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IoT and Blockchain: Benefits of Combining These Two Majors into The System

Blockchain Technology

The IoT (Internet of Things) and Blockchain are the two majors of technology that have made enormous changes in number in the tech world we live in. Both the technologies are rising up in popularity and being used by various industries to work on the data security issues. The future is near, Yes! Combining of IoT and Blockchain will transform the way of working with the data system. Furthermore, the Blockchain will provide a way to work in the real-time environment and will help further in improving data exchange and data privacy as well.

Internet of Things

However, Blockchain working with the Internet of Things (IoT) holds many spheres, including Smart Energy, Healthcare, Cyber Attacks, Logistic & Transportation, Cyber Frauds, Social Networking and more.

In addition, Artificial Intelligence with Automation has entered into the picture and has transformed the entire ecosystem of the industries. From auto-pilot cars to drones, all are based on Artificial Intelligence and Automation.

Here, we are going to discuss the main benefits of IoT and Blockchain.

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Increased Speed of Transactions

The main principle of Blockchain is used to provide consistency in data transactions. It is easy to encrypt digital data which make it easy to send, receive, store and trade digital currencies. Another advantage of using Blockchain with IoT networks is to increase the speed of transactions.

Data Will Be Exchanged for Digital Currency

Blockchain with IoT network provides a reliable way to exchange data for the digital currency. Data held in Blockchain are secured by various security parameters which make it faster than other traditional client-server databases.  Various companies are using devices and sensors to make micro-payments in real-time.

Cyber Security

Blockchain associated with IoT is used to provide exceptional security against cyber attacks. Moreover, the machine learning approaches have been used to automate real-time threat detection. Various large companies are adopting the technology to secure their data transaction from unauthorized access. The architecture of Blockchain is designed to provide the high-security level that means if some of your devices hacked, it will not make any effect on the entire system and its performance.


The clear picture of IoT and Blockchain has transformed the way of data exchange and data maintenance. Both the technologies provide a consistency in the working on the data. The Blockchain provides various secured methods to transfer information between all IoT enabled devices and participant as well.

Reduced Cost

Currently, the various data-driven firms are facing massive challenges apart from the data system. By adopting the IoT & Blockchain with automation, they have reduced the cost of other things to save the time and improve accuracy.

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