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Is Swift Language is More Powerful Than Other Languages?

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With the evolution of programming languages, the development companies need to adjust accordingly. In case you are iPhone app development company, and you haven’t gone through Swift, and haven’t tried it yet for iPhone app development, then it is the right time to do so.

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Apple introduced a new programming language name as Swift a few years ago, and it is particularly designed to encourage safe practices and to make sure the bad ones are discouraged. Apple is trying hard to make this language a go-to language when it comes to iPhone app development. Swift lets the programmer being in control. Often, working with less safe practice requires the programming to take more explicit step since the programmer must be aware of but the language generally prohibits or makes it difficult. For any iOS developer, it is essential to follow best practices.

There are many programming languages present in the market. Compared to that, Swift is a new language, but it has many new features. In this article, we will see the major characteristics of Swift which makes it a powerful language than the rest of them. It is because of this reason it has become a primary language of iPhone application development services.

Swift allows various methods, functions along with closure expressions to be expertly handled just like data. However, this is common in other languages too, and it was also added to Objective-C quite some time ago for blocks/closures only. It allows interactions with an API much simpler along with cleaner and also provides some sort of functional programming. This makes it preferred the language of iOS developer.

Swift is able to avoid many extreme aspects of languages such as JavaScript which has chosen to make everything an object. In place of that, Swift extended the structure idea and made it lighter weight along with making it a safer version of a class. It has also implemented most of the primitives of the language when it comes to structures like numbers, characters, and even strings. This is essential for any Mobile app development company to look at this aspect.

Swift comes with numerous capabilities which promote safety. It includes type safety along with pointers avoidance, value existence safety. It also includes real-time checking of arithmetic overflow as well as underflow. It also includes array bounds checking along with some added rigidity. This is the primary requirement for any iPhone development language as safety is a major issue.

Swift claims to be a modern language which is fulfilled by what it has achieved to improve the safety. When it comes to other modern languages, they don’t have pointers. They often have things like optionals. In order to check and see if there is an array reference which is out of bounds, and it comes to now allowing assignments within if clauses are similarly modern, is few of those things by which Swift promotes safety. When you hire an iOS app developer, make sure that he takes notice of safety provided by Swift and utilizes it.

Most of the modern languages don’t have typing as rigid as Swift. Swift’s use of type inference to utilize its strict typing makes it easier for programmers to deal with which is quite modern and gives it an edge over other languages. This makes Swift an ideal choice for any mobile app development company.

Most of the modern languages have clean syntax, and they have the closures which are quite required for smooth operation. They also have strings, arrays as well as dictionaries which are implemented directly into the language and which also allows the elements which can be accessed with subscripts. This makes things dicey for iPhone app development company as there are modern capabilities of Swift which are beyond these.

It includes the ability to pass functions as well as closures considering like it is data. It adds modern capabilities to classes along with additional string capabilities. It allows the addition of structures as well as enumerations. It provides the ability to overload both operators as well as functions. It promotes the use of generic programming. This makes it a preferred iOS development language.

When it comes to functional programming, then it is a completely different scenario with typical object-oriented languages such as Java, C++, and Ruby along with Objective-C. These languages are based on the notion of statements which perform any computation by the result and then after every step; they write the result to the memory which is known as imperative computing. Swift is not an easy to use when it comes to functional programming. However, it does comes with basic capabilities. This is must know for any client who wishes to hire an iOS app developer.

Apple has created a great language with swift. There is every possible reason to believe that Apple will continue to develop efficient tools which will make Swift a large-scale production language. There are many advantages of Swift over Objective-C and other languages which will certainly entice the majority of developers to use Swift for building apps which opens up new opportunities for iPhone application development services.



There are many inherent advantages of using Swift as a programming language. It provides various capabilities to the developers to create much safer and capable applications. When compared to other languages, it has many features which makes it an ideal choice. It has basic functional capabilities and has many safety measures. There are many other characteristics which have been discussed above which proves that Swift is well-capable to handle different issues that iOS developers face. With modern language capabilities, Swift is quite favorable over other languages.   Hence, Swift is a powerful language than any other language present in the market today.

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