time of writing the code as no code duplication is there. Also, it gives you time to add functionality to your app.

Xamarin helps in developing a cross-platform quickly which is also cost-effective.

2. It delivers a native experience

Xamarin mobile app development tool is completely integrated with SDK of each operating system. This aids the developers to use the common API to access native controls of each platform. This gives the user an authentic native experience.

3. It lets you write C# code that can be shared

The code written to create apps in Xamarin is specific to its platform. But it also lets the developers write C# code which runs on all three platforms (IOS, Android and Windows). This is the latest language which is object-oriented and has a simple but powerful syntax. It supports strong types, type inference, asynchronous programming, and lambdas. It has a type-safety feature that means no type errors can happen. C# also decreases the risk of incorrect program behavior.

It lets you write C# code that can be shared

4. It uses a full-featured IDE for developing code

Xamarin app development environment comes with a Xamarin Studio. This is a fully-developed IDE which increases the productivity of the developer. This is possible because of the feature of IDE like code completion, a powerful debugger, support for publishing an app easily and an interactive UI builder.

If you prefer Visual Studio IDE for developing an app. Xamarin cross-platform app developer has a VS plugin that let them use VS skills as well as the above-mentioned feature.

5. It aids in avoiding bugs which increases the life of the software

Since Xamarin allows code reuse, the software quality increases. The reason is that platform-specific errors are few due to the same code being used on the different platform.

Also, developers use one programming language and API for creating the app. This leads to fewer bugs and less time spent on fixing it. This lets them focus on other important things like adding special features.

6. It is open-sourced

Xamarin cross-platform mobile development tool has many components that are open-source. This gives the developers liberty/flexibility to use these components as per their requirements.

7. It simplifies development

Since it lets the developer share code across various platforms like IOS and Android, it simplifies the development process. This, in turn, makes creating such apps in a shorter span of time.

8. It makes app-testing easy and quick

A cross-platform mobile app development means investing a lot of time in testing, analyzing and evaluating the app. A lot of time goes to approve the app’s performance, look and feel. But Xamarin app development platform makes this task easy. It lets the developer test the app on the cloud, which makes the whole process simpler, shorter and faster.

9. No extra plugin is required

This platform doesn’t require the developer to use extra plug-ins. Standardized UI controls develop the apps and also provide a better experience to the user.

10. It lets you use it offline

In this highly competitive market, every unique feature count. And Xamarin provides one such feature and that is offline availability.

The cloud has a feature that stores data and synchronizes it. This helps when the user uses the app in a remote area or where there is no connectivity.

11. Upgrading the apps is easy

One of its features is the integration of SDK. This lets the apps updates version of the app and adds new features automatically to the platform.


For a cross-platform app, Xamarin is the best tool. It is a complete package. With one tool, you can create, test and distribute the app, developed for different operating systems.

Xamarin app platform is currently the best tool for developing cross-platform apps. The features it provides are extremely helpful and ease the tasks for the developer. The recent number shows that more than 50,000 developers use this platform. With its amazing features, this number will surely increase.

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