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Is It Possible To Run A Startup Without Breaking The Bank?

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Entrepreneur, this word is really influencing all the youth of this generation and even everyone is dreaming of becoming a successful entrepreneur. We every day read a success story of the entrepreneur in magazine and internet. These stories inspire us to choose our career as an entrepreneur.

Is It Possible To Run A Startup

Want to become an entrepreneur? Yes! You can start an online business or startup with a very few dollars in your pocket. If you are serious about the startup and have a right combination of passions, skill sets and research & development ability, then really nothing can be hard for you. It sounds a little peculiar to hear, but actually, no technical knowledge and programming experience are required to run a startup. On the other end, various business ideas are destroyed due to the fear of failure and budget, whereas many startups often fail to reap the full benefits of startups. To stay alive, you need to take care of your end-users or customers and provide the services that they actually want. Choosing the right technology and the right idea for your startup is a key to success.

“Furthermore, changes in technology are inevitable, especially when it comes to rolling out new updates of technologies such as Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), AR/VR and so forth. Adopting these latest generation technologies is increasing rapidly as more new startups and veteran startups relied on these technologies to streamline core business operations and enhance customer satisfaction.”

There are plenty of ways to become a millionaire from Zero. Hold up tightly, in this article, we are going to share some useful tips for a successful startup and also share our views on the latest technologies as well as some techniques for how to play with shifting technology trends.

Here are a few tips that you need to keep in your bucket before taking the first step.

Analysis The Market Need First

What is new in the market? It is important to analysis the market needs first. Online services that you are going to start should be unique and match with the users’ taste. A startup that looks productive on white paper may not be that attractive when you actually do not dive into it.

  1. Study the users’ requirement.
  2. Take into account who you know.
  3. Create a graph on a paper and figure out the past records.
  4. Start discussing with your friends and family.

Start With What You Have In Hands

Tangible resources can be combined to build a strong product or service. Experience, skills or knowledge can never deter you from pursuing your entrepreneurial dreams. Indeed, these resources will take you on an extra mile of your dream. So start working with what you have in your hands.

  1. Put your marketing skills into your works.
  2. You should be creative to lure the people.
  3. You need to come up with a startup model along with the resources you have.
  4. Figure out what you need to run a startup.

Stay True With Your Idea

Stay True With Your Idea

Staying true with a startup idea, is it easy enough? Yes, it is easy when you are serious about your startup, then no obstacle can stop you. For this, you need to develop a clear understanding of services or product that will further help you to meet with the broader audience.

  1. As an entrepreneur, you should keep focusing on your idea and build an innovative product/service.
  2. Your idea should be specific such as if you are selling products for women then you can’t add products in your service for men.
  3. Once you start providing right products/service, the customer will pay you undoubtedly.

Build Your Presence On Social Media

It is important to build a strong presence on social channels. It is one of the best ways to wow your users with your idea. Using this method, you can also generate a number of leads. Various entrepreneurs are quite active on social channels to grab the attention of users.


  1. You may use some paid services to boost your post among the maximum users.
  2. It is important to have massive likes on your product page.
  3. Provide specific product information along with impressive description.
  4. Start campaign on the social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

Make Every Customer Feel Special

Starting a startup with maximum customer satisfaction requires a hard work. For every kind of services, every customer matters. You may keep all aspects in favor of the users, whether it is an offer, free coupon, free download or a free subscription. By doing this you can get positive reviews from the users. You can also provide support & services to make them feel special.

  1. Provide luring offers to make your customers happy.
  2. Provide services/products that are in trends.
  3. Provide regular updates about the products/services

Keep An eye on your competitors

Keep An eye on your competitors

Whether you want to sell products online or set up an informative website, if you are providing services or information by following the strategies of your competitors, then really you are going in the right direction. Furthermore, in startups, it is important to know that what kind of strategies your competitors are using then your task is what to do next. You may change your online marketing strategy time to time and can also start the campaign over the social media. In addition, study recent market trends, study a new algorithm of online marketing and current competitors to make your business strong.

  1. Through this, you can understand your competitive advantages and disadvantages.
  2. You can learn the pricing strategy.
  3. You can easily generate current and future strategy.

Congrats! You are an Entrepreneur

Final Touch

Money can never stop you from becoming a successful entrepreneur. The above points with startup are quite enough to push all the boundaries. So keep your eye on the latest market trends, provide exciting offers, study the users’ mind, and consider what users are discussing on the social channels.

Ajay Goyal
About author

Ajay Goyal is the founder of Endive Software, is the leading IT Company based on India. He works dedicatedly with the clients to give industry-based results. His passion for learning the trending technology aids the team members to introduce unique and brainstorming. He runs development services like mobile app development and web development for enterprises and startups.
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