IoT & Bots Development: The Future of Mobile Apps

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With the advancement in technology, a lot of new trends have emerged. Now, humans can interact with machines and machines can interact with other machines.

Mobile apps are too seeing one such technological advancement. Bots and IoTs technology have become an integral part of mobile apps. They are the future of mobile apps, and in this blog, we will find out why.

Statistics For Bots And Iot That Shows Why They Are Future Of Mobile Apps

The numbers of mobile app users are increasing every day. By 2020, it will reach 230 million and this is only in India.

Statistics For Bots And Iot

  • Using Chatbots and IoT has a lot to do with this increment. A survey done by many organizations suggests that 53% of people said that they will deal more with firms that they can message anytime.
  • Also, Gartner suggests that the number of companies investing more in bots will increase by 50% by 2021.

The grand view research states that the chatbot market will cross $1.23 billion by 2025.

mobile apps using IoT


  • The above image shows that IoT devices by 2025 will increase to 80 million. It implies that mobile apps using IoT will provide more benefits to both users and business.

Mobile Apps For Iot: Future of Mobile Applications?

What is IoT?

IoT is an interconnected network of devices. It uses the internet to connect with each other. They all have an IP address. They communicate with each other through mobile devices using a smart interface.

IoT technology in the mobile app is home automation systems or smart homes. All the appliances, machines in the house like lights, security camera, cooking devices and so on are connected to the internet. They can receive instructions from house owners using an IoT integrated app.

Mobile Apps For Iot Future of mobile applications

How does it work?

Every appliance in an IoT ecosystem is interconnected. They use technology based on the cloud to connect the appliances to a central system. The user can control that system using an app on their smart devices.

In an IoT ecosystem, user’s mobile device is the main interface. It lets you interact with IoT devices. Our mobile devices have features like geo-location, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and NFC. These features make them a great recipient of IoT technology.

Why IoT is the future of mobile apps?

IoT is the future of mobile apps

IoT ensures cloud-based operations

Using IoT in mobile app will means users get access to the cloud. It will ensure that operations done by management are quick and they can that from anywhere.

Integration with enterprise mobility

Mobile apps for IoT will ensure that entrepreneurs have full control of their system. Using a smart device they can easily control all system with a few clicks.

Have control even without internet

Using IoT technology will give the user the ability to control their apps even without internet connectivity.

Data collection

With mobile apps for IoT, firms will find it easier to collect valuable data using sensors. It will aid them in making quick and informed decisions.


With IoT, an enterprise can have automation and convenience. Let’s read an example to understand this point clearly- if you use a hotel app with IoT features a guest doesn’t need a key to access the room. The guest can use the app to unlock the door of their room with a few simple clicks.

IoT is the future of mobile apps, though it faces some challenges like data security and long development time. But with some tricks and features, it can overcome these problems. If you add features like CMS, Data encryption and so on, it will make your IoT app safe.

mobile app development idea

Bot- What are they?

  • Bots are like virtual computer assistants. You can find bots in your Facebook messaging apps or Skype. They appear automatically and provide an easy way to order lunch or book tickets.
  • Bots have a different meaning for various people. But in mobile apps, bots are like virtual assistant only they use text for communicating instead of speech.
  • The first bot was ‘ELIZA’, and Joseph Weizenbaum developed it in 1996. The modern-day bots use the same principals as Eliza, and you can communicate with them by typing.
  • The future of mobile apps is bots as it will take over everything. Using bots you can order things or book tickets without opening the app yourself.
  • Example: Nissan Micra’s chatbot- It asks you some questions, and tells you what color of the car you should buy.

Mobile Apps For Bots- Why They Are Future Of Mobile Apps?

Experts claim that bots are the future and the next thing. As we read earlier, the global market of Chatbots is said to reach $1.23 billion by 2025. What makes this trend so popular? Let’s see:

Mobile Apps For Bots

They are easy to install

To use a bot, you only have to search for it within any messaging app. Once you click on it, you can start chatting. There is no requirement of downloading or installing a mobile app for bots from play/app store.

It is easy to distribute bots

You can install a bot from your messaging app, and even share the bot from within the app. You can even link your favorite bot to your social media accounts. The best example for this is slack. The Slack bot is automatically added to other members of a team even if only one installed it.

Mobile apps for bots are cheaper

When you develop and deploy a bot using a messaging app, it’s cheaper for you. The reason is that you don’t have to pay the amount for developing the chatbot app. While creating, maintaining and deploying a mobile app is expensive.

Bots will soon be everywhere in the market

There are numerous messaging apps in the market. We surely use at least two of them on a daily basis. They are omnipresent at all levels of the market. Thus, you will find them everywhere too as bots use mobile apps for deployment.

Bots are portable and user-friendly

Bots are portable as you can install them as a live chat or a car audio system. You can use them as a personal assistant like Siri or Alexa which makes them convenient and user-friendly.

ecommerce chatbot

Bots are beneficial for e-commerce sites

E-commerce business and retailers can use bots to engage more consumers in their B2C business model.


Both IoT and chatbots are definitely the future of mobile apps. The above statistics and benefits of mobile apps using IoT and Bots are proof enough. It is high time that all mobile app development company invest in developing robust, interactive and user-friendly app using these trends.

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