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iOS App VS Android App – Which Claims Greater ROI

With the unquantifiable potential mobile marketing claims, today each business craves to have its own well-established Android application or iOS Application. So, are you one of them craving for a grand entry in the mobile marketing world? Do you believe in your business idea and want to employ it with a fully functional mobile application? If yes, your biggest challenge would be to choose between the two biggest platforms that are – iOS and Android.

iOS App VS Android App


Both iPhone and Android markets share a great adaptability rate in the world of smartphone users and together constitute about 98% of the total smartphone market share.  So, which of the two claims a greater ROI for business promotion? Or Do you need to hire an Android app developer or an iOS app developer?

Here are some points based on the recent stats, which will help you decide the correct platform to choose for your mobile app:

1)    Revenue Generation Through In-App Purchase:

Suggested App Market – iPhone

As we go with the stats, App Store, that is the app market for Apple,  stands with about 45 percent (45%) more revenue generation through in-app purchase per user as compared to the Google Play Store app market for Android. With this, the total in-app purchase probability of iPhone users is 10 percent (10%) greater than Android users. Here your iOS app developer can help you with integrating great compatibility for in-app purchases in your new iOS application.

2)    Target Customer Base – Asia, South America Or Africa

Suggested App Market – Android

Apple and Android have a different target audience, Apple has its focus laid upon the premium smartphone users who are capable of spending more for premium technology. While, Android focuses on increasing its adaptability rate irrespective of the spending capacity of its consumers. Thus, Android leads the total smartphone market share with about 84% of the smartphone users. With this, Android applications have a greater audience in emerging markets like Asia, South America and Africa, etc. So you can suitably go for a professionally developed Android app from a capable Android App Development Company in these areas.

3)    eCommerce or Online Retail App:

Suggested App Market – Android

The probability of online purchase per user for iPhone users is greater than the Android users, i.e. 23% as compared to 17% respectively. However, owing to the leading number of Android users, the total income percentage of the online retail industry from Android app market is quite higher than iPhone app market. So if you are thinking of an eCommerce app, you can hire an Android app developer to develop a fully-functional eCommerce application for you.

4)    Revenue Generation Through Paid App Download:

Suggested App Market – iPhone

Apple users have a quite greater probability of downloading paid apps as compared to the Android users. This is where you need to hire good iPhone app development company to develop apps worth paying for. Mobile app developers also prefer to develop iOS apps when the target is paid download.

5)    Cost of Mobile App Development:

Suggested App Market – iPhone

The cost of Android application development is almost similar to that of iOS application development when you hire a professional mobile app development company. In that case, you can go with the iOS application development services for your new mobile app as the iPhone applications claim to generate 85% more ROI than compared to Android applications.

So here is the explicit graph of statistics to help you to choose between the iOS and Android app markets. With this, to avail optimized iPhone app development services, or Android app development services, or both, contact at –

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