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iPhone Vs Android App Development: What To Choose For Your Business?

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Today, with the increased demand for mobility solutions, the growth of the on-demand economy, mobile payment and mobile shopping, the mobile app market has grown past the perks of a website. The mobile market claims a quicker ROIs as compared to a website and offers unbeatable functionality. Every business craves to rise above its competitors with the help of a productive business mobile app. But the question that arises as a challenge here is which mobile app development platform to choose – Android App Development OR iPhone app Development.

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Helping you with the above question we have tried to create a statistics report, which highlights the individual perks of Android and iOS application development platforms.

1)    Popularity of The Platform:

As we compare the popularity graphs for the two platforms (Android & iPhone) by the reports of 2017, we get to know that the popularity of Android platform has increased, while that for iPhone has decreased. Android’s smartphone share that was reported as 84.6% in 2015 has grown to 86% in 2017 and is further rising at a significant rate. However, the success of your mobile application does not depend on the size of your audience, but your reach to the actual customer base you crave for your application. Android craves you a larger customer base and can be leveraged to make your app solution or business offering popular. Android leads with a larger customer base in some major markets like Asia, South America, and Africa. On the other end, iPhone craves a more premium customer base that has higher spending habits in order to get premium technology. So, if you wish to leverage the perks of larger customer base you should go for Android app development. While, if you wish to target a premium customer base, you can opt for iOS application development.

2)    Online Shopping Through Mobile App:

Owing to the premium customer base of iPhone app market, the online shopping probability of an iPhone user through an app is 23%. While the probability percentage for an Android user is 17%. However, the sales figures show that the total purchases in 2017 from various Android eCommerce applications are significantly higher than iPhone eCommerce apps, due to the large customer base of the Android app market. This proves that you can undoubtedly hire Android app developer for creating your eCommerce app solution and lead among your competitors with a higher customer base.

3)   Number of In-App Purchase and ROI through In-app Purchase:

As we go by the statistics, Apple’s App Store stands tall with about 45% more revenue through in app purchase as compared to Google’s Play Store. With this, as we go deeper into the comparison reports we learn that an average iPhone user is 15% more likely to opt for in-app purchase in comparison to an average Android user. Therefore, if you are planning to earn through in-app purchase these stats reveal the superiority of iOS application development services over Android.

4)    Average Return On Investment From An App Solution:

As we according to a recent statistics, an average iOS app earns 85% more return on investment as compared to a similar Android app. This is mainly due to the premium customer base of the iPhone app market. So a fully functional iOS application from a professional iPhone app development company can be a good choice. However, there are various other factors that you need to consider before investing in iOS app development, so let us take a look at other statistics.

5)   The number of Paid Application Downloads and Its Percentage:

The iPhone app market has a loyal customer base that doesn’t mind to pay extra for the quality of service provided, therefore the number of paid app downloads per user for an iPhone app is significantly higher as that for an Android app solution. Therefore, if you wish to develop a superlative application with the help of a mobile app developer, you should go for iOS app development.


Android and iOS together lead the smartphone app world and both have their own list of perks. However, you can choose among both the platforms based on different considerations like – the target customer base, the revenue generation model of the app, the location of your target customers, buying habits of your target customer base, etc. Further, if you wish to hire iOS app developer or Android app developer at cost-effective prices you can contact with Endive Software at – [email protected]

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